QB — Mike Welch, junior, Dickinson

RB — Todd Hudson II, senior, Clear Springs (co-player of the year)

RB — Clarence Dalton, junior, Ball High

FB — Tyger Turner, senior, Hitchcock

WR — Austin Lamb, senior, Santa Fe

WR — Darryl Harris, junior, Dickinson

WR — Brandon Woodson, senior, Clear Falls

TE — Jalen Wydermyer, senior, Dickinson (co-player of the year)

OL — Chad Lindberg, junior, Clear Creek

OL — Torrey Lastice, senior, Dickinson

OL — Ryan Knaus, senior, Clear Springs

OL — Michael Gibson, senior, Friendswood

OL — Ronald Williams, senior, Texas City

WR/K/P — Austin Alvarez, senior, Friendswood


DL — Jason Gold, senior, Clear Springs

DL — Mike Hermes, senior, Friendswood

DL — J.T. Greer, senior, Dickinson

LB — Landon Roque, senior, Dickinson (defensive player of the year)

LB — Colby Mouton, senior, Dickinson

LB — Colton Scott, senior, Santa Fe

LB — Lionell Frederick, senior, Clear Springs

DB — D.J. Warnell, junior, Dickinson

DB — Kirk Collins, junior, Clear Springs

DB — Paul Smith, junior, Dickinson

DB — Savion Arnett, junior, Dickinson


QB — Gavin Esquivel, junior, Clear Falls

QB — Nathan Kruger, senior, Santa Fe

RB — Deonza McCardell, senior, Hitchcock

RB — Jordan Green, senior, Dickinson

WR — Isaiah Bibb, junior, Clear Falls

WR — Jaden Bennett, senior, Ball High

TE — Bryce Ryden, sophomore, Clear Springs

OL — Armando Alaniz, senior, Dickinson

OL — Chris Aldridge, senior, Clear Springs

OL — Emery Gallia, senior, Clear Falls

OL — Elijah Mason, senior, Hitchcock

OL — Colton Grier, junior, Clear Springs

K — Evan Mason, junior, Clear Springs


DL — Jacob Muellner, junior, Clear Springs

DL — Derrick Martin, junior, Dickinson

DL — Davis Tinger, senior, Friendswood

DL — Jon Norwood, senior, Dickinson

LB — Cameron Reffells, sophomore, Clear Springs

LB — Dane Roenne, junior, Friendswood

LB — Michael Moore, senior, Santa Fe

DB — Daniel Pomes, senior, Clear Springs

DB — Anthony Wickware, junior, Dickinson

DB — Trey Mappe, junior, Friendswood

DB — Evan Bennett, senior, Ball High

P — Alex Paz, senior, Texas City


QB — Martvian Jackson, senior, Ball High

QB — Garrett Rooker, junior, Clear Springs

QB — Christian Dorsey, freshman, Hitchcock

QB — Phillip McDaniel, junior, Texas City

QB — Luke Grden, sophomore, Friendswood

RB — Jo’Vel McDaniel, senior Texas City

RB — Perry Preston, senior, La Marque

RB — Norvan Saldana, senior, La Marque

RB — Dante Proctor, senior, Clear Falls

RB — Rayfield Conley, sophomore, Clear Creek

FB — T.J. Fountain, senior, Texas City

FB — Daniel Nino, senior, Clear Springs

FB/TE — Cameron Galliher, senior, Dickinson

WR — Kaleb Hymes, sophomore, Clear Springs

WR — Nigel Green, senior, Ball High

WR — Kai German, junior, Dickinson

WR — Dayton Booker, senior, Texas City

WR/TE — Christian Lee, junior, Friendswood

TE — Terrance Woodson, senior, Clear Springs

TE — Maurice Walker, senior, Texas City

OL — Marcus White, junior, Dickinson

OL — Jose Reta, senior, Dickinson

OL — Roderick Hutchinson, senior, Friendswood

OL — Erick Rodriguez, junior, Ball High

ATH — Devin Preston, sophomore, Hitchcock

DL — John Brown, senior, Ball High

DL — Jontel Stevenson, junior, Texas City

DL — Canon Boone, sophomore, Dickinson

DL — Victor Idusuyi, junior, Dickinson

DL — Marcellus Walters, junior, Dickinson

LB — Jacob White, senior, Clear Springs

LB — David Hall, senior, Dickinson

LB — Nico Ovalle, senior, Clear Springs

LB — Michael Franks, senior,, Ball High

LB — Mykahl Brow, senior, Texas City

LB — Josh Castilleja, senior, Hitchcock

DB — Fabian Jobe, senior, Ball High

DB — Corday Williams, junior, Texas City

— James LaCombe

James LaCombe: 409-683-5242, or on Twitter @JamesAtGalvNews

Sports Editor

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