When people are going out of town to a summer league baseball or softball game or a little league tournament come next spring, here are 23 essential items, in no particular order, to keep in mind when planning a road trip.

1. Ice chest full of water

An ice chest is one of the most important items to bring on the road. The ice chest will keep the water cold. Additionally, people can pack snacks and other beverages, such as Gatorade, to keep them hydrated. Depending on the ice chest, people can either use ice or ice packs. If the ice chest does not have a drainage system, it will be more ideal to use ice packs.

2. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are always an enjoyable snack for children or parents who are watching a little league baseball game. Sunflower seeds are also a healthy snack. Sunflower seeds are a portable snack to bring around the ballpark.

3. Bleacher seat (the more comfortable the better)

Unless seats have a back, people will want to bring a bleacher chair with a back cushion. Additionally, the cushier the chair is then the better it will feel.

4. GameChanger app

For anyone trying to keep track of a baseball or softball game, people can download this app. It has free scorekeeping tools, advanced statistics, live updates and team management solutions for baseball and softball teams. The app will also calculate stats, generate a scorebook, and can stream live play-by-play and audio to parents and fans. The app is available on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices.

5. Umbrella

Baseball and softball games are played outside. During the summer and even in the spring, it will get extremely hot in the middle of the afternoon or when the sun is setting. The umbrella is an extra level of protection to keep off the UVA rays, and it keep someone dry when it’s raining.

6. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is absolutely important. Someone can never have enough sunscreen. People should also reapply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day. The sunscreen will protect someone from sunburn and having to apply aloe to their stinging, red skin. If people don’t like the spray or rub kind of sunscreen because their hands get greasy, some types of sunscreen exist to where you can rub on the sunscreen like using a giant tube of lip balm.

7. Lip balm

Like sunscreen, lip balm is good to keep on hand. People will want to use it to keep their lips from becoming chapped. Chapped lips are not fun to have, and it can cause bleeding if someone’s chapped lips are not taken care of properly.

8. Baseball hat (or a comfortable hat)

This should be the most obvious item on the list. Someone is going to a baseball or softball game, so a baseball hat will fit right into the scene. A baseball hat will protect your head from the sun. The hat’s bill can also protect some sunlight from reaching your face. If someone doesn’t want to wear a baseball cap, that person should pick a comfy hat to wear.

9. Comfortable clothes

People are headed to a road game at a baseball park. It would be ideal to not wear a formal business suit. The best option is to wear comfy clothes. The game is outside, so it could become hot and might get sweaty. T-shirts and shorts will suffice while at the ballpark.

10. A hand-held or a battery-operated fan

People should bring a hand held fan or a battery operated fan. If someone is sitting outside with no breeze, it can be miserable. A portable hand held or a battery operated fan will keep someone cool. Another great version of a battery-operated fan is a fan that sprays a mist of cool water onto a person’s face while the fan is blowing.

11. Electrolyte tablets

Electrolyte tablets will help keep the athletes and viewers hydrated. Nuun, a popular brand of electrolyte tablets, says the tablets are made with plant-based ingredients. Additionally, the tablets are gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Nuun has five different tablets: sport, immunity, rest, vitamins and endurance.

12. B-12 spray

A B-12 spray is just one source of a boost of energy that can be used at those long tournaments. People who do not like carbonated beverages or do not like swallowing supplement capsules might prefer using a B-12 spray.

13. Portable battery charger

People of all ages are connected to their devices. Whether it is using the GameChanger app, playing games or looking up a fact, devices can run low on batteries. This is why it’s crucial to have portable batteries charged up before going out to the ballpark. This will help keep devices from powering off.

14. Camera

Sometimes, a phone’s camera does not do the trick. Despite our phone camera’s capabilities, sometimes it does not do photos justice. Having an actual camera where you can zoom in and out without losing a photo’s picture quality is critical when looking back at fond memories.

15. Bug spray

Not only will get hot and humid outside, but the bugs could be out as well. If people use some type of insect repellant, this will help keep the bugs away. Some people may find that the best insect repellents are the ones who have a dry spray, so the skin does not feel oily, and the hands won’t get greasy.

16. Noise-canceling headphones

Families will bring their whole crew out to the ballgame. While it’s great to see the whole family, parents should remember to bring noise-canceling headphones for toddlers and babies. This will help protect their sensitive eardrums if the game becomes too loud.

17. Sunglasses

Besides a hat, another everyday item everyone should bring are sunglasses. Sunglasses will help protect a person’s eyes. Sunglasses have many styles, so people can also be fashionable while wearing them.

18. Disposable poncho

If the weather has the potential to drizzle, it will be a good idea to prepare with a disposable poncho. A poncho worn over your clothes will help keep you dry. A poncho is also lightweight, so people won’t feel like they’re lugging around a heavy garment.

19. Blankets

Blankets are a smart idea to have in the car if the game has a chance to turn cold. Nothing is worse than being stuck at a baseball or softball game with nothing to protect a person from unexpected cold weather or a strong breeze.

20. First-aid kit

Going to a baseball or softball can mean unexpected events could happen. It is best to be prepared by bringing a first-aid kit. Anyone can get hurt on or off the field. This is why bringing a first-aid kit is necessary.

21. Jacket

A spring baseball or softball game could turn south if the wind picks up while playing ball. A light jacket or a windbreaker jacket should keep someone comfortable during the game. A jacket is easy to pack and carry around for the game.

22. Pop-up canopy tent

If multiple families are planning to travel together, the game plan could be to bring a pop-up canopy tent. A pop-up canopy tent is great way for multiple families to hang out together in the shade while enjoying a great baseball or softball game.

23. Outdoor folding chair

If the ballpark does not have backend seats and if someone does not have a bleacher seat, people can always bring an outdoor folding chair. Most folding chairs also have cup holders as well, so people can place their cups on their chairs while enjoying the game at the ballpark.

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