In the weeks since the Nov. 3 election, the Galveston County Republican Party has spent more money on campaign advertisements for Galveston mayoral candidate Roger “Bo” Quiroga than Quiroga has spent out of his own campaign funds, according to finance documents released this week.

The county party since Nov. 18 has spent $4,773 on direct mail, text messaging and telemarketing efforts on Quiroga’s behalf, according to a campaign finance report filed Monday. The advertisements are listed as in-kind contributions to Quiroga’s campaign.

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Jack Cross

Has anyone noticed that everyone of these new stories about the Galveston mayors race are all charged against Quiroga ? Bo's Campaign has been about his position and how he will govern. He told a group, he wants a clean city, joking that he was a "Clean Mexican" and this was called racist. He was attacked for wanting to bring jobs to Galveston. Shrub Kempner whose family kept business out of Galveston for over 50 years attacked Quiroga because Galveston City had an A bond rating and used that ass evidence that Brown was doing a good job.

Yes, Cities want a good rating but Kempner knows bond ratings are not a judge of a city doing a good job. Bond raters do this to mane sure investors will get a return on their money. You can still have wasteful spending and a good revenue source of Tax revenue. Cities get a higher rating than companies because cities can raise taxes or cut spending. Quiroga is the only one in the race that has been elected. Voters must have liked a clean Mexican because they elected him 3 times. Bo has a 6 year record, new attacks can't erase that.

johnferguson Staff
John Wayne Ferguson

Hi Jack,

You're mischaracterizing the report of Mr. Quiroga's claims of racism. What happened was that Quiroga claimed to be a victim of racism because Lisa Blair called him "clean Mexican" on Facebook He made that claim in an email to his supporters, including a screen shot of the phrse

What he didn't say in the email was that the phrase he was complaining about was, as you said, used by him first at a meeting of constituents.

For some reason, the videos that showed him using that phrase and showing the context it was said were deleted from his campaign pages, around the time his email went out. Quiroga has since deleted his accusation of racism from his campaign pages.

It created a confusing situation that I thought, as a reporter, needed to be clarified.

michaelsmith Staff
Michael A. Smith

Anyone interested to know what the article at issue here actually reported is welcome to read it here:

Jarvis Buckley

You are right Jack.

Bailey Jones

I would like to see campaign finance reform in this country:

1) No contributions allowed by any entity that isn't an individual citizen.

2) No contributions allowed from outside the political district represented - in this case, the city of Galveston.

3) A reasonable cap on contributions, let's say $1000, that levels the field of influence between the average American and the wealthy few.

That's how we get back to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Carlos Ponce

The Supreme Court has problems with some of your proposals.

Bailey Jones

They had problems with human rights for black people, too. They got over it.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, this is the 21st Century. Why go back to the 19th?

Lisa Blair

“Clean Mexican” is not a joke and it isn’t funny. Bo’s campaign has been full of lies. He lied about who made the comment even though it was on video. Now his folks, like you, breeze right by that and acknowledge that he said it but it was a joke. That’s just one lie. He “didn’t know” that the Republican Party was supporting him. That’s another lie.

It’s a shame that his lack of integrity is okay with so many. No doubt they will regret it. A person who lies with impunity is not a leader.

Don Schlessinger


Carlos Ponce

If the man want's to call himself a "Clean Mexican" what's to argue?

Some white people call themselves Black, some males call themselves female, some females call themselves male, etc. .

Sounds like a joke to me and I have plenty of Mexican relatives and Mexican-American relatives. I am Mexican-American.

This is much ado about NOTHING. Now go back to talking about policy.

Carlos Ponce

By the way, Big Guy Biden called Barack Obama "clean and articulate". Obama thought nothing of it.

"I mean you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean that's a storybook, man".

Charlotte O'rourke

It was a stupid comment - both Biden’s and Bo’s. But Biden didn’t blame someone else for saying it, hide the video clip, and send out the statement “clean Mexican” to his supporters that someone else said it as a racist comment. That was a lie, misstatement, prevarication, falsehood, or whatever term you want to use.

That is the difference, and Bo should apologize to Lisa. We live in a small town. Maybe after the election. 5 more days.

Carlos Ponce

So..... you don't think there can be a "clean Mexican"?

Charlotte O'rourke

If you said it, own it. Tell your supporters what you meant.

Don’t state someone else said it and claim it’s racism. Bo stated it was racist, but I don’t have a clue what it even means.

Carlos Ponce

Charlotte, let me be blunt: NOBODY CARES!

Charlotte O'rourke

Carlos, I will be blunter - lies and misinformation have become common place in politics. I don’t believe NOBODY CARES about the truth as demonstrated by individuals trying to correct the record on this thread.

But if you are right, it would be a sad state of affairs.

We obviously must agree to disagree.

Charlotte O'rourke

Bluntest - I do agree the actual platform of the candidates are the most important aspect of the mayor’s race.

Carlos Ponce

Lemuel Gulliver was amused at the pettiness of Lilliputian politics. They would argue about which end of an egg to crack. I now know how he felt.

Charlotte O'rourke

I’ve never thought of anyone being falsely accused of racism or being a racist as Lilliputian or petty politics. But, to each his own.

Carlos Ponce

If you cannot see it, I can't help you.

Charlotte O'rourke

It’s clear as day. You just need to focus. 😆

Ted Gillis

They are not interested Michael. They just want to complain that your paper is too liberal.

Jarvis Buckley

Ted we have lived with the fact that GDN is liberal for many , many years. Having said that they are a great newspaper.

Wayne D Holt

I don't understand the relevancy of a "non-partisan" local race in contemporary America. The best of us are congenial partisans, the middle slice are avowed whatevers and the remainder are fanatics.

I actually prefer to know who is supporting who, what special interest groups are willing to spend money in campaigning and if you want to identify with a tag, why not do it? Is calling someone a Democrat in a race worse than saying they're a "flaming liberal"? Is it wrong to name a council member as Republican rather than "far right?"

What harm is there is acknowledging a political bent in a local race if that is what that person identifies as?

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Jeff Patterson

There is no Republican or Democratic way to take out the trash, repaved the streets, or balance the budget...

Charlotte O'rourke

Hi Wayne, I prefer nonpartisan local elections because in Texas you don’t have to declare a party and many candidates are Independents. Everyone seems more inclined to listen to ideas than go with party divides.

Outside money from the two parties stays outside the city. This election has brought outside influence and funding for an unknown reason.

Wayne D Holt

I sort of get the second paragraph reasoning, Charlotte. But if I understand Galveston political history (a big if), a lot of Mr. Quiroga's criticism of how things have been done revolve around old LOCAL money running the show. I would need to be convinced off-island money unduly influencing our elections is inherently more corrupting than on-island money doing the same thing.

Bailey's suggestions above seem to me to be a balanced approach worth considering: money has to be local, has to be non-corporate natural persons and has to be an amount that levels the playing field between the ancien régime, the nouveau riche and the rest of us blokes out here in flyover country.

Charlotte O'rourke

Bailey has some valid points on limiting the influence of Big money. It’s a dream because of BIG money influence, but a good one. Take a close look at the campaign finance reports, if you know the players ..... it tells the full story.

The last thing Galveston needs is PARTISAN money with an unknown agenda to influence our city elections. Regular residents already have a hard time being heard.

Ron Shelby

Look up the FBI's crime statistics for Aggravated Assault, Robbery and Personal Property covering the time Quiroga was Mayor, and the recent 6 years. Its "night" and "day" with crime rates cut in half when compared to 20 years ago. Why would Galveston want to go back to that? Why would the GOP back a candidate so weak on crime and policing? Keep moving forward Galveston.

Lisa Blair

It’s really a sad state when something like the “Clean Mexican” lie isn’t a deal breaker for support. I’ve supported a lot of candidates and something like that would be the end of my association and support. Bo’s lack of ethics is no surprise, it’s been well documented over the years. But I am surprised at some of his supporters who I thought had more integrity than that. Win or lose, supporting a candidate and campaign like Bo’s has been will leave a mark on them.

Dalton Logan

So you ended your support of Joe Biden when he referred to Obama as a clean Afro-American?

Lisa Blair

Did Joe lie and say someone else said it? Or did he own it and apologize? Y’all don’t seem to be able to comprehend the issue here. 🤷‍♀️

Carlos Ponce

Actually, in BO's book latest autobiography- "A Promised Land" (how many autobiographies does one man need?) Obama re-phrases Big Guy Biden's remarks:

“His lack of a filter periodically got him in trouble, as when during the primaries, he had pronounced me ‘articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,’ a phrase surely meant as a compliment, but interpreted by some as suggesting that such characteristics in a Black man were noteworthy.”

There's more to it that that, BO.

Jeff Patterson

DITTO THAT! My maternal great great grandmother was very significant woman in the Mexican Revolution. There’s a permanent display in the University of Texas Austin Library about her. My fraternal Grandfather was Geologist in Mexico and my father was born and raised in Tampico and didn’t come to the US u til he was 17 to attend the then A&M Collage to study Petroleum Engineering... he had to take a 2 year pause to serve in WWII. so although he was class of 47... he graduated in 49, them got his masters in geology... EXACTLY WHAT DOES THIS MAN MEAN BY CLEAN MEXICAN! I am half Hispanic with many of my relatives still in Mexico and at rest there...THIS IS VERY VERY OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE! I can tell you, If elected, I will never consider him my Mayor!

That comment is pandering to a cultural slang that demeans the Hispanic heritage.

Connie Patterson

Carlos Ponce

"Clean Mexican" means not here illegally to some.

"Clean Mexican" means a Mexican or Mexican-American with a "clean" record - no convictions, similar to "spotless" record.

"Clean Mexican" means a Mexican or Mexican-American who does not use profanity to some.

And I guess to some "clean Mexican" means a Mexican who bathes.[beam]

On the other hand a "dirty Mexican" is :

"greasy, slippery, fun loving, 30+ yrs of age who dresses like a metrosexual tween. (often seen in holister garb). Of questionable Mexican heritage. Although fond of tequila, crack and puck bunnies...has discerning taste when it comes to beer burglers"

Other definitions (not too nice):

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