Galveston County commissioners probably will field many phone calls about the U.S.-Mexico border until 2 p.m. Friday.

That’s when the commissioners court will decide whether to vote on Galveston County Judge Mark Henry’s plan to use some of the county’s $66 million in American Recovery Plan money to pay for sending local law enforcement to the border and to contribute up to 10 percent of the county’s allotment of federal funds to a border wall project hundreds of miles away from the county limits.

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Dwight Burns

Not one dime of these funds should be spent on this Wall.

David Hardee

What is wrong with spending what it takes to protect you from eventually having these poor soul nesting in your neighborhood.

These poor souls have been brutalized during their trek by coyotes for payment or put i debt under threats unless they pay. Drug dealers use them as couriers. They are packed into containers housed in mass cramped safe houses. And our Biden directed bureaucrats spend your money to fly them across the country and house them, feed them and organize them. Money is your concern. Try a little mental exercise and imagine how much of your money is being used to support these pour souls that the Biden's ilk are enticing to cross our borders illegally. Money you did not authorize is pouring into providing their human needs.

Maybe, They are doing your lawn work, put on your roof, picking you food, slaughtering the cow and pigs all for cash, cheaply. Depressing the pay rate, increasing unemployment, flooding social services, bilinguals flooding the schools and hospitals, and sending money to the coyotes and drug lords to keep their families from being brutalized.

Does a few busks of your money to build the wall seem like a really bad investment?

Don Schlessinger


Diane Turski

Galveston County funds should only be spent to aid Galveston County residents!!

Carlos Ponce

ARPA funds are being used, not Galveston County tax funds.

Ted Gillis

I seem to remember a few months back when Henry was complaining about Galveston county spending there own federal dollars on COVID activities. The judge wanted these dollars to be given to the county, so that he could oversee how it was spent.

Now we understand his motivation.

Carlos Ponce

And those who those want the Federal dollars spent on border protection want to line their own pockets with it.

Carlos Ponce

And those who don't want the Federal dollars spent on border protection want to line their own pockets with it.

domenico nuckols

We need the Federal funds in Galveston. If the State builds a wall on State land, who is going to maintain it? Texas tax payers. The Federal government is responsible to protect the Borders. It’s only an Abbot clown 🤡 show.Spend the money on mental health food housing stuff that’s in your backyard you ignore all the time

Carlos Ponce

Elect a Republican President and the Feds will take care of maintenance.

Raymond Lewis

How about using the funds to help build the Pelican island bridge.

Carlos Ponce

The Pelican island bridge should be part of the infrastructure bill.

Gary Scoggin

It looks like they are taking donations. I assume David H., Don S. and Carlos will be sending their checks. Or are they content only to spend other people’s money on this?

Carlos Ponce

Since Joe will be out of there does it really matter?

Bailey Jones

They should sell those engraved bricks. I'd pay good money to put some words on Abbott's wall.

Jim Forsythe

Gov. Abbott faces several hurdles in clearing the way for Texas to acquire the land necessary to build a border wall. What landowners are going to want to give up their land? Ranchers, farmers, or the federal government? The $250 Million will not even pay the legal cost.

Abbott said he is sending a letter to President Joe Biden’s administration ordering that the federal government return land it acquired from Texas.

“I am demanding that the Biden Administration immediately return to Texans land that the federal government took to build the wall,” Abbott said.

“Abbott is assuming or hoping that the federal government will return the land to Texas for the purpose of building the wall. But I think the federal government has more options ... because it's not up to him anymore,”

Abbott could also face legal challenges with private landowners.

The federal government has filed suit against more than 130 property owners in Texas for the rights to their land along the Mexico border.

Carlos Ponce

"Biden holds back border protection for Texas residents!" - A political statement that will resonate in the next election cycle.

Jim Forsythe

the federal government

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