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About 30 miles south of Lakeville, Minnesota, lies the Montgomery National Golf Club, featuring eight water hazards (penalty areas) and tree-lined fairways. It also features a yellow submarine, a guitar-shaped bunker that is 50 yards long and a photo of the Fab Four on the wall behind the pro shop counter.

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This original Santa Fe Gym is 80 years old and is the oldest gym in Galveston County providing student activities. An initial $50,000 donation by Mr. and Mrs. Blackie Heileman of Santa Fe led to a Santa Fe outpouring of $320,000 to restore the gym, which could be completed by February.

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Listen, we all have a set of skills and life experiences. There's much we can offer to others to improve their lives. Be the wise person who wants to lift people to another level and not put them down. With today’s society, we need more people to be wise and bring us back together.