Hope you have already done your taxes; also, that you can go on an Alaskan cruise with the refund!

The Daily News publisher Leonard Woolsey is easily identified, his broad smile and distinctive hair style making him seem, well, approachable. Each time I see him —usually at the 1894 Grand Opera House or some chamber of commerce luncheon — I make it a point to introduce myself. Sooner or later, he’s going to call out my name before I can do that.

“Gean, Gean,” he’ll say, extending his hand and offering that big smile. Yet, as I read his recent editorial piece, I sensed that his smile was absent.

In case you missed it, Mr. Woolsey’s editorial piece informed readers that, due to the efforts of a single lobbyist, the paper will be shrinking. Like other columnists and contributors, I already had been notified by managing editor Dave Mathews and sports editor James LaCombe that I would need to restrict the number of words you get to read each week as I attempt to inform and amuse you on golf-related matters.

I sensed discomfort from all three at having to issue those instructions, but I understand. If you missed Mr. Woolsey’s explanation, I urge you to find and read it; if you read it, I urge you to read it again. It is important — and for reasons far beyond the realm of golf.

I like to put the names of your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters and teammates in the paper. The joy you draw from reading their names in print adds to the joy I receive from writing. I rely on proud family members to provide words and photos that make my column more meaningful to them, even if it seems that those photos don’t often enough show up in the paper or the word count doesn’t quite say all that they might feel should have been said.

I have informed those who regularly help me get local results to share with you that, for the immediate future, it will often be necessary for you to access the electronic version of the paper to find some of the results you are looking for. Scores also will be available on Page Two of Sports Plus.

I have asked regular contributors like Chris Caldwell (Moody Gardens), Penny Perez (Bayou Golf Club), Kevin Mattler (Beacon Lakes Golf Club) to not only continue to feed me information, but to remind their players to keep taking steps to ensure they get not only the golf news, but all the important news that comes in print.

I have notified area coaches to let their players and their families know to look beyond the print version of my column each week and into the electronic portion to find what might have been edited for print. Go there now, as I have exceeded my word limit!

Be safe, on and off the course.

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