I once read, “if you think I’m expensive, hire an amateur and see what that’ll cost you.” I believe we can all relate to that statement from multitudes of past experiences.

Being in the health and fitness industry, many of our clients come to us from bad experiences with other trainers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great trainers in our local area, just find the right fit for your goals.

A good example is from our 58-year-old client, Tom. He went to multiple training gyms and observed the different exercise programs, training styles and personal traits of trainers.

You see, Tom had a shoulder issue, along with biceps and meniscal repair. He is not one to be jumping on boxes, lifting weights on balancing objects and so forth. Which, all this led him to our Ageless Muscle program.

So, really, my question to you “what is your worth?” It’s similar to buying a house. To one person, a particular house is the exact fit for the family. To another, the house could be too small, too big or just the wrong neighborhood and school district.

For the right-fit person, this house is worth all its value. If not, the house is worthless. Make sense?

Now, you must ask yourself “am I deserving of my paycheck, do I give full effort in practice, as a parent, husband, friend or co-worker?”

How are you as a person? Do you treat others with respect, do you contribute to society, do you put a hand in or only a hand-out? We must answer these questions honestly about ourselves.

Maybe, you’re content with your current status and would rather fly below the radar screen. Just know, you’ll always be stuck in that same position with no growth, while everyone else is flying by you towards success.

Hopefully, today is a wake-up call. It’s time to take pride in yourself, break the bad habits, change your social circle and project the real person hiding inside you.

We all possess goodness. It’s time to make it part of your daily character. Believe me, the world will beautify before your eyes. You’ll see the beauty in others and realize how awesome you truly are.

So, take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself “What is my worth?”

Until next week, keep moving and improving.

David Tepera: davidtepera@yahoo.com.

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