League City Councilman Justin Hicks trots out all the conservative dog-whistle issues ("Media misrepresented League City library resolution," The Daily News, Dec. 14, 2022). Fake news! Pedophiles! Parent’s rights!

In fact, Resolution 22-0549 did nothing to provide more protections than existing state law. A waste of time and energy that will set the city up for expensive legal challenges.


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Carlos Ponce

No books are banned by the resolution. Would you let your under 10-year old look at Playboy? Playboy is not banned in libraries but access to it is restricted to a more mature reader. I know a public school librarian who kept the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated behind the desk. Access was limited. In a similar manner.

Privately owned movie theaters rate their movies by content:

G - General audiences

PG - Parental Guidance

PG-13 - May not be suitable for under 13 year olds

R - Restricted No one under 18 allowed without parent or adult guardian

NC -17 - No one under 17 permitted

How are the library's actions any different?

Now if you BUY or rent a movie rated not suitable for your children you can do whatever you want. Likewise if you BUY one of those books with restricted access you can do whatever you want. You will have to live with the consequences.... but you cannot blame the library.[whistling]

domenico nuckols

The solution is simple, don’t go to anyplace you don’t like the content! That' why I don't go to church.

Bailey Jones

The LC resolution is just political theater. Librarians are already empowered to keep age-inappropriate books out of the hands of kids. It serves no purpose other than to demonstrate to the public that LC government is entirely under the sway of the fearful and punitive cancel culture that passes for conservative ideology in the Age of Trump.

Dwight Burns


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