I pick up trash in my neighborhood weekly, filling a garbage bag. Recently, I wrote a letter asking for ideas to solve the problem ("There has to be better way to keep trash off streets," The Daily News, May 13).

There were responses. Three suggested fining trash throwers; one suggested joining the highway pick-up program; and one suggested activating neighborhood associations to regularly pick up trash.

Fining individuals who litter would be difficult, as the police would have to witness the act and the city would have to collect the fine. Picking up trash could help but would need to be on a regular basis to make any difference. It would require dedicated individuals to commit to the task and frankly doesn't address the issue of people feeling that it's acceptable to simply throw their garbage out into the community.

Can we find a way to engage Galvestonians to generate awareness of the problem or to improve upon these suggestions to make them work long term?

As I picked up trash one person thanked me and everyone else ignored me.

Maybe that's the problem — no interest. And if that's the problem, it's very sad but not insurmountable.

Please join me to make a dent in this ongoing problem in our community.

Judy Glaister



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Jonathan Frank

Thanks Judy! During our morning walks on the beach, many of us participate in trash removal that has been left behind, or has been washed up by the tides. More often than not, we get a smile or “thank you” from others. Please give a tip of the hat to the guys from the park board who are out there every day keeping our beaches looking great! Well done !

Carlos Ponce

Wear gloves or wash up properly after picking up others' discards.

Paul Sivon

Where else in the USA (or Canada) can you find trash cans lining the beach? Texas is the only place where I’ve seen it. It sends a message “drop trash here, we pick up after you”. Great example of enabling gone wrong. Keep trash cans on the sea wall If you must but make all of our non-fortified beaches pack-in / pack-out. We need to change the culture.

Carlos Ponce

Your idea was tried at Ocean Beach in 2015:


Two years later in 2017: "Thanks to Supervisor Fewer, garbage cans are back at Ocean Beach"


"The experiment was met with public displeasure as dog walkers and picnickers had to carry their waste home, and the waste on Ocean Beach, especially around bonfires in the summer season, did not appear to decrease. Piles of garbage were often left next to stairwells, and trash continues to litter the beach."

To answer your question, "Where else in the USA (or Canada) can you find trash cans lining the beach?" Answer Ocean Beach.

2015: Trash cans along Ocean Beach removed.

2017: They're back!

Paul Sivon

Thanks. I’m starting to build some case examples. In Galveston we have the cans and still need hand pickup of litter. In some cases, when cans were removed, the litter pick up by hand remained about the same but the operational costs of daily tipping the cans and absolute volume of trash decreased substantially, resulting in a significant cost savings

Gary Miller

Story illistrates difference between Galveston and where I live. I could pick up trash for a year in my neighborhood without getting a small bag full.

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