Golf Channel analyst and commentator Brandel Chamblee is a former University of Texas All-American player who had a modicum success on the PGA Tour, where he was arguably best known for his sartorial splendor.

On-air, Chamblee is identifiable by his perfectly imperfectly coifed hair and his strong and strongly worded opinions about golf. When Rory McIlroy performed poorly in front of a basically home crowd at the recent Open Championship-and that’s an understatement — Chamblee called it like he saw it: Choke ... as in Hoch-Scott, that is.

Sunday’s final round of the WGC St. Jude’s Invitational, complete with hilarious Elvis references from Sir Nick Faldo, featured the PGA Tour’s marquee heavyweight matchup: Rory McIlroy versus Brooks Koepka.

But like the time you overpaid for that pay-per-view slugfest that ended before your first beer, the battle never materialized. On the one hand, Koepka semi walked away from his pursuers. On the other hand, Tevye, I anticipate more experts than just Chamblee to get out their thesauruses if they want described what happened to McIlroy without using the word choke.

Koepka is No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings and seems to finally realize just what a big deal it is and he is. It is almost laughable some experts choose to wonder why he performs so well in golfs majors but struggles with regular tournaments. Duh.

With the season ending playoffs starting in just a couple of weeks, it is hard not to predict Koepka will dominate every round. Better to simply say that everybody else better bring their “A” game if they aim to knock him off. The good news is McIlroy is but one of those capable of doing just that.

Stay tuned for playoff summaries.


The three-man team of Dale Enders, Loran Lance and Tommy Talley didn’t need Rick Wegman, Penny Perez, Bill Marshall and Doug Self to choke to win last week’s Senior Scramble at Bayou Golf Club. Enders, Lance and Talley turned in a fine 59, easily turning away the 62 by the Wegman team and the rest of the field.


Maybe it’s just the summer heat, or maybe it’s just that some of us are not as young as we used to be or maybe it’s both.

Some days, rounds just seem to take a little more of some of us seasoned players: remember that rubber band driven airplane you had as a kid, and how the propeller slowed as the rubber band provided less “fuel?”

If you find yourself paying closer attention to the nutrition plans being touted by the best players in the world, you have much company these days. Watch this column for more information in the closing weeks of summer.


Your Houston Texans tee it up against the Packers to open the preseason. And, totally unrelated, a 16-year-old kid just won $3 million for winning at something called Fortnite. Who does he think he is, Rory McIlroy?

Be safe, on and off the course.

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