OK... this is different.

For the first time — in a long time — my “boo” LeBron James isn’t in the NBA playoffs. The last time James didn’t make the playoffs was in 2005, which was 14 years ago. Sigh... OK, this column isn’t about him but why I believe it’ll be déja vu when the Golden State Warriors hoist up the Larry O’Brien trophy — again.

It was a given, even after they beat the LeBron-led Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals in convincing fashion, that they would be right back where they are today. Featuring a team of All Stars and potential Hall of Famers in the future, the Warriors just simply can’t be beat.

They’ve shown signs of wear and tear, but seriously, who thinks that the Toronto Raptors, even with Kawhi Leonard, has a chance against The Hampton Five?

No one.

Even without “you know who I am” Kevin Durant and DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins on the roster, for now, the Warriors are a well-oiled machine that just won’t break down. It’s like a classic, fine wine, or your favorite muscle car that might take a lickin’, but keeps on tickin’.

With the “baby-faced assassin” in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson’s barrage of shooting and stout defense, Draymond Green’s all of a sudden point guard abilities in addition to his staunch defense, and Andre Iguodala’s penchant for leadership, the Raptors just don’t have enough fire power to stop the Warrior dynasty from clinching its third straight championship — and fourth in five years. Yes, the two teams are “almost” evenly matched, but the Warriors have the advantage, which is experience. They’ve been there, done that.

Ugh. I hated to say that.

But nonetheless, as the ball is tipped tonight after the Warriors have been waiting for the past nine days, all the doubt and naysayers who said that this just might be the year to knock them off their proverbial throne, is just hearsay. Until this team is dismantled hopefully in the near future due to free agency (hey, we can only wish, right?), there’s no team, or one player who can stop them from the dynasty that now resides in the western conference in sunny California.

Curry or Green will win Finals MVP, and Durant will leave after collecting his third championship ring. I’ll give Toronto one, maybe two games. And, let’s hope my boo will be back next year with a vengeance and knock the champions off the top of the NBA world. A girl can only wish, right?

Warriors in six.

Angela Wilson: 409-683-5239; angela.wilson@galvnews.com

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