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Sponsored content could be a missing link in your marketing efforts. One of the fast-growing and useful marketing tools available to businesses, sponsored content is helpful information presented in an engaging storytelling manner.

When appropriately created, sponsored content is well-written, highly relevant, deeply engaging and trustworthy. This particular combination is among the most powerful tools in today’s media landscape.

Absent of annoying buzzers and the distraction of blinking lights, sponsored content is a product readers can consume with genuine interest, taking away helpful information to improve their lives or understanding of a product or service.

Native content will account for 74 percent of the total ad spending in 2021, according to Business Insider. And, sponsored content is projected to be the fastest-growing category.

Imagine your business or service can communicate directly with consumers or prospects with interest, specifically in your area of expertise. Designed to be both engaging and trustworthy, your messaging presents a higher value to the receiver, allowing you to communicate in a more open and receptive manner.

Helpful hints

1. Find a trusted partner. Experience matters here — storytelling is among the most powerful tools to communicate. Your business’s messaging is vital to the commitment you invest in your customers. Find a trusted partner to help you navigate this tool.

2. Make sure the distributor complements your high standards. No more than you would set up your business on an empty road, make sure the platform for your content provides you the potential for quality exposure (traffic + environment) and projects a trusted name to reinforce your good name.

3. Commit to using your sponsored content in other avenues. The secret to sponsored content is many times influenced by the base source from which it originates. Is the source trusted? Do readers respect the platform? When you share the sponsored content, will the halo effect of the originating source reflect well on you and your messaging?

As more consumers push back against traditional advertising, this change is driving the trade-off for helpful and engaging content businesses use to create powerful relationships.

Make sure sponsored content is a part of your media mix. For more information on how you and your business, organization or nonprofit can be successful through sponsored content, contact The Daily News at advertising@galvnews.com.

This article is sponsored by The Galveston County Daily News. For more information, contact The Daily News at 409-683-5308.

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