In case you were out of the country last Saturday or for some other reason failed to read the sports section of that day’s paper, a brilliant young aspiring engineer and golfer has developed a golf aid that may have him adding marketing/businessman to his future plans.

Bryce Marcelle, a Clear Creek ISD student attending Seabrook Intermediate, has developed “The Sweet Spot Golf Training Aid,” which he believes will help improve a golfer’s distance as well as accuracy. Bryce entered his device in a science fair, where it failed to place. He took a sensible and logical next step. Thus, his training aid is now available from Amazon for $29.99.

The legendary Ben Hogan addressed stance, alignment and ball position (among other items) in his illustrated book “Five Lessons,” first published in 1957. It is a smallish book and virtually useless on the practice tee, as the illustration pages tend to flip in the wind.

Some of the best-known names in golf, players and instructors alike, have written and lectured on what Marcelle has simplified in a way that surely should help beginning golfers if not all golfers. Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods, Toski, Harmon and Foley have all offered insight on the subject.

Something called Golf Loopy (found it online) says the perfect golf stance sets the ankles hip distance apart plus two golf balls each side. Renowned short game teacher Dave Pelz sells his short game position mat for $99.99. Google “golf foot positions” to view how complex this topic is.

Master Bryce is to be applauded for recognizing the simplicity with which one can approach the game of golf. Some might say that having a single foot placement just won’t work. That’s like telling Bryson DeChambeau that clubs with shafts of a single length won’t work.


The Thursday cash game at Moody Gardens is also not so difficult to understand: put your money up, play hard, pick up your winnings or watch others pocket your cash.

Your total score sans handicap (gross) can win for you, as can your handicapped (net) total. You can win by having the best tee shot on a par-3, the lowest net score on any given hole, or by riding on the backs of your assigned team members in the (net) team competition. Sign up by 10:30 a.m. Thursday and try your luck — er, skill.

On Thursday, June 20, Kyle Holmes was hotter than the Saharan desert dust, posting a 63 to win low gross. Randy Wood claimed low net. Thomas Meche and Odessa Thurman supported Holmes to win the team competition, while Hallet Gregory and Scott Eaton made short work of the proximity holes.

Also simple is the Wednesday senior scramble at Bayou Golf Course in Texas City. Rick Wegman, David Bruce, David Davis and Debbie Oliver sizzled to a 59 and victory last week, edging by a single shot against the team of badge buddy Randy Burrows, Don Mecellon, Penny Perez and Jay Brassiur.

Be safe, on and off the course.

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