Note to self: Never, ever buy for your bride, wearing apparel or accessories that are orange in color — not golf balls nor gloves; shoes, visors nor sweaters. This is an early lesson learned while viewing the Olympic Games last Sunday afternoon.

In 147 years of marriage, it had never occurred to me that she does not look good wearing the color orange; but there, right in the middle of fierce international competition, the declaration was made and I, well, I quickly searched memory and determined that such a purchase was one mistake I have never made. Whew!

With apologies to Rickie Fowler and the company that dresses him, never will my bride and I be among those wearing his Oklahoma State color. I’m in fact contemplating re-gifting the single orange golf shirt that was gifted to me and now hangs in my closet.

Although this is a golf column, the Olympics — especially the winter version — deserve lots of printer’s ink. They are possibly the greatest of all televised sports, ever since the black-and-white days when Jim McKay talked about “the agony of defeat” as that poor ski jumper crashed so spectacularly that most viewers quickly determined he was, if not dead, surely crippled for life. He was in fact, neither.

What makes the Winter Games so great is not just that we get to see events most of us will never try and likely never witness live; yet, in a matter of hours, all of us become expert judges in every event in which judging is involved. Crazy fun. It’s the next best thing to giving or receiving golf instruction from your weekly playing partners.

It will take about a month to get the Olympic theme music out of my head; it will take slightly less time to forget what a “Salchow” is and/or how to spell it!


That fairway wood I mentioned awhile back is now in the bag: It’s a Hot Launch HL3 from Tour Edge; you might recall I went with the upgrade shaft because as we all know, the shaft is the engine of the golf stick.

I promised to report, so here goes: It is spectacular! I told no one about it and the first shot I struck with it turned the heads of my playing partners. Google it.

Also, I am considering using some of the money I saved on the cost of the 3-wood to invest in the ALINE Golf Foot suspension system. Never mind that the ad says it can help me gain 10-30 yards off the tee (that ain’t happening without some serious swing improvement). Forget that so far this season Tour players wearing ALINE have won more than $11 million. I think they might just be comfortable.


Thirty-one players comprised seven teams for last week’s Tuesday scramble, with Paul Darcy, Keith Fuller, Tom Francis, Micky Wise and Abel Guajarado combining their efforts for a winning score of 61. One shot back were Marc Napier, Steve Freeman, Mike Oldham, Doug Holt and Gary Armstrong.


The Tors and coach Mike Kleinecke hosted a Beginners Fall Classic at Moody Gardens Golf Course on Feb. 5. It was a nine-hole event with both boys and girls competing in separate flights.

Santa Fe’s Elena Dondonay won the girls division with a fine 41; her teammate Alyssa Trigo also finished in the top 10. Top 20 scorers included Haley Plowman (Santa Fe), Presley Evans (Friendswood) and Sara Jones (Friendswood).

Santa Fe’s Shawn McCurdy finished fourth in the boy’s division and was joined in the top 10 by Kolbe Elliott (Texas City), Garrett Peters (Ball High) and Rey Montemayor (Santa Fe).

I think a Salchow is about to do a triple Lutz on a skeleton!

Be safe, on and off the course.

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