Did this week’s cooler, drier weather have you thinking about fall races? If it did, you might have been searching for The Daily News Press Run and wondering why it’s not on the September calendar. There’s a great reason for that: It’s on the October calendar instead!

The 2019 edition of the popular 5K and 10K race over the Causeway is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 26. The Press Run returns with the same course, fun activities and reading-related beneficiaries, just a little later in the fall.

Since the Press Run is still several months away, there’s plenty of time to train for the longer race. Just as there is the “Couch to 5K” training program, there are structured plans to go from thinking about running a 10K to actually crossing the finish line.

Since the Press Run is 13 weeks from Saturday, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the 10K. The “Couch to 10K” plan suggests starting with walking and building up to an hour or more of walking comfortably.

At that point, run/walk intervals are scheduled three times a week, with rest or cross-training, such as biking, swimming or yoga on the days in between. The three workouts are about half an hour for the first week, and get longer as they cover more miles.

In fact, the “Couch to 10K” program doesn’t even track mileage; workouts are structured in minutes, so that beginners don’t have to worry about keeping a pace. The program is geared to slow and steady improvement, going from more walking than running to a 50-50 mix and, in later weeks, more running than walking.

Runner David Dack developed the “Couch to 10K” program as part of his “Runners Blueprint” series, but there are other similar plans.

Running coach Hal Higdon offers a novice version of his 10K training program that is tailored to beginning runners at halhigdon.com. Coach Jenny Hadfield offers separate 10K plans for walkers, walk-run intervals, run-walk intervals and runners at jennyhadfield.com.

Signing up for a plan is almost as easy, and as motivating, as signing up for the Press Run.

Bernice Torregrossa: bernice92@aol.com

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