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Although summer is in full swing, it won’t be long before back-to-school season is here! To avoid the stress of trying to complete your entire to-do list the week before, it’s a good idea to start preparing now. The best place to begin? Scheduling your child’s six-month dental appointment. Keep reading to learn why visiting their dentist before the school year is so important.

1. Prevent Fall Cavities

Over the past few months, your child may have indulged in classic summer staples, like ice-cold soda and deliciously creamy ice cream. Although a solid brushing and flossing routine will help keep their smile cavity-free, no oral hygiene routine is complete without a meticulous checkup and refreshing cleaning every six months. These appointments are essential in removing plaque and cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of their mouth, ensuring their teeth and gums stay happy and healthy until their next visit.

2. Boost Academic Success

If your child is struggling with a painful toothache, they can have difficulty focusing in class or paying attention during a test. As a result, their grades may suffer throughout the semester. The good news is that their dentist can treat dental problems like cavities in the early stages during their summer checkup. That way, they have a beautiful, pain-free smile heading into the school year.

3. Get a Custom


School sports are a great way for your child to make friends and burn off some of that never-ending energy. However, all it takes is one bad fall or rogue ball to end the afternoon with a knocked-out tooth. To prevent that from happening, use your child’s six-month dental checkup as an opportunity to speak with their dentist about a mouthguard. Since they are custom-made, they will protect your child’s smile much better than the one-size-fits-all alternatives you’ll find at your local sporting goods store.

Although back-to-school season may look a little different this year, the most important aspect hasn’t — setting your child up for success. To help them have a wonderful semester, schedule their dental checkup and cleaning before their first day of school!

— This article was written by Stephen Hale DDS

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