Fewer local candidates running for city council seats plan to pound the pavement and knock on doors to drum up voter support in this year’s Nov. 3 election.

Some candidates, citing the pandemic, say they’re planning to spend more time and effort on other forms of outreach, such as social media and phone calls.

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Iris Crow

John Wayne Ferguson,

What President Trump was saying was:

Vote using your absentee ballot, and mail it in. With things the way they are with the post office, mail delivery, and potential fraud; mail your ballot in, but also check with your polling location to see if your ballot has been counted. The intent is not to go and vote a second time expecting to have both counted. If the precinct chair says that your vote has been counted, then you can leave assured that your voice has been heard. If your vote has not been counted, you may fill out a Provisional Ballot. If your vote was not counted, then your provisional ballot will be accepted. If your vote was counted, then your provisional ballot won’t be included. It makes perfect sense, and President Trump is very wise to offer such good advice.

Yes, you could just wait and vote in person on Election Day; but do you want to take the chance on not getting any vote? Persons who have the need to vote absentee sometimes can’t get a ride or their health does not allow it. I’m in that situation. I know exactly what I’m talking about. Please think about these things, and you will see the logic in it if you have an open mind.

Carlos Ponce

As usual, Quinnipiac over-polled Democrats in the September 2 poll.

Bailey Jones

Any representative slice of America will "over-poll" Democrats, simply because there are more of them than Republicans (31%D, 25%R, 40%I). Similarly, they will "over-poll" white Americans, English speaking Americans, protestant Americans, people who think Bud-Lite qualifies as beer, etc., because that's the makeup of populace.

According to the poll sample, Democrats are actually slightly "under-polled" -


Republican 25%

Democrat 30%

Independent 36%

Other/DK/NA 8%

Carlos Ponce

No Bailey, your percentages of perceived party affiliation are also based on polling, not actual research. The numbers used do not reflect vote eligible America. While the 2016 election results are not accurate they are actually closer to reality.

Trump - 46.1%

Hillary - 48.2%

Other - 5.7%

These include the "leaners" who are classified as "Independent" by pollsters. Truth is many do not identify party preference because then they will be asked to make donations to that party's candidates. Therefore the large number of "independents".

Bailey Jones

Polling IS actual research. Do your research.

Carlos Ponce

Poling is SUPPOSED to be research, but it's not. 2016 did not teach you a lesson?

What IS this year's polling about? Let's increase the number of Democrats to show he has a chance. Why? To influence non-committed voters and increase Biden donations. Note that with the release of polls showing Biden leading the contributions for his campaign came up. Also this will increase the chaos activity when Trump's re-election is announced: "Trump won???? How could he??? He must have CHEATED!!!! Let's burn, loot, destroy to show our displeasure!"

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