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Now lets see CCISD show us where all their money is collected and spent

Just make the kids wards of the state and be done with it.

Typical. Money from the Federal government (which really has no money) that gets allocated for no other reason(s) than to "spur" local business or some other non-senssical reason.

The money is there so we might as well spend it on something like showers to rinse off or Seawa…

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Yeah, you keep telling yourself and quoting your scriptures. Go ask the Christians in Africa and the middle east what happens to them when they openly practice their Christianity. They get macheted to death by Muslims.

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Ridiculous. Name one jewish terrorist that has blown up innocent people in the United States in the name of christianity?

It does make a difference when there are trends and concerted efforts on their part to murder innocent people in the name of their "religion".

We a…

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Who did David Koresh wasn't a terrorist. And I can count on one hand the number of non-muslim terrorists. I can give Hassan, the KC sniper, the DC sniper, the Boston bombings, the Detroit underwear bomber, Richard Reid, the millemium bomber, the dudes who shot up the El Al airline desk at L…

There has been ground broken on Marina Bay Drive League City, next to the Whataburger and car wash. Any idea what that is?

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Was he a Muslim? They always fail to mention that part if the person is.

Those seem like temporary, superficial remedies to a much larger problem.

What about when put to a vote and it overwhelmingly passes? That's not the state making it illegal, that is the will of the majority people.