It’s not often these days you see Democrats and Republicans in Washington D.C. joining in a common cause.

But if there’s one thing that can apparently bring people together, it’s the Ike Dike.

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Gary Scoggin

“ Weber was among the Republicans who supported removing U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the Republican Party. “It was an overwhelming voice vote to replace her, which was the right thing to do,” Weber said in a text to The Daily News.”

So why was it the right thing to do? Was it because

1. She didn’t support Trump, or

2. Her telling the truth over and over makes you uncomfortable?

Carlos Ponce

"[W]hy was it the right thing to do?" Because she lost the confidence of Republican legislators with her divisive rhetoric. How could she be a leader if most chose not to follow?

Gary Scoggin

Sometimes, there is nothing more divisive than telling the truth. So she will be replaced with someone who has a far less conservative voting record but pledges fealty to #theonlypresidenteverimpeachedtwice. It shows that today’s Republicans care not one whit about political philosophy and care only about making the man from Mar-a-Lago happy.

I long for the days when Republicans stood for something.

Carlos Ponce

"I long for the days when Republicans stood for something." You're not a Republican so who cares?

Is she telling the truth? No. She is sucking up to the Leftist.

Gary Scoggin

I’m not a Republican now. But I used to be one.

Carlos Ponce

So let me repeat, "You're not a Republican so who cares?"

Diane Turski

Voting to replace Weber will be the right thing to do to save democracy!

Carlos Ponce

Replace Randy? As long as he chooses to represent us he will remain our representative. He's doing a good job. I saw him, heard him in person at the First State Bank of Hitchcock recently . Good man!


She was replaced because she refuses to be part of the TRUMP CULT.

Carlos Ponce

No such thing as a "Trump Cult". That's just branding from the Liberals. She lost credibility when she started repeating propaganda from the DNC.


Carlos, you can put lipstick on that pig and call it whatever you want, but it's still a pig. Liz Cheney was removed from her position because she did not support former President Trump and his BIG LIE that he won the election. She wants no part fofthe Trump Cult.

Carlos Ponce

Daniel Pickett, that shade of lipstick does not look good on you.

Ted Gillis

The DNC could care less about Liz Cheney. She has a horrible voting record, siding with Donald Trump over 90% of the time. She stepped in her own bear trap.

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