It appears Galveston County’s top elected official is growing impatient with the wait to reopen Texas.

In a video posted on the county’s Facebook page over the weekend, Judge Mark Henry, flanked by members of a Dickinson VFW post, said COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott no longer were necessary.

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Wayne D Holt

County Judge Mark Henry has been one of the rare regional government officials who asked the right questions at the very beginning of this epidemic and has continued to be resolute in his demand for a "reasonable person" standard in decision making about the appropriate response. Officials who cave in to demands to do that which their legal authority doesn't entitle them should never, ever be allowed near a public office. It takes tremendous fortitude to seek the right answer, not the easy answer, in the face of unfair public criticism. Judge Henry has passed that test with flying colors.

This does not, and should not, be seen as a Democrat vs. Republican free-for-all. We're talking about public health and the remaining liberties that generations of Americans bled and died to pass along to us. That so many of the public have been panicked into demanding restrictions that have never been forced on Americans before is a blot on those who, no doubt unintentionally, have placed their unqualified faith in the cult of the self-proclaimed experts. These same experts have provided vastly contradictory, and even purposefully erroneous, information about the true status of Covid-19, its impact on public health, and the efficacy of touted defenses. They have also brazenly ignored their own pronouncements without apology.

This information is readily available from world-class research institutions that are not in the pocket of the Big Pharma makers who are terrified, not of the virus but that the public will discover there are cheap, safe and NON-PATENTABLE drug treatments that work.

Along with that, you may include local politicians who threw the Big Switch on so-called non-essential businesses. We have gone from the necessity to flatten the curve of hospital utilization to a prolonged and transparent attempt to equate case numbers with negative health impacts. We now go into the normal flu season, one in which familiar influenza cases will likely be nearly absent, while Covid-19 case counts will stalk the land, allowing the political class to prolong the charade for God knows how long.

We're being played. Wake up, America.

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