Randy Weber meme

On the day most major news organizations declared Joe Biden winner of the 2020 presidential election, U.S. Rep. Randy Weber posted a meme of Texas separating itself from the United States.

Texans who no longer want to be part of the United States think they’ve found a friend in U.S. Rep. Randy Weber.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, a Nederland-based group that advocates for Texas’ secession from the United States, issued a celebratory news release over a post Weber made on his personal Facebook page.

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Paula Flinn


Doug Sivyer

Laughable deplorables

Dan Freeman

The Congress would have to approve the division. The 1845 joint resolution that admitted Texas to the Union provided that Texas could be divided into as many as five states. The power to create new states could be exercised only by Congress, with the consent of the affected state legislatures.

Gary Scoggin

It's my understanding that the 1845 provision about dividing into five states was nullified when Texas was re-admitted to the union after the Civil War.

Bailey Jones

The idea of a Senate without a Ted Cruz in it is tempting, I must say. I hear that DC is going to be made a state so maybe they can swap - we won't have to change the flag that way. I say "we" because I'll be voting with my feet and remain an American. Since secession would mean the closing of all military and government institutions I'd have to move to another NASA center, so maybe California or Florida. And then there's that new wall we'd have to build...

Gary Scoggin

Rep. Randy never ceases to amuse us. We are certainly getting the representation we deserve.

Ted Gillis

I’d be okay with Nederland seceding.

Curtiss Brown

By God we're so darn proud to be from Texas - yahoo!

Even of our pride we're proud and we're proud of that pride, too

Our pride about our home state is the proudest pride indeed

And we're proud to be Americans, until we can secede

One More Stupid Song About Texas -- The Austin Lounge Lizards

Dwight Burns

In my opinion, Randy Weber and Ken Paxton are an embarrasments to Texas.

Carlos Ponce

Your opinion does not resemble that of the majority of Texans.

Jose' Boix

This effort reminds me of Spain and the two separatists' movements; Basques and Catalan (my family's origin). These two movements have push for separation for years; one difference with the Texas effort, is that each of the Spanish movements use different languages to their advantage. Ditto with Scotland in the UK. Common sense seems to indicate to me that separation is not the most effective way to grow and succeed. Just my thoughts.

Ted Gillis

Conservatives are never embarrassed.

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