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Prepay for 12 months of home delivery of The Galveston County Daily News between November 18, 2016 – February 28, 2017, and receive a limited edition Daily News hoodie (while supplies last!).

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Hoodie Special

Hoodie Special


Save $221 off the newsstand price with a 12-month subscription, plus get Coast Monthly magazine (monthly value: $4.99). This subscription package includes 7-day home delivery, 24/7 digital access, Coast Monthly magazine, Sunday coupons, local grocery and department store ads and much more, along with a Daily News hoodie.

Price: $ 195.00

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Sign up for automatic payment renewals and receive a permanent 3% subscription discount! Please select the term for The Daily News to bill your debit or credit card.


Offer for new or existing home delivery subscribers. Must prepay $195.00 for a 12-month subscription between 11/18/2016–2/28/2017. Daily News hoodies are available while supplies last and must be picked up at The Daily News office in Galveston or Texas City. Any postage fees for hoodies sent via postal mail will be charged to the recipient. The Daily News reserves the right to substitute an alternate premium in place of the hoodie and to charge retail value for any premium received by the subscriber in the instance of an early subscription cancellation. The Auto Renew subscription discount will occur after the first 12 months. Any outstanding balances from prior subscription may be deducted from payment. Offer ends 2/28/2017. Some restrictions may apply.