Among all of the festivities surrounding the Fourth of July, one of the premier fishing tournaments took place in Texas City. The Texas City Tackle Time Jaycees Fourth of July Fishing Tournament was a great success.

The following are the results of this year’s tournament:


Shark: first place, Tim McClennen — bull shark, 277 lbs.; second place, Tim McClennen — Bull Shark, 262.20 lbs.; third place, James Massa Jr. — tiger shark, 543.60 lbs.


First place, Brant Fuller — Barracuda, 35.22 lbs.; second place, Roger Robinson — Barracuda, 26.68 lbs; third place, Avery Fuller — Barracuda, 25.33 lbs.

Ling: first place, Avery Fuller, 44.89 lbs.; second place, Bryan Burkhart, 43.45 lbs.; third place, Brent Osborn, 41.72 lbs.

Kingfish: first place John Dusek, 49.65 lbs.; second place, Doug Sweeny, 44.48 lbs.; third place, Michael Rogers, 41.86 lbs.

Red Snapper: first place, Granger Gardener, 21.79 lbs.; second place, Doug Sweeny, 21.73 lbs.; third place Bubba Pyle, 19.43 lbs.


Speckled Trout: first place, Kevin Heiman, 7.59 lbs.; second place, Bill Shaw, 7.40 lbs.; third place, Kenneth Winn, 7.30 lbs.

Flounder: first place, Jantezen Miller, 5.25 lbs.; second place, Jantezen Miller, 4.76 lbs; third place William Harris, 4.12 lbs.

Stingray: first place, Robby Martin, 143.40 lbs.; second place, Steve Baga, 134.60 lbs.; third place Mark Pandarell, 109.60 lbs.

Gar: first place, Fredo Ramos, 95.60 lbs.; second place, Javier Gallardo Sr., 76.20 lbs.; third place Fredo Ramos, 63.20 lbs.

Sheepshead: first place, Charlie Gonzalez, 6.40 lbs.; second place Hunter Wiltshire, 5.77 lbs.; third place, James Crawford, 5.59 lbs.

Jackfish: first place, Ricky Wilkenfeld, 28.81 lbs.; second place, Bill Platt, 26.90 lbs.; third place, Jerry Bynam, 26.86 lbs.

Gafftop: first place, Keith Bailey, 5.65 lbs.; second place, Michael Lopez, 5.56 lbs.; third place Keith Bailey, 5.55 lbs.

Redfish: first place, Mark Gonzales Jr., 9.75 lbs.; second place, Robert May, 9.71 lbs.; third place, Mark Gonzales Jr., 9.43 lbs.


Sand trout: first place, Kayden Mackenzie, 0.80 lbs.; second place, Cobin LeRoy Mott, 0.74 lbs.; third place, Mackenzie Martin, 0.72 lbs.

Croaker: first place, Karley Mackenzie, 0.67 lbs.; second place, Adam Miller, 0.63 lbs.; third place Karley Mackenzie, 0.57 lbs.

Hardheads: first place, Brock Bailey, 2.84 lbs.; second place, Brayden Fuller, 2.29 lbs.; third place, Brandon Touchstone, 2.19 lbs.

Blue Crab: first place, Aubrey Sandoval, 8 inches; second place, Anthony Yarbrough, 8 inches; third place, Brody Knape, 8 inches.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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