In response to the article ("Local perspectives differ about Indians mascot," The Daily News, July 15): One would think that Kelli Moulton, superintendent of the Galveston Independent School District, and the school board would have more important things to worry about these days than the Indian mascot at Austin Middle School.

Under the current conditions, we should be concerned about the possibility of getting our students safely back in the classroom and being educated.

And, why would anyone care what Jeff Temple thinks about the mascot, as he's no longer affiliated with the district? You would think that under our current conditions and in consideration of where he's employed, one would think that he has much larger issues to worry about than what the mascot is at a school.

Seems like Moulton and Temple are out of line these days.

John A. Gonzales



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David Hardee

Mr. Gonzales, you said what we are all wondering. Thanks!

The school boards and many of these bureaucracies are staffed with diploma flashing personnel that has no other reason for bring employed, Their ineptness is illustrated by the USA having its lowest raking ever. The defunct La Marque ISD and floundering ISD's across the state should have sharpened their focus to the EDUCATION of our children. But seems athletic and counseling are their priorities. Having a certificate /diploma does not prevent being or doing stupid.

Charles Douglas

Misters Gonzales, & Hardee, yall are spot on! Yall KNOCKED that thing out of the park! These people are running around getting paid trying to find a name to change instead of bringing up Math, Reading, Science, & Language scores! Craziest thing I have ever witnessed! Keep posting sense! Somebody needs to STAND in the GAP, and make up the HEDGE! If not people like you two, then WHO? LMISD arguably use to be one of the best academic school districts in the State Of Texas, but the focus, slipped from education, to State Championships in Football, and the rest as they history!

Paula Flinn

Smaller class sizes (population density) is the only way to get the kids back to the classrooms. That means hiring more teachers, probably on every level. Having 10 to 15 students in a closed classroom is better than having 25 to 30 sitting close together. Class sizes have to be smaller. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes need to be provided to every classroom and restroom. Meals (breakfast and lunch) will be a challenge.

Here are some ideas: Hold classes in “other buildings.” Fix Alamo, use your Annex, move your Admin. and streamline it! Use Lovenberg for classes. Use the school on Avenue N 1/2 (used to be Ball High North, then Scott) for some BHS classes. Don’t get hung up on the details. Get local restaurants to provide some meals, if necessary. Just do it! GISD has other property, fix it and use it.

Don’t worry about test scores this year, only learning!

Please, brainstorm and consult with the Teachers and staff on their ideas. Listen to them.

Change the name to Austin Eagles, or Hawks, or Falcons, or Lions, or Tigers...whatever! Just Do It!

Quit being so Negative! Offer ideas, whether they accept them, or not! Whether they laugh at them or not. Be a part of the solution for our kids who are here in Galveston depending on the adults to come up with answers! Consider this an opportunity to make learning better for all children & teens.

Wayne D Holt

"Please, brainstorm and consult with the Teachers and staff on their ideas. Listen to them". [thumbup] Especially the last part.

Tony Brown

Mr. Gonzales and All, I serve on the Galveston ISD Board of Trustees but my opinions are my own. I and other Trustees were surprised to see the referenced article appear in the Daily News. I personally have no problem changing a mascot - my high school up north changed from "Redskins" to "Chargers" years ago, and I lived. However, you are absolutely correct - we have many, many important issues that we must address right now. Our Board meeting last week started at 6:30 pm and went about 5 hours, following a 3+ hour Board Finance Committee meeting the night before. Additionally, a "mascot change" would cost money - probably low to mid 5 figures, if not more - the gym floor, score boards, painting over the old mascot in hallways and replacing it with a new mascot, etc. That's money we absolutely do not have right now, as we face a $2 million budget deficit AND we must figure out how to educate our children in this new environment, while keeping them and our professional educators safe and healthy. To say our plate is full is a huge understatement - our plate is overflowing and covers most of the dining table at this point. On this issue, though, I would hope at the very least that anyone advocating for a mascot change would volunteer to lead a fundraising effort to cover the cost - painting, gym floors, scoreboards, replacing Indian gear with ______ gear, etc. It's one thing to pop off about something like this. It's another to come in with a solution, as well.

Carlos Ponce

"my high school up north changed from 'Redskins' " - So you're not from around here. Did you look up the reasons why Indians was was selected as the mascot for Austin? Do you know the history of the school, schools of Galveston?

" It's another to come in with a solution..." So you think this is a problem. That says it all.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, you had no problem with Steve Stockman “being not from around here”.

He came from somewhere up north. You voted for him and let him represent you in Congress. So what’s your beef with Tony?

Carlos Ponce

Steve Stockman did not interfere with local traditions, histories. I have nothing against people not from around here as long as they learn the history, traditions of "here" before trying to change things.

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