We asked on Facebook: What are you doing for fun in this time of social distancing?

Fishing. It’s an outdoor activity, maintains social distancing and keeps me from going stir crazy at home!

— Bobby Martin

We’re back to “stooping” having coffee and reading the paper on the front porch. Waving at folks from a socially responsible distance and tipping our cups to City Services folks when they drive by.

— Priscilla Files

Puzzles, walking outside to get exercise, working in the garden, reading books and Galveston Daily News.

— Leona Pleasant

Eating, watering and tending flowers, genealogy. Reading novels! Eating. Puzzles.

— Joy Miller Talbert

Planted a vegetable garden.

— Tiffany Hanson Heallen

Bike riding.

— Raynelle Pipes

I decided to take up letter writing (handwritten) to our seniors in my church. Haven’t written a letter in decades.

— Barbara Frazier

Crocheting. Learned a new stitch.

— Mandy McGuire Rider

Board games, gardening, writing, and sorting through old books to find new homes for.

— Kathleen Shanahan Maca

Chess and books.

— John Cody

I use to walk at Moody Church, now I’m walking the neighborhood.

— Lynn Kantor Parks

The younger generations are now getting a sneak peek at what retirement feels like!

Seriously, this has coincided with beginning of my own retirement. Frustrating that I do miss the daily routines of work.

But, I continue my leisure activities of scrapbooking the family photo collection and researching the family tree.

I appreciate my kids and pets. The constants in my life.

— Cathy


Canasta, canning, baking.

— Neige Cahier

Taking the time to digitize old family photos and having my Mom provide names, dates and stories to preserve for future generations.

— Ted Hanley

I’m a jigsaw puzzle freak and discovered those on my iPad some time ago. Love working the boxed ones on my dining room table since it’s rarely in use. Catching up on reading and have on my list to organize photos and treasures from trips!

— Maureen Patton

Austin Webber Kettle bell swings, jump rope, and some body-weight exercises at the park. It’s terrific being outside and exercising.

— Austin Webber

Working on the butterfly garden.

— Chris John Mallios

We planted in our garden, built a chicken coop, and cleaned out our pond.

— Casey Miller

I have been working in my garden and talking to those who pass by on the sidewalk. I am enjoying reading on my back screened porch, listening to music, and watching “Animal Planet” with my cats, who are quite amusing. Also, staying in touch with friends through social media, and trying to keep up with the all the news. Nice, but it could get old. Who thought we would long for a visit to the grocery store?

— Leta Middleton Higgins

This is a perfect time to make an appointment with the Galveston Island Humane Society and adopt or foster a fur baby. Giving and receiving extra love is very comforting.

— Rebecca Walker

Learning to be a better cook, TV, movies, was a stroll on the beach but not anymore, time holed in with family has been nice though.

— Kim G. Lain

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