It is the year that decades from now will be remembered as a landmark year for significant changes in the official rules of golf; and for the marriage of professional golf and professional gambling. Yet, the gambling game most likely to still be played wherever golfers are found, is the Nassau. For my non-golfing readers, it goes like this: better score on the first nine holes wins; better score on the back nine holes wins; and better overall score wins. Today, I present for your consideration the $5 Nassau.

If it hasn’t already happened, it will. You’re playing a $5 Nassau and you blister your opponent by three shots on the front nine: cha-ching! $5 in your hand. She catches fire on the back nine, winning by two and recovers her $5. Your one-shot total score victory means you win $5 for the day. Or perhaps you triple-bogey the opening hole, double-bogey the next, incur a couple of penalties and lose the front nine by 21 strokes. But, wait! You rally, winning the second half of the bet by seven! Overall, you lost the day and went home dejected, just like the Houston Texans last Saturday. Yes, they actually won the second half. As I have previously observed in this space, we all need a little luck along the way. Luck is what Houston got last Saturday, and far more than they could handle.

The Texans are doubtless already working on personnel changes that will take them to the proverbial “next level”. As golfers, we are stuck at whichever level we are at with only ourselves to make improvement. We often turn to equipment to help us continue the pursuit of our own highest level of scoring—meaning carding our lowest scores. This year, a look at what’s sure to make us hit it longer and straighter and sink every putt, is much like perusing comic books on a revolving rack at the drugstore (not pharmacy) of our youth: there are super heroes at every turn. The M5 and M6 will take on the Epic Flash and Rogue; the “G” group will evolve into the G400 and then the G700.

The M5 and M6 are the latest drivers from TaylorMade; their super powers derive from “Speed Injected Twist Face technology” and are being marketed as the greatest TM advancement since the 2013 SLDR. These superheroes boost ball speed “through the interplay between a re-engineered, more flexible Hammerhead 2.0 slot, an ultra-thin face with …Inverted Cone Technology, internal support foam with variable amounts of injected resin and…a proprietary algorithm to tune each head”. Meanwhile, the Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero are built “machine learning, artificial intelligence”. They will join forces with the iconic Rogue and can maximize performance as they “cycle through 15,000 face architecture iterations”. Their “Flash Face” has a wave configuration that “…isn’t symmetrical, nor does the pattern seem logical….Jailbreak Technology is again featured,” which conjures up a bit of a dark image for this superhero. These clubs come from the same bloodline as the Warbird, Diablo Octane and Razr Hawk drivers of yore. Tune in next week for more!

Be safe, on and off the course.

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