I, too, would like to see the USS Texas berthed in Galveston and offer a suggestion that might meet both the Port of Galveston's and the Battleship Texas Foundation's objections.

Landry's, which leases Pier 21, should create a landing for small boats similar to those used to ferry passengers from cruise ships to shore in Belize and Grand Cayman, or the boats that ply the San Antonio Riverwalk with passengers. They hold about 20 passengers. It's a short trip across the Galveston channel to Seawolf Park on Pelican Island.


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Donald Glywasky

So how do you propose integrating the present Naval Park/Cavalla Foundation , already at Seawolf, Park and the Board of the Texas Foundation?

Charles Wiley

Can’t happen Don, no adults in the room!

Brian Tamney

I've been saying this for months, use some old admirals launches to add to the experience. as for integrating the two, it would ssem to be in both of their best interests to work together, if you have the texas somewhere else in galveston they would be in competition to the detriment of both.

Charles Wiley

Bill, there is such a plan currently in place by the Park Board.

Lisa Blair

So it’s a good idea to put another tax-exempt tourist attraction smack in the middle of an already jam packed area of downtown, EEHD and UTMB? So we can just add thousands more cars and bodies to the thousands the already existing and new cruise terminals push out into this small area? I guess the EEHD and surrounding neighborhoods can forget about neighborhood preservation and quality of life.

Gary Scoggin

Damn tourists spoil it for everyone, huh Lisa.

Bill Cochrane

How about putting the ship at Virginia Point over by the Causeway?

Would be its own billboard with millions of cars passing every year.

Parking? No problem.

Lisa Blair


TJ Aulds

And I think the road to the ship should be renamed Cochrane Way!!!!

Laura Addison

Excellent idea, Mr. Cochrane! Reminds me of a recent visit to Corpus Christi and passing the USS Lexington on our way out - never had to leave the car and (as passengers) were able to snap a few photos as we drove by. Probably wouldn't have seen the ship otherwise.

George Croix

Probably be a good spot.

Wonder who would foot the bills to make it happen, along with the Battleship folks. That’s actually Mainland, not Galveston property, I think….

I haven’t been around that way in years so no idea what the road/infrastructure situation is.

Gary Miller

I still think an off shore reef not too far from the jetties would serve more people for longer without any more costly upkeep. The older it gets the higher the cost becomes.

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