Sunday was a nice day for the beach crowd, however it was not what anglers like in the way of fishing conditions.

The beach water temperature is in the upper 70s and prime for attracting fish. Now all we need is a drop in wind velocities and the action should heat up all around the Galveston Bay Complex.

Occasionally we receive notes and calls from readers, especially those new to our area, asking about what fish are good to eat and which ones are not.

As a lifelong coastal angler, I tend to forget that not everyone is familiar with the best fish for table fare.

We all have different tastes for fish and while a certain species might be a delight to some, others find it not so tasty. So with that as a preface, let's take a look at our “Big 3” and their ratings (by me) as table fare.

My favorite and probably the favorite of a majority of anglers is flounder. Whether cooked whole or filleted, the meat is among the best of any fish.

After flounder, there is probably a toss-up between red fish (red drum) and speckled trout. The two are different, however, in a poll of anglers you would find about half like one or the other best.

Trout do not freeze as well as reds and the meat is not as firm. Fried trout is one of my favorite dishes and there are many other ways they can be deliciously prepared.

There are more options for reds. Blackened red fish is one of the more popular dishes anywhere and broiled or fried they rival any other fish for taste.

A relatively new method for cooking reds is “on the half shell.” This consists of grilling a fillet with the skin and scales still on and digging the cooked meat out. I like reds cooked any style.

We will address other fish in future Reel Reports.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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Gary Miller

Flounder are my first choice, but larger Croaker are my second choice, dressed and fried whole. It seems they don't grow as big anymore since they became popular as bait. I think whiting make the best fish chowder. In the 50's we froze bull reds dressed but whole, rinced with cool water the skin peels of easy. Skin on fillets were half shell Grilled.

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