Kimberley Yancy, a schoolteacher and the president of the Dickinson-Bay Area Unit of the NAACP, will attempt to oust Bobby Hocking from the La Marque mayor’s office during May’s local elections.

Yancy submitted paperwork to run for office Monday.

“I think it’s time to bring businesses back to La Marque,” she said. “I think it’s time for us to rebrand La Marque and restore and rebuild La Marque.”

Yancy has never run for office before, but said Tuesday she had political and public policy experience working for former state Rep. Al Edwards and for the Galveston Housing Authority.

Hocking was first elected the mayor of La Marque in 2011 in a special election, and is seeking another three-year term.

Yancy said that she didn’t believe Hocking has done anything wrong as mayor, but thought the city was ready for a change.

“I have a lot of respect for the current leadership, I just think it’s time for a change,” she said.

Candidates in cities across the county have until Friday to fill out ballot applications for the May 5 local entity elections.



U.S. Rep. Randy Weber on Tuesday celebrated passage of a bill he authored.

If it passes the Senate, the Nuclear Energy Research Infrastructure Act would direct the secretary of energy — right now, that’s former Texas Gov. Rick Perry — to build a Versatile Neutron Source, a type of test reactor.

“America is a land of opportunity, innovation and advancement,” Weber said. “This research reactor, a Versatile Neutron Source, is critical for the development of advanced reactor designs, materials, and nuclear fuels. This type of research requires access to fast neutrons, which are currently only available for civilian research in Russia.”


U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has often taken lonely stances in the Senate and faced the ire of his colleagues in the name of ideology.

Those stands have been less frequent in recent years, but Tuesday, Cruz once again found himself as the lone vote against an issue.

Cruz was the only dissenting vote against beginning a debate in the Senate about an immigration program that would create a path to citizenship for young people brought to the United States illegally as children.

John Cornyn, the state’s other U.S. Senator, unveiled a plan Monday that would give 1.8 million Dreamers a chance at citizenship.

Cruz has derided such programs in the past, calling them amnesty, although he hadn’t made any public statement’s on Cornyn’s bill so far — other than voting against it.


Early voting for the March primary elections begins Tuesday and goes through March 2. Election Day is March 6. The Daily News will publish an election guide in Saturday’s edition.


The West Galveston Island Property Owners Association will have a candidate forum Saturday at the Galveston Country Club. The forum will feature candidates for Texas House District 23, Galveston County judge and Galveston County Precinct 2 commissioner. ... Despite receiving a challenge from his predecessor, Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush doesn’t have any campaign events on his calendar, the Houston Chronicle reported. ... Galveston County doesn’t have the only statehouse race where conservative group Empower Texans is trying to oust an incumbent Republican. A similar battle is happening in the Texas panhandle, according to the Texas Observer, where two lawmakers “have drawn primary challenges from zealous right-wingers who say the current crop of Panhandle politicians isn’t conservative enough to pass Republican muster.”

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PD Hyatt

Bravo for Cruz.... Sen. Cornyn doesn't care about anything that the little people want all he cares about is making money from his big donors....What people like Cornyn do not understand is what about the dream of OUR children and grandchildren who are CITIZENS already.... Congress and the last couple of administrations have allowed all of these illegals to come here when they should have been shipped right back to where they came from before they had a chance to settle in....I have written Cornyn about the DACA matter and he has written back that he cares more for the DACA kids than he does about children who are already American Citizens.... Hopefully Cornyn will soon follow Hutchinson out the door to the retirement pasture....

PD Hyatt

As for DACA and chain migration goes, if we continue to allow these open borders and continue to allow all who come to NOT assimilate into our culture, then all we are doing is saying that immigration without assimilation is just another word for a invasion.... A nation without control of its borders will soon cease to be a nation.... Don't believe me just look across the pond to Europe and tell me that open borders isn't giving them more trouble than they ever dreamed that they would have with all of the no go zones that have been created....

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