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When my son Dylan was 11 years old, I coached his youth basketball team. We had a successful season, all the players improved, had lots of fun, except for one situation. We were down to our last game and one of the players, whom I will call John, hadn’t scored a goal all season, even though he had equal playing time as his teammates. 

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When watching Super Bowl XLIX this evening, keep in mind that Galveston County’s contribution to the first 48 Super Bowls is one rich with success, as a total of 11 local players have reached professional football’s pinnacle, with four being able to share in the moment of a combined six championships over that span.

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I want to share a story that happened years ago. While attending college, I was a martial arts competitor and worked at Grand Master Al Garza’s Karate School. When teaching classes, I constantly reminded students to address me with “yes sir” and no sir.”