The Daily News does not offer personal research services, but provides tools for readers to perform their own keyword searches of story archives, access pages from both current and past editions through, and more.

Our web edition contains most staff-written stories found in the newspaper, but does not contain the full content of our print edition. Access to the newspaper's printed pages are available as part of The Daily News E-Edition.

Associated Press articles are not included within The Daily News archive.

What's available

The Daily News web archive contains the full text of most locally-written articles published since 2002. Anything prior to that, and you'll need to refer to our microfilm archives or to an old-fashioned newspaper.


• Searches are not case-sensitive.

• To find an exact word or phrase, enclose them in quotes. for example: "Daily News"

• Use wildcards to find variations of a word. for example: news*

• Punctuation is ignored during searching unless enclosed in quotes. ex:"AT&T"

Web Search: To begin your search, enter one or more terms into the form located at the top of each page. The form is not case-sensitive. By default, stories that contain all of your search terms will be returned. Refining your search is as easy as adding more words to the query.

For greater control over the search, enter search terms in the appropriate fields on the advanced search page. Use any combination of query fields on this form to find the stories you need.

Back Issues: We keep copies of back editions in stock for up to 90 days, then the printed newspapers are recycled. You can order order back editions online or inquire about availability of a past issue by contacting our circulation department at 409-683-5260.

E-Edition: Subscribers can preview images of each day's pages from the print edition in your browser, then view or download them in PDF format. Access pages from our print edition dating back to November 2012. This is a paid service.

Microfilm Archives: Access to microfilm editions of The Daily News dating back to 1865 is available through our partnership with Heritage Microfilm and This is a paid service.

Libraries: Public libraries providing access to microfilm archives include:

Rosenberg Library

2310 Sealy Avenue

Galveston, Texas 77550


Houston Public Library

Clayton Center for Genealogical Research

5300 Caroline

Houston, TX 77004


Texas City Sun archives

Moore Memorial Public Library

1701 9th Ave N

Texas City, TX 77590

(409) 643-5979

The Daily News does not offer personal research services.

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