Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing away with the free site? 

The Daily News charges for digital access so we can continue to invest in our product. We're building a more modern site that will allow us to bring our paid subscribers new features, such as new options for viewing the news on tablets and mobile devices, enhancements to our E-Edition and more. We're also expanding the number of reporters on our staff so we can bring you more news in a more timely fashion.

What is the difference between the Print, Online, Mobile and E-Editions? 

The Daily News Print Edition is our traditional printed newspaper product, which provides in-depth news coverage, photographs, local business advertisements and circulars, special sections, Coast magazine, coupons, comics and much more. Many of these features are not available digitally.

The Daily News Online Edition delivers breaking local news throughout the day, in addition to stories printed in the newspaper. It also incorporates exclusive features such as videos, reader comments, live chats, blogs and more. The Mobile Edition is our new touch sensitive web app that provides rich interactive access to the news on most tablets and smart phones. 

The E-Edition is the digital replica of the most recent issues of the printed newspaper that can be accessed online every day.

What can I access as a non-subscriber? 

Non-subscribers will be able to see all of our advertising-related services — such as classifieds, cars, real estate, job listings, newspaper ads, special sections, grocery circulars, ad features and more — as well state and national wire stories from The Associated Press. Local stories will be limited to headlines and a short summary from each story posted online, in much the same way as a nonsubscriber can see a portion of the print edition through a rack face or on a store counter. 

I get home delivery of the newspaper. Do I get online access?

Yes, home-delivery subscribers to The Daily News get access to on any device. Subscribers can be logged into one device at a time. 

How do I change my current digital subscription package?

To change your digital subscription plan, please call Customer Service at 409-683-5260. 

I am a home delivery customer. How do I activate my digital access?

To activate your digital access, select Subscribe Today from the navigation menu at the top of each page. It will prompt you with several options. Current subscribers must select one of two options: Activate account: I want to register a new email or Activate account: I’ve already registered my email. If you do not have your subscription account number, please contact our customer service department for assistance at 409-683-5260 or 888-561-3611.

Access to the site is provided to all print subscribers, according to the subscription package you have — such as daily, weekday, weekender, Sunday only, etc.. If you purchase single copies of the newspaper at a newsstand or other retailer, you will need to purchase a digital subscription separately. 

What is an Online-Only subscription? How much does it cost?

An Online-Only subscription provides ongoing unlimited access to The Daily News site for $14 per month. It does not include home delivery of the printed newspaper.

Why does the online subscription cost the same as the print subscription?

The cost covers the content, which is the same across all of the different product formats. The cost is the same regardless of how you choose to access it.

I don’t have a computer or smart phone. Do I get my subscription at a discount because I won’t be using the online or mobile editions?

Sorry, but no. We don't offer unbundled services.

Can I access my digital subscription on more than one computer, smartphone or tablet?

Yes. You can use your subscription across multiple devices as often as you wish. However, you can only access one device at a time — when you log in on one device, you'll be logged out from the others. 

Do you offer a “family plan?”

Yes, for $1 more per month, you can add one additional account for online access. You’ll need to provide an additional email address to register an additional family account. Please call Customer Service at 409-683-5260 to add a family member.

Can I share the user name and password associated with my subscription?

You may not share your login credentials (user name and password). Your subscription does not allow for shared access. Each reader must register a unique set of login credentials for full access to our content. Because only one person can use an online account at a time, attempting to share an account will result in one reader being kicked off the site. 

Can I still access news articles through Facebook, Twitter, search engines or my blog?

We encourage links from Facebook, Twitter, search engines, blogs and other social media. All of these services will link back to our site and you will still need a subscription to access the full content.

Will I receive unsolicited emails?

We do not share your email with third party companies. 

Will I still have access to a personal Archive Library? 

Unfortunately, the personal library service has been discontinued. It is no longer available. 

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