One thing’s for sure and that is the groundhog could not have seen his shadow here in Galveston on Saturday. Fog was thick and hopefully we will see spring weather early this year.

Fog will be an issue on and off for the next two to three months. Those of us that have spent a lot of time on the water around Galveston know how to spot the signs even before fog warnings are issued.

While the sun is making its way north it will not be hot enough to dry the atmosphere and during warming trends following the passage of cold fronts fog is almost always a likelihood. Anyone that has been caught in blinding fog learns quickly to tell when the chances are good for development and usually stays off of the water.

One of the biggest traps takes place on days when fog is prevalent during the morning and then rises by noon creating good visibility for boating. The trap occurs in the afternoon beginning as early as 3 p.m. when all of a sudden fog returns. Often it traps boaters who do not have radar or a chart plotter on their boat. Several times I have related my experience being trapped on the Gulf side of the North Jetty and had to beach my boat on Bolivar Beach until the next day.

Although that event occurred over 40 years ago my fishing companion that day and I will never forget that experience and for me, I learned a lesson from it. Today I have both radar and a chart plotter on my boat and still will not knowingly get in a position to be exposed to blinding fog on the water.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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Gary Miller

Even in the densits of fog a compass and GPS will get you to within a few feet of your goal.

George Croix

Better be careful saying that, Gary.....
Some idiot will try it on I45 then name you in the the post-crash lawsuit later....don't ever, in this county, leave yourself open to any litigation no matter how dishonest or dumb....[pirate]

Gary Miller

George. I avoid driving in fog. On the water I reduce speed to range of visability.

George Croix

Yes, Gary, but you are old enough to have been issued a large ration of common sense, and have chosen to not throw any of it away.....[beam][beam][beam]

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