Rep. Randy Weber continues to encourage sedition at the highest levels of government.

He, along with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, must be held accountable for the actions at the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

He must resign and apologize to the American people.

Teresa Kumelski

League City


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Bailey Jones

Of the three politicians you mention, none has the capability to experience shame, so I would not expect resignations. Besides, their base still loves them and thinks that they're special, so what's the problem?

Charles Douglas

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Gary Scoggin

I am hoping a brave Republican that believes in the Constitution will step up and Primary Weber.

Carlos Ponce

Randy will be tough to beat. Is Adrienne the best Democrats could come up with in the last two cycles?

Gary Scoggin

I don’t know if she’s the best they could come up, but she is who they did come up with. She’s a pretty weak candidate, especially for this area. I don’t think a Democrat can win this District as currently drawn. That’s why Randy needs to be primaried by a more moderate Republican.

Carlos Ponce

If they try to place a RINO in there. he or she will lose.

Bailey Jones

Preferably one with intelligence, useful ideas, a good grasp of history, and the political skills to be a leader that we can all be proud of, regardless of ideology.

Carlos Ponce

We have one just like that, Bailey so why change?

Lorna Presswood

Trump did not cause the people to storm the capitol. The hundreds of thousands of real Trump supporters are always peaceful. Anyone can tell it was a set-up. And there is no "sedition", that is so laughable. People in this country have a right to say an election was rigged, just as Pelosi did all over Twitter when Trump won. People can vote freely, people can do what the US Constitution allows them to do and choose not to certify electoral votes if they see fit. We have free speech, we have free thought. And a handful of crazy people wearing Trump hats that were a complete set up do not represent the rest of the 75 million in America that are sane, peaceful, and Trump supporters that know the truth. Very small thinking "sheep" on the left are incapable of individual thinking and only believe and think what they are told to by their electronic devices. For all of you watching the "twilight zone" going on in the US right now, don't worry, you are not alone. We all see it.

Paula Flinn

I know some sane Trump supporters, but do not describe the insurrectionists as “a handful of crazy people who were “set up” to attack the Capitol Police in DC. Scores of people were injured and 5 people died. Now, every Capital Bldg. in the 50 states is on alert because of the future threats this weekend and on Inauguration Day. We are not delusional, and we are not “sheep.” We know who follow Trump so avidly that they cannot separate themselves from this horrible man who encouraged his supporters to “fight like hell.” It is those who are the “sheep.” The delusional ones are the people who believe the Big Lie: that Joe Biden didn’t win, and that the Dems stole the election from Trump. There is no evidence for that claim. The new lawyer in Atlanta said as much. He couldn’t find a thing fraudulent or wrong.

Carlos Ponce

Teresa needs to get a legitimate news source. All Randy asked for was an audit. That's a lot less than what Democrats did in in 1969 when they challenged Nixon electors and in 2001 and 2005 when they challenged GW Bush electors, the latter done by Congresswoman Pelosi on January 6, 2001.

Teresa is probably a nice person caught up in the lynch mob. Reminds me of Matthew 26:69 -

"Now Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. One of the maids came over to him and said, 'You too were with Jesus the Galilean.' '

Peter denied knowing Jesus, knowing he would probably also be arrested. Randy does not deny siding with TRUTH.

Time to put away your pitchfork and torch, Teresa. Challenge what you hear from FAKE NEWS. It is the enemy of the people. Another name for FAKE NEWS is false propaganda.

Michael Jozwiak

Is Ponce a GCDN employee? He gets lots of column inches in comments here.

Carlos Ponce

They call it free speech, Michael. I used to deliver the GDN (and the Texas City Daily Sun) when I was in elementary and junior high back in the 1960s. No special allowances for me.

Charles Douglas

What? Mr. Weber needs to resign? Wait, wait, but, but we..we want him to stayyyyy! We "LACK" him. So ....let him stay just a little while longer.

Thomas Carpenter

Weber will be a chicken with its head cut off in two days.

Carlos Ponce

Wait to see what happens. Of course if it doesn't appear on Liberal News, Thomas Carpenter will never see nor hear it. God is working on his own calendar, not man's.

Gary Scoggin

Is God’s calendar still January 20th When Donald Trump is sworn in for his next term as the like you’ve been saying for months? Or did God reveal to you a change in plans?

Carlos Ponce

Actually some prophets are saying there will be TWO inaugurations this year, President Trump will be the second one. One says on January 27. Don't ask me how or why. I'm just the reporter here.

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