“Drowning in a flood of choices” (Leonard Woolsey, Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019) spoke of dialing back choices in life. Thanks for the earworm.

Off I went to play 27 holes with the Waylon Jennings tune “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)” looping through my head.

Jennings recorded the Bobby Emmons/Chips Moman song in 1977, and I am satisfied golf was on none of their minds. The song suggests, as did the commentary by Woolsey, there is something to be gained by slowing down and narrowing our choices, thus lowering our confusion, consternation and blood pressure.

Too much “stuff” on our minds, with more piling on at an ever-accelerating pace. And so, it is with the golf swing.

Trying to focus more clearly on only a few simple swing thoughts, I drifted somehow to the notion that the golf swing can be compared to a leaking garden hose.

We as weekend warriors generally are leaking profusely. Therefore, it is often easy to make a marked improvement in the leaky aspect of our games-at least until the next leak springs up. Help is just a few keystrokes away!

We can add to all the tips offered by our playing partners the vast knowledge of experts in the field. Which brings me back to Mr. Woolsey. “I need a break from the world’s generous offer to help simplify my life”, he wrote.

Me, too. Therefore, I took Monday off to trade in my soon-to-be-obsolete phone on a new, more sophisticated model. Now, I hear Willie Nelson singing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”


Writing for Golf Advisor, Bradley Klein asserts there have been some rumbles that the new rule, which allows leaving the flagstick in the hole while putting (with intentions of improving pace of play) is resulting in damage to cup perimeters as players retrieve their golf balls.

Klein said since being made aware of the phenomenon, he has observed what he perceives to be supporting evidence. Since reading his piece, I have made the same observation. What’s your take?


Ernie Saldua had a hole in one on Aug. 5 at Bayou Golf Course in Texas City. He fired the perfect shot with a 5-iron at the 150-yard, par-3 fifth hole. Witnesses were Tom Watkins, Charlie Campbell and Penny Perez.

Also purely planned was the winning score of 60 in last week’s senior scramble at Bayou Golf Course. Ronnie Oliver, Meron Alaniz, Tommy Talley and Dick Orweiller did it, earning a scorecard playoff over David Groves, Bal Gomez, Ron Currie and Paul Chide.

It has been 40 years since the introduction of the first professional-grade, hollow-bodied metalwoods. Although the oxymoron is no longer stamped on the clubhead, metalwoods produced by sales representative Gary Adams and golf professional Eddie Langert were in their infancy, a curiosity for most of us; but, within two decades, the traditional laminated persimmon woods had been driven completely out of the market.

Still today, some of us, television commentators included, feel and sometimes sound funny just saying the word: metalwoods. Think jumbo shrimp.

Be safe, on and off the course.

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