No doubt the elderly white man strolling down the seawall Tuesday afternoon carrying an AR-15 and waving a “F*** Joe Biden” flag has lots of friends who will want to make the trip to Galveston where they, too, can carry their assault weapons on the beach, wear their Kevlar vests and wave all the flags stashed in their First and Second Amendment emergency kits.

Tourism should flourish, and so will the laundromats that wash the sand out of all the white sheets and brown shirts.


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Carlos Ponce


Ed Buckner

Thomas Carpenter does a fine job of ridiculing and satirizing the bizarre ideas of the Trump wing of what used to be an important and reasonable political party in this nation--the GOP. There is indeed some absurd overreach on all sides, but the Trump-infested GOP is by far the most direct contributor to losing touch with political reality.

Pete Nanos

Satire? Really? How's this for satire? Writing such a letter indicates you probably have a full beard and purple hair, wear women's clothing, live with your mommy in a pup tent surrounded with syringes have a picture of Che and a red flag with a raised fist on your wall, take government handouts instead of working for a living and have no problem with killing third trimester babies either in or out of the womb. Please don't urinate on my shoes and tell me it's raining. This guy is exactly the type of bomb thrower that we don't need in any discussion. Let's see if this makes it pass the staff that should have flagged the original letter

Gary Miller

Pete > The guy on the beach caused no trouble but you tried to do it with this letter. I wonder which of you were in full control of your mind.

Pete Nanos

Gary> You're supposed to dismiss this as satire. Refer you to Mr Ed's post. 😉

C. Patterson

@ Ed- The way you talk about Trump you’d think he showered with his minor daughter and laundered 10 mil. + from our foreign adversaries, through dozens of shell LLC companies that then transferred the money around to 9 of his family with his crack head son


Carpenter, don’t you have a drag queen story hour at the elementary school to get to?

Gary Miller

The conduct of the Democrat media indicates why most liberals are so poorly informed.

One day this week the crimes of nine members of the Biden Crime family were fully explored on FOX. The liberal media carried none of it but had full coverage of Republican Congressman George Santos's lying and misdeeds. No felonies but have most GOP members of congress calling for him to be removed. The coverage would make it seem the criminal conduct of nine members of the Presidents family is not news worthy. Like if they don't cover it nothing happened. If everyone turned off the liberal media the Mexican Drug cartels would have no place to buy millions $ worth of Democrat campaign adds from.

Jim Forsythe

George Santos Faces 13 Felony Charges.

Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., has been indicted on 13 Felony criminal counts, including seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, one count of theft of public funds and two counts of making materially false statements to the House of Representatives, federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York said Wednesday.

Santos will be released on $500,000 bond now that his arraignment has concluded.

About a dozen GOP members of the House had previously called on Santos to resign or be expelled from Congress in the face of allegations against him. Some of the House members are, New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, Rep. Marc Molinaro, R-N.Y, Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Tex., Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark., Rep. Max Miller, R-Ohio.------- Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Tex., tweeted, "George Santos should be immediately expelled from Congress and a special election initiated at the soonest possible date," while Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark., told reporters, "This has been going on now since we took the majority. Frankly, I would have hoped along the way that Mr. Santos would have done what I believed was the right thing and not force leadership to force his action, but for him to do it on his own."

Pete Nanos

More liberal deflection. " look at this Santos guy" while their mentaly impaired President is involved in a family money laundering scheme. It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.


Liberal media is nothing but smoke and mirrors…lies and deception. The feeble minded suck it up like sponges.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Naschke, Mr. Nanos, it is hard to win a football game when the other team's players are relatives of the officials of the game. Like so, it hard to hold Joe Cool and all his dumb-[censored] incompetent fools in charge accountable when the CIA, IRS, FBI, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT & every other government agency are packing water for Joe and the LEFT!

Virginia Stone

Imagine the tan lines on these gun gluttons in the shape of a beloved firearm draped across their chest.[scared]

Carlos Ponce

You imagined THAT????[ohmy]

Pete Nanos

People who live in glass houses shouldn't be commenting on gluttony.

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