The Democratic National Committee has stated that it does not plan to host any primary debates in the 2024 presidential election cycle.

Kennedy Democrats want Joe Biden to engage with Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in debates and town hall meetings, in a primary election that is honest, civil and transparent.


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Noel Spencer

Please define what a Kennedy Democrat is.

Gary Miller

Describe Kennedy Democrats by remembering his uncle was killed because he was too conservative. Not conservative but not liberal enough.

Jim Forsythe

Before you get on the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. bandwagon, look up where he stands on issues, and his past history.

What is a Kennedy Democrat: It means they would like a Democratic Party that would be more like JFK & RFK were in 1963 & 1968:

Nowadays the term is often used to mean a “low tax Democrat.” Some Dems want to distance themselves from what they see as the big-spending high-taxing proclivities of the rest of the party, so they reference the fact that JFK pushed through a reduction in the top marginal rate from 90% to 70% in 1963. The bill wasn’t signed until after JFK’s murder, so it was LBJ who signed it.

People from both parties voted issues, not parties or classifications during this time in the past. JFK was socially liberal and a military hawk. Of course, at the time, we were full in the Cold War and pretty much everyone was afraid of the Soviets.

This was a different time, when JFK and RFK were in office.

Why would Bidden want to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Ed Buckner

[thumbup], Mr. Forsythe.

Wayne Holt

"JFK was socially liberal and a military hawk." If this is your level of historical grasp, you may want to write less and read more. It was Kennedy's stance on foreign adventures, on covert overthrow of other countries governments, of rapprochement with the Soviet Union to avoid a nuclear conflict, that attracted the attention of the same group of MilSpec death merchants that Eisenhower warned against in his parting address as president. How many of our military hawks would be willing to take missiles out of Turkey as a quid pro quo as JFK did to ease the Cuban position? We are in the process of ringing Russia with nuclear capable NATO forces. Now that is hawkish...and bird brained.

"Why would Bidden want to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?"

Obviously, he wouldn't, because Kennedy would throw into high contrast just how mentally compromised Biden is. But it isn't supposed to be about what the candidate wants, it's supposed to be about what the voter wants. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work in our “democracy”?

Charles Douglas

Joe Biden has shown and indicated he does not want to debate anybody straight-up and fair, on the issues of this nation. He wants to lie, cheat, and steal his way to victory. He lies so much he just can't help himself anymore! Just about anything he says in public....those behind the scene, who are REALLY MAKING decisions & policies have to "WALK-BACK what he said, or restate what he should have said.

Joe "Lunch-bucket".. as he use to sell himself as, can't be called that anymore! He has so much payoff money from XI JINPING & Red China in his accounts along with other family members...that it is impossible for him to be anybody's JOE LUNCH-BUCKET! The Biden Family is filthy rich including Joe's "Crackhead" "Finger-painting" son who doesn't want to pay child support to his four year old daughter!

I didn't think there would ever be bigger Crooks in the White House than the Clinton Family but the Biden Family Syndicate has the Clinton's beat hands down, and feet up! I am not a big fan of Kinnedy Democrats either, but ethically, and morally...anybody at all will surpass Joe Biden, who happens to be the most incompetent, corrupt, unqualified President of all times in my opinion!

Even Barack Obama put a warning ⚠️...out on Joe! He said to "NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE JOE'S ABILITY TO [censored] ...something up!" Many hard core Democrats have already said Joe Biden has not gotten a foreign policy right in decades! Yet, Joe has been allowed to tear this nation down along with it's military, economy, and prestige around the world ...with the WOKE-LEFT'S help!

Gary Miller

Charles > Biden probably gets some money from Russia and China but gets more from the Drug Cartels. They lander profits on $40 billion a year they earn on his open boarder policies. Paying Democrats to keep the boarder open is just a business expense.

Jim Forsythe

When a candidate is ahead, why would they want to debate? There is not upside for them, but a chance of them saying something that can be used against them. There is a good chance you may not see Biden or Trump debating the primary's and maybe not in the general election.

"Former President Donald Trump is publicly and privately suggesting he will skip the first Republican presidential primary debates scheduled for this summer, an idea that is divisive among current and former advisers. Trump has openly mused he should not have to stand on a stage with other candidates he is leading by 20 percentage points or more in several national polls while simultaneously taking heat from moderators."

C. Patterson

In what poll is Biden leading… on anything?

To Democrats this is disingenuous not to hold primary debates! They are applying for the most important job in the world and we the public demand the opportunity to see the Candidates!

Jim Forsythe

The Fox poll has Biden leading with 62% followed by Kennedy with 20% and Willamson with 8.5%. The Emerson poll has Biden with 70% and other polls are about in the same range. Some minor polls have him at a lower %, but still have Biden leading with comfortable lead. It is still too early to look at polls and think that they will not change before the election.

If one cannot see a candidate enough with the 24-hour news cycle, how will a debate change what one thinks of a candidate. Both Trump and Biden have/are president, so we know who they are, as far as how they will behave as president. What did the last primary debates reveal to you, that you did not know before they happened. If one is a Republican, is a Democratic debate going to change your mind?

I do not consider what has been presented as a primary debate, a debate, but just a show with each candidate attacking the others. What do we not know about Trump or Biden that a debate would change one's mind about them? What did the last Trump, Biden debate show to you, that you did not already know?

C. Patterson

At Jim, I was speaking about polling in the general. Im aware of his lead amongst Democrats

Jim Forsythe

If you look at enough polls, some are saying Trump would win and some are saying the Biden will win if they are running against each other. Remember most polls have a 3 point plus or minus error factor. DeSantis is enjoying the not a candidate factor, as he has not declared. Once he is a candidate, his poll numbers will change. If you want to know how a candidate is doing, look at the independent voter polls.

According to WPA intelligence, which examined seven national popular vote polls since mid-February, the 76-year-old Trump would lose to Biden by an average of 3.1%, while DeSantis, 44, would win the popular vote over the incumbent by an average of 1.2%. The survey also showed DeSantis leading Biden in five of six likely 2024 battleground states — Arizona (48%-42%), Michigan (45%-43%), Nevada (44%-41%), North Carolina (44%-41%) and Pennsylvania (45%-42%). In a sixth battleground state, Wisconsin, DeSantis and Biden are in a dead heat with 45% support each. In all six states, the survey found, Trump trails Biden by between one and four percentage points.

The area that may polling agencies do not predict, is the Electoral College. Below is one that has predicted the outcome.

“Based on current polling, if the election were held today and Trump was the Republican nominee, Trump would lose to Joe Biden, 319 Electoral College votes to 219 Electoral College votes,”

All the above means nothing, as it is too far from election day, to be the same as the outcome of the election.

Wayne Holt

"If one is a Republican, is a Democratic debate going to change your mind?"

I can beat that, Jim. I'm a lifelong Republican/Libertarian who has already decided to support RFK Jr. Just waiting on the bumper sticker and tee shirt to arrive.

There is not one, solitary soul of national stature on either side of the aisle that has the unvarnished record of courage taking on corrupt interests as RFKJr has. He will be mercilessly pilloried by the entrenched and criminally untouchable elements of government, industry, and medicine because he is right over the target.

No one wants to be on the same stage with RFK Jr because he will literally obliterate them in any debate or exchange...without a teleprompter.

What does it take to make someone like me do a 180 on political parties? A candidate of the character, courage, and bulldog persistence that Kennedy has to heal the country and return it to sanity on both Left and Right.

I submitted a guest column on his candidacy to the GCDN recently. I hope it is allowed to see the light of day; time will tell.

Carlos Ponce

I believe even President Trump should not believe the polls. Sean Hannity compares it to a football game; run a campaign as if you are 6 points behind on the scoreboard at all times. If he is ahead, President Trump should consider anyone running in the Republican primary a "sparring partner" to hone his skills. Remember candidate Trump and Senator Cruz. Ted Cruz was a debate champion. He brought the best out of candidate Trump on the debate dais.

Bailey Jones

RFK Jr. has a lot going for him - he fights against environmental racism and for the rights of indigenous people, for instance - but what he is most famous for is his anti-science anti-vaccine nonsense and COVID misinformation. And that makes him a non-starter in the Democratic Party. One anti-science conspiracy-based political party is enough.

Ed Buckner

Spot on, Mr. Jones.

Wayne Holt

Dear Ed and Bailey, at the risk of being banned for excessive posting, I think it is imperative to have the FACTS presented, not your ill-informed biases. This is for people who are still able to change their mind when presented with FACTS. It is Robert Kennedy Jr responding to an interview question about Covid and vaccine misinformation. Read it and weep...

"Here’s what I would say: show me where I got it wrong. Show me one fact that I’ve said in all of my social media postings that was factually erroneous. If you show me that, I’ll fix it, I’ll change it. And if it’s appropriate, I’ll apologize for it. But, that’s not what’s happened.

What’s happened is, the media has said: “Oh, he passes misinformation.” And I say: “What piece of misinformation?” Everything I post is cited and sourced to government databases, and to peer-reviewed publications. I have probably the most robust fact-checking operation in America today. I have 320 MD physicians and PhD scientists, including, until recently, Nobel Prize-winner Luc Montagnier, on our advisory board looking at everything I post. If I get something wrong — and I will ultimately get something wrong — but so far, nobody’s been able to show me anything that I’ve gotten wrong.

I wrote a book on Anthony Fauci — the biggest bestseller in America for a year, not reviewed anywhere, not acknowledged, but nevertheless — it’s 240,000 words, and nobody’s been able to find one. There’s 2,200 citations, every one of them with a barcode on it, so you can look up the citation while you read the book. Show me anything I got wrong. And we’ve had 12 or 15 editions, so if there was something wrong, we would correct it."

Bailey Jones

Wayne, when I was in college a good friend loaned me a book that purported to prove that the theory of evolution was wrong. It was fully sourced by quotes from reputable evolution scientists, each citation true and correct. And each citation was taken out of context to construct a narrative that was absolute BS. Many ridiculous pseudoscientific theories are similarly constructed. We've seen it for 20 years now in fake climate "science". We were deluged by it during the pandemic. It's what fuels many media outlets, talking heads, and their many indefatigable followers these days.

So, no - I won't be voting for RFK, Jr. I'm a contextualist, not a conspiracist.

As an aside, I think that it's a shame that the many raucous arguments you and I have had in these forums are no longer considered appropriate for public consumption. But I won't be joining in this one.

Wayne Holt

Bailey, you many have noticed I have agreed lately with you and others that are certainly not conservative more often, when appropriate. We should be contesting ideas and not personalities or parties.

I will just say in response, you have chosen to believe companies like Pfizer, which have been punished with the largest fines in FDA history for fraudulent and deceptive practices. Or the CDC/FDA snake pit of revolving door regulatory-then-industry shills. So be it, but let the record show that RFKjr's assertion STANDS: a recitation of factual statements that have yet to be disproven by his most ardent opponents and political enemies. I rest my case.

Wayne Holt

Bailey, most of what he said about Covid is coming out in drips and drabs by the FDC despite the dread of the Medical/Industrial Complex that you seem to have a crush on.

And as for your non-starter prediction: he is going to out-Bernie Bernie among the young. Those not behind him are the type who actually see Joe Biden as competent and honest. In other words, the legally blind. And then there's Kamala, one heartbeat away from the Oval Office and/or a contract to record Laugh Box soundtracks.

Wayne Holt

Make that FDA. I'm sure Kennedy has a position on the FDIC but that is a topic for another day.

Ted Gillis

There was quote from way back when a reporter asked Zsa Zsa Gabor what she was so famous for. She replied " I'm famous for just being famous Darling". However there is nothing famous about Robert Kennedy Jr. except for his last name.

Wayne Holt

I am comforted to know that even after switching parties, Ted Gillis remains my touchstone for excellence in political philosophy. If you don't like it, it must have a lot going for it.

Gary Miller

The Biden "puppet masters" has decided Biden has a better chance if not compared with someone else. Besides buying votes is safer and easier than something like a debate they can't control. They can buy votes with Drug Cartel money without anyone knowing where it came from. The cartels can launder as much of their $40 billion a year "open border profits" as needed to keep the border open. Kennedy is trouble for the cartels, not easy to buy the vote of someone as rich as He is.


Hiding in the basement won once. They’re hoping it will win again.

Wayne Holt

We'll all need to be hiding in the basement if we continue to let neocons and neolibs who think a nuclear war is winnable run things. It might go OK for them; they have much deeper basements to hide in.

Jim Forsythe

Trump lost to Biden, who he accused of staying in his basement. If one cannot beat a person that stays in his basement, it says a lot about them.

Why was Biden not out in the public as much Trump? Biden restricted his campaign travel and avoided crowds since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you wanted a president that went out during the outbreak, you voted for Trump. He did spend time in the hospital because he refused to take covid as a threat to the public and himself. Ask Herman Cain's family how well going out in public, worked for them. At least eight positive cases of COVID-19 were reported among campaign staff who worked in the Tulsa rally, with six of them reported prior to the event. But the rally went on.

When the people went to the polls, they demonstrated which induvial they wanted leading them.

Biden received 81,283,501 votes compared to Trumps total of 74,223,975 votes. The people of the USA decided which person they wanted as President.

Gary Scoggin

RFK Jr. is a member of the lucky sperm club. If not for a famous family, he’d be just another unknown crackpot.

Charles Douglas

The fact that a racist KKK affiliated individual like Joe Biden ...who eulogised the Grand CYCLOPS of the KLAN, ...and who along with family members have funneled tens of millions of Red Chinese payoff dollars into secret accounts can be elected President of this nation speaks to WHERE WE ARE AND WHO we are as a nation!

The GOP has proof that Red China has bought policies, and privileges, highly favorable for & to them from the.Biden Syndicate with the biggest being the FAKE Geen Deal BIDEN is pushing ..bankrupting America, & relegating us to a position of losing to the likes of Red China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, because they will NEVER GO GREEN, BECAUSE THEIR NATIONAL INTERESTS ARE FACILITED BY FOSSIL FUEL! So sad to be sold out by a racist dumb[censored].

Wayne Holt

Mr Douglas, I wonder how folks who seem to be well versed in history and are capable of organized thought cannot see through Joe Biden like wet one-ply toilet tissue. Overwhelming evidence that he has been an influence peddler and graft enabler for decades; he has no congressional distinction, unless you count positions and statements that are veiled racism and have to be memory-holed; he has a crackhead whore monger son who front runs his foreign influence peddling and a daughter he used to shower with when she was an adolescent.

Who are the people on this board talking about criticizing ANYONE when they have Joe Biden as their heroic figure? There is no one active in American politics today with a more soiled record, more personal character flaws, or a darker agenda than Joe Biden. And yet they can't seem to wean themselves from the idea he is a worthy standard-bearer for the New Bolsheviks, aka Democrat party.

Can it really be that difficult to just say you're moving on to someone more worthy of your respect and public support?

Gary Scoggin

Wayne -- The problem we have here is that that we have a defacto binary choice. The reality is, of course that, in Texas, it doesn't matter as the Republican will get all the Electoral votes no matter whom the candidate is.

At this point we have the choice between Biden and the baggage he brings, and Trump and the baggage he brings. I, for one, could never vote for Donald Trump. Your statement, "There is no one active in American politics today with a more soiled record, more personal character flaws, or a darker agenda than Joe Biden" actually ignores Donald Trump whom I consider the most dangerous candidate in my lifetime, perhaps in American history. And I'll have a hard time voting for Biden for some of the reasons you mention - although I could care less about his son, just like I don't care about the degenerate Don Jr. or the favors given by the Administration to Ivanka. (I liken Don Jr to RFK Jr - If he didn't have a rich daddy he'd be just another trust fund loser.)

In this situation in the past I have found myself voting for a third party candidate when there is one that catches my fancy. I really liked Libertarian Gary Johnson in 2016. On the Republican side I was big into Bill Weld in 2020. Of course, those kinds of people have no real chance at being elected and no such candidate has emerged for 2024. (Maybe Joe Manchin but I have some beefs with him.) But at least I don't have to hold my nose while voting.

Wayne Holt

Hats off to you for having the integrity to vote third party rather than two party when both have let you down. I can respect that. I guess my difference is I think RFK Jr could save the Democrat party from itself while also coming closest to what we think of as a unifying leader. I read very conservative sources and I am astounded--and gratified--how many dyed in the wool conservatives are actually willing to consider RFK Jr seriously as the alternative you wish for.

All I can say is do your research and look at him for yourself. He is head and shoulders above everyone else who has a realistic chance, IMHO.

Ed Buckner

Wayne Holt is so wise some of the time--his excellent summary of RFK, Jr's defense about vaccination is a case in point--and so utterly full of it at others. (Like pretending that Biden fits the simple-minded caricature he provides). Are there two Wayne Holts, both of them evoking Dr. Strangelove? Could be for all I know. (And, for the curious: no, I'm not a subscriber any more. Why i still get to comment is a mystery to me. Maybe Carlos should report me.)

Pete Nanos

Said the new socialist cheerleader.

Ed Buckner

"new"--hell, man, I'm in my 78th year on this planet. Nobody can credibly smear me as "new." Take it back!

Pete Nanos

"New" : once had wrong thoughts of your own. Alas, now as with Biden, can only nod and agree with others wrongful thoughts......

Ed Buckner

Sheesh, Pete Nanos--sarcastic humor completely lost on you, eh?

Pete Nanos

No, I was laughing when I responded

Pete Nanos

No, I was laughing when I replied.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Holt you are as they say on this board "spot on." One of the men in my life who did the most for me was my late father, bless his soul! I watched him as a kid work the "Share-Cropper" fields of East Texas from Sun-UP to Sun-Down in order to make a meager living for his family.

He was a hero in my book, and though he was not perfect, and nobody is, he pursued perfection in all that he put his hands to. This man who did not get to the sixth grade in a racist society, kept me in line and taught me that everybody that put their hands on your shoulder and smiled were NOT YOUR FRIEND! He taught my siblings and I to DO THE RIGHT THING, and treat others the way WE WANTED TO BE TREATED, weather those we were dealimg with were BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, or POLKA-DOT! Funny thing about that is ....he had no idea back then that his own family through his kids would end up looking like what I just described!

My point is this, if that man, my father, as much as I loved and respected him, would have betrayed America, and Americans the way JOE BIDEN has, I would disown him out of shame! Yet as you indicated there are many here, and in America who agrees with the Enslaving, Raping, and Molestations of Child Immigrants Joe and his crew are allowing to come in here illegally.They agree with how he and his family has enriched themselves by selling America out to America's enemie, and Border Drug Cartels! They agree with how he has destroyed women sports, and one of the best economies in modern history! I could go on, but what good would it do. Joe is.getting paid off and he is using American Citizens' money to pay Woke- Prone groups off for their votes! Right now he has California leading the way in that regard![wink]

Having sober & clear thinking people like you, Ponce, Patterson, Naschke, Hardee, Smith, Miller, and others on this board boosts not only my morale, but so my faith in people!

Charles Douglas

Word on the streets is as I predicted some years ago,..." ALL HELL IS.GOING TO BREAK LOOSE ON JOE COOL & THE BIDEN SYNDICATE TOMORROW!" Using my East Texas Slang, " I SHO BE GLAD!" The GOP is going to unleash a can of Whup [censored]...and overwhelming evidence of wrong doings, treason, and fraud against the Biden Crime Family, FBI & the CIA tomorrow!

If the WOKE wants to see it, I suggest they pull their heads out of the sand and find other news sources other than CNN, CNBC, and all the FAKE MEDIA Agencies who are packing water for the Bidens and the WOKE-LEFT! [beam][beam] Bye Joe! Goodbye! " No Joke Jack!" Please don't get mad Joe, just go PAY SOME CHILD SUPPORT!!!!!

Gary Scoggin

Charles, what news sources do you suggest?

Charles Douglas

No advice for you Gary! You just keep watching Jean-Pierre, and Don Lemon, the only two people who can beat "COOL" LYING! You gonna miss out though. I even heard this morning that Cool & Hunter put 100 thousands dollars in six grandchildrens' accounts except that grand-daughter in Arkansas! Amagine that! Out of all the millions & billions they have collected selling America out, ...they won't take care of that beautiful four year old baby in Arkansas! Lolol! I dislike a child supporting stiff, especially those who steals and operates in corruption & fraud while selling their country out! Naww you are not going to get any help from me to correct your willful mistakes.

This is the.kind of bold crap which occurs when one has nothing invested in a free society! Hey many judges believes somebody like me would likely do something as low-down as that but I never missed a payment for any child of mine. To bad Cool, and that Crackhead Son of his cannot say the same! It turns my stomach to look at either of them! It is inconceivable, and most outlandish to even remotely think I would consider voting for the kind of KKK minded individual like Joe, who coddles up to & gas- up Minorities in order to manipulate them for political support and votes but dislike them privately! I read where you could never vote for Trump! I can respect that, .....BUT YOU CAN VOTE FOR COOL??????????????????????

Gary Scoggin

C’mon, man! If you tell me not to believe one set of news sources but don’t give me an alternative, then you are approaching the territory of Ponce and his prophets. Like where did the story about the $100k in the grandchildren’s accounts come from?

Throw me a bone, Charles.

Carlos Ponce

"approaching the territory of Ponce and his prophets" Since they are GOD's prophets, that's pretty good!

Ed Buckner

Hey, I believe Carlos Ponce exists. A living, breathing being. Not much in terms of thinking, admittedly, but actual.

Bailey Jones

Charles, that's great to hear. If the Republican-controlled House has evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors against the president they are duty-bound to subpoena documents and witnesses, take testimony, and hold impeachment hearings - then vote to impeach the president. Hurry up - time's a wasting! I'd be happy to have another younger better candidate running in his place - so would a majority of the Democrats. All of this is completely within the power of the House - today. What are they waiting for???

Of course, if they don't impeach him, that will prove that they have nothing. The balls in yall's court. Put up or shut up!

Charles Douglas

See that's why I can talk to you Mr. Jones YOU ....YOU are the only one who can see our points! Lolo! Jim can't see what we are talking about and "OG" Gary can't either! We are.going to need you and those like you down the the healing process, because "COOL" is on his way out!

Don't even think about replacing him with "Cackling" Kamala! See ..time is to short, for the passage of TIME, geared to the TIME needed for TIME TO pass in TIME enough for KAMALA to realize, or to figure out what TIME IT IS! [beam][beam][smile]

Jim Forsythe

Charles, is this $100,000 you were talking about?

A Republican consultant was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in conspiring to illegally funnel contributions from a Russian national to former President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Jesse R. Benton, 45, of The Woodlands, Texas, was convicted in November on a series of charges including conspiracy, contribution by a foreign national, and causing false records to be filed with the Federal Election Commission. It's the second time Benton, who has advised numerous GOP lawmakers on campaign strategy, has been convicted of charges related to political contributions. The Russian national allegedly wired $100,000 as part of an arrangement with Benton to attend a Trump campaign fundraiser.

Maybe George Santos has the rest of the money.

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