The current shaky world order is facing a serious adjustment that if not calibrated carefully can crumble like a house of cards with disastrous consequences for all.

The Ukrainian crisis is a repetition of our past historical mistakes. Once in a position of power, our insatiable desire for more power blinds us to the needs and aspirations of others to the point of crossing the red lines of humanity, decency and fairness.



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Charles Douglas

Great OP-ED! It tells a true hard-hitting story of the world we live in. Great article All Khalili.

Thomas Carpenter

Hoping to hear news of a ceasefire in Ukraine, I tuned in to Tucker Carlson last night, but the signal from the Russian television station was filled with static and the Z that eventually replaced the fuzzy broadcast kept transforming into a swastika. I thought the producer displayed brilliant artistic expression by making a small mustache under Carlson’s nose fade in and out. It stunned me! Fox News self-proclaimed liar and Putin devotee has an incredible likeness to a certain German Führer und Reichskanzler. It makes me wonder if his ancestor‘s last name might have been Braun? (Picture Tucker Carlson’s puzzled look when you read that.) Sadly, Carlson had no ideas on how to make the Ukrainians stop blowing up their country.

Disappointed with the poor reception, I decided to visit the much heralded “Truth Social” platform to research the truth about Ukraine’s attack against Russia and peruse the legitimate complaints about THE stolen election that TFG continues to point out with unerring accuracy. Imagine my surprise to find the empty page hacked and the page plastered with yellow and blue flags of Ukraine along with desecrating NFT piles of bull excreta with hoofprints in the ordure! (Say that like Marvin Zindler for pure enjoyment!)

Unfortunately, “new platform glitches” prevented me from experiencing the nirvana promised by the ads for the website, although trying to enter the site did set off an avalanche of emails into my mailbox requesting donations to help pay for “patriot” Matt Gaetz’s lawyers as he defends his right to have sex with underage girls and hand them off to his friends across state lines, at least that’s what Gaetz’s prison bound buddy testified. I, for one, don’t believe a word of it … a rich, white man with Southern upbringing who belongs to a powerful family commit rape? Come on! They’ll sooner land a man on the moon! (We know the first landing was faked, Q said so in an edited release and he had photos to prove it!)

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah! My mailbox also included fervent requests from the disgraced, twice-impeached loser, Bunker Boy, for donations to offset the cost of Cadet Bonespur’s new jet (he needs one because one of his “friends” almost “took him out” over the Gulf of Mexico, what delicious irony), and to “assist” the Fat Dotard (thank you Kim Jung-un) in paying off his even fatter legal fees, except for his buddy Rudy, of course. I immediately exchanged my rubles for dollars and performed my MAGA rite by mailing the quisling 18 cents.

(In the website creator’s defense for the poorly performing site, I did read one MAGA complaint that Kevin Nunes’ cow had hacked the platform and smeared verbal ordure all over the site, giving total credit for the idea to the January 6 folks and their reverence for our nation’s Capital.)

Guess I’ll hit my party’s website and search the GOP platform for their ideas about the situation in Ukraine. Oh ordure! That’s right, Paul Manafort “dramatically altered the Republican Party’s official position on Ukraine against the wishes of the GOP hawks” and lied about it and went to jail. Maybe if I go to Parler and listen to Booiiiinng, I’ll hear news of a ceasefire.

P.S. My deep regrets to RR Commissioner candidate Sarah Stogner. My new best friend, high in the GOP hierarchy, shared this insider info with me, “It was all those gay RINOs who voted against Stogner.”

Also, can Carlos Ponce spot the new vocabulary word? It’s "pay" as in pay your bet!

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter must be using his wazoo to type. It all stinks.

Thomas Carpenter

I would bet you, Mr. Ponce, that you cheerfully exclaimed at least twice "Hoofprints in the ordure!" like Marvin Zigler except, you know, you don't pay your bets.

Carlos Ponce

Since President Trump did not lose, I owe NOBODY. God said he did not lose through the prophets. Why are you calling God and his prophets liars? Thomas will pay dearly for that. REPENT!

Thomas Carpenter

That's Marvin Zindler.

Thomas Carpenter

What convoluted logic based on a faulty premise. A tenth grade English student would slap you around for that one. Come on, I know you shouted "Hoofprints in the ordure!"

Thomas Carpenter

Hey, I agree with God, Bunker Boy didn't lose through the prophets, he lost the popular vote and the electoral college.

Carlos Ponce

Well....Since Bunker Boy is Biden......

Thomas Carpenter

Still selling that BS of a stolen election? You gotta be feeling like an idiot since your prophets continue to fail you and Biden continues to be president while the Orange Dotard's former administrators reveal in a flood of anecdotes what a complete and utter incompetent TFG, Bunker Boy, was as a president. Please send him more money as soon as you pay Bailey, because the disgraced, twice-impeached, two-time loser of the popular vote didn't win the 2020 election. Why don't you believe Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, the Republican secretaries of state, the courts packed by the Orange Dotard and your own Republican election officials? Good grief! I think you need an enema.

Carlos Ponce

Wait and see doubting Thomas. Wait and see.

"Dotard" is a word used by a Communist dictator. Thomas Carpenter uses the same word. Thomas is repeating Communist propaganda.

Thomas Carpenter

Bunker Boy is a descriptive name used by Democrats to describe TFG. Carlos Ponce uses the term Bunker Boy. Carlos Ponce is a Democrat. You can end this misery of me calling you out for being a liar and welching on your bet by just paying your bet. As long as you owe the bet, you have no credibility, none, nada. Your refusal to pay the bet hints that you never had any intention of paying the bet because you thought the grifter couldn't lose. You lied to Bailey when you made the bet because you had no intention of paying, only collecting. You exemplify the MAGA crowd.

Carlos Ponce

Basement Bunker Boy is Biden. He spent MONTHS in his basement bunker. Using the term to describe someone who sent a few minutes at the insistence of the Secret Service shows IGNORANCE.

Ted Gillis

Carlos also uses the term pende Joe, which is slang for the Spanish word pendejo.

He should read the terms of use before posting in the GDN comments forum. The rest of us follow the rules.

Carlos Ponce

I post Pende Joe, NOT the expletive Ted used!

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