Several weeks back, we were in a business meeting with other self-made companies. Our goal was to share experiences with hopes to gain a variety of ideas. There were many stories told, but my No. 1 question was “what drives you to success?”

Of course, most of the companies were financially driven, but for us, it’s the feeling of freedom from the corporate world to control our own destiny. We know success will continue because our mission is about caring for people to help change their lives.

There’s no secret, this world can be a tough ride to grind out each day. Throughout the years, we’ve all been beaten down by failures, people and society, but we must not let those knock-downs keep us from getting back up.

It’s time to shake off the dust, clear our heads, and shift gears to get out there and conquer our goals. Remember, most other people don’t want you to succeed because you make them feel lazy and undriven. This is your life, so don’t waste any more time listening to their negative thoughts.

Let’s think about it, I’m sure you have multiple goals. This could be weight loss, exercise, academics, sports, marriage, religion, business and so much more. But, the real question is “what drives you to success?”

Do you want to be your own boss, tired of being overweight, make the team, quit the habit, be a role model for your children and so on?

It’s time to create a new life to reach these goals of success. I’m fortunate to have many clients who share their personal stories with me. My style of training is therapeutic to help keep them motivated through life’s challenges. One lady is overcoming complications of PTSD, and uses training to control her stress as a single mother of three children.

Another client finally realized he wasn’t getting any younger, was way out-of-shape, and wanted to enjoy life to the fullest through a consistent weight-lifting kinesiology program.

So, come on now, it’s never too late, don’t just fade away and let Father Time sweep you away. Each day gives you another opportunity to chase those goals.

Now is the time to buckle up, get your game face on, and begin your journey to success.

Until next week, keep moving and improving.

David Tepera:

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