The desert country of Saudi Arabia is the “hottest” new destination in international travel world buzz, literally and figuratively.

Already familiar to Texans because of a shared interest in oil and gas resources, Saudis recently made ripples worldwide by, for the first time, launching a tourist visa visit opportunity for residents of 49 countries and eliminating the requirement that female visitors wear an abaya, the body-covering black robe worn by Saudi women. Foreign women must still “dress modestly.” Restrictions on unaccompanied women visitors are also gone, according to news releases.

Janice Law is a columnist for The Daily News. Have a travel question? Email

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Christopher Smith

Uh, are we talking about the Khashoggi killing Saudi Arabia? The human rights violating Saudi Arabia? I think I'll pass on this one.

Bailey Jones


Miceal O'Laochdha

Ms. Law, I don't know what your standards are for tourist destinations but, perhaps you may want to re-think them. You have never visited Saudi Arabia, you say? I have indeed been to Saudi Arabia myself, along with the officers and crews of 80 US merchant ships unloading the A1 Abrams tanks, humvees, Apache helicopters, APC's, tanker trucks, rockets, bombs, missiles, guns, and ammunition used by American warriors to keep the dear Saudis out of the clutches of Saddam Hussein. The Saudis would not even permit us (let alone welcome us) to leave the wharves of Ad Dammam and enter their fair city. We were just their bodyguards; certainly not their friends or guests. The 130-degree heat, the poisonous sea snakes in the water, the Pakistani garbage barges alongside...well it was just paradise! Why not just take a couple of weeks vacation in he!! I expect the people you would meet there would be friendlier. The Persian Gulf in its entirety is the absolute Garden Spot of Earth for those for whom standard masochistic practices are not enough.

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