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Ron Shelby

No matter what, each party should ensure that at least one name is in every race. Give voters a choice. That's what democracy is about, and tides change direction. Makes no sense not to.

Mark Aaron

That blue wave is likely to encourage many more Democrats to run for office.

Carlos Ponce

Run Little Marky, Run.

Jean Casanave

This sounded like an advertisement for eligible Democrat candidates to raise their hand. On a separate note, why wasn't there as much talk about the illegal immigrant going on a shooting rampage on I35 outside Austin Sat night? It certainly got overshadowed by the shooting in the church.

Jim Forsythe

4 Injured In I-35 Shooting In North Austin: Police. It was in the Austin papers.

Carlos Ponce

Another shooting by an Illegal Alien. This one should have been deported in 2015 after assaulting a public servant. Why wasn't he? Oh right. It happened in 2015 when illegals committing crimes weren't sent back. And it happened in Liberal TRAVIS County, a SANCTUARY COUNTY. He plead GUILTY in 2016.
"Police charge suspect with 4 assault counts after North Austin rampage"
Police are linking several incidents of gun violence to Rolando Martinez, 25.
Martinez is being held in the Travis County Jail in lieu of $1 million bail and is under an ICE detainer.
Records show that Martinez has one prior criminal charge in the United States. He pleaded guilty in 2016 to assaulting a public servant in Travis County. It was not immediately clear what his immigration status was at that time or whether ICE was involved in that criminal proceeding.
Now how did an illegal alien found guilty in 2016 of assault on a Travis County public servant obtain an AR-15? The laws on the books in Texas say he isn't supposed to own one. Will Travis County (a SANCTUARY COUNTY) now allow ICE to do the right thing?

Carlos Ponce

There is no "blue wave". Christie (R) was a fluke winning a blue state in the past but it still remains blue. Christie replace Jon Corzine (D) who replaced Richard Codey(D) who replaced Jim McGreevey (D) who replaced Richard Codey (D) . And now he is being replaced by Phil Murphy(D). No wave here, just going back to the status quo.
Virginia has voted Democratic in the last three Presidential elections including 2016. The northern counties of Virginia are populated by DC workers who want to continue on the government Gravy Train. No wave here, just another Blue state selecting a Democrat to replace a Democrat Governor.
Instead of a wave you have a stagnant pool.

Gary Scoggin

Actually most of those DC government workers are hard working folks that go to work each day and do their jobs and are not on a "gravy train" at all.

Carlos Ponce

Government Bureaucrats in redundant or unnecessary positions. Swamp dwellers.

Mark Aaron

Carlos: [Government Bureaucrats in redundant or unnecessary positions. Swamp dwellers.]

Who taught you to hate our government and what was their motive Carlos?

Carlos Ponce

Government within Constitutional bounds is good.
Excessive government that goes beyond what our founding fathers set up is bad.
A lot of government bureaucracy is redundant with different agencies doing exactly the same thing. Just "make work". And keeping Democrats in office keeps them employed. Your tax money and my tax money can be better spent.. But being a Liberal, you don't care as long as the "rich" pay for it. And they do pay most of the taxes.

Mark Aaron

Carlos: [Instead of a wave you have a stagnant pool.]

Yes, keep rooting for Trump as you whistle past the graveyard Carlos.

Gary Miller

The "blue wave' is very faint. Democrats defeated a anti trump candidate in VA. In NJ it was considered a fluke for Christy to have been elected in a historicaly Blue state. Over all Republicans lost one Gov. Only 31 left. Bet on that being 32 or 33 after 2018 midterms. The best news is 20 anti trump RINO Republicans have said they are retiring. They will be replaced with Trump supporters in 2018 mid terms. So far this year Conservatives have added more seats than they lost. Good bye and good ridance.

Gary Scoggin

It's actually the Freedom Caucus and the rabid Trump Republicans that are the RINOs. They've turned their back on everything the GOP has stood for over the last 100 years.

Mark Aaron

Gary: [It's actually the Freedom Caucus and the rabid Trump Republicans that are the RINOs. They've turned their back on everything the GOP has stood for over the last 100 years.]

I agree.

Mark Aaron

Gary: [ So far this year Conservatives have added more seats than they lost. ]

Do you have a credible link for that assertion?

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