On the night of the Fourth of July, we went to the beach on the West End to watch fireworks. There was a group of 10 or so cars congregated and shooting fireworks. They also spent the night taking turns doing doughnuts all over the beach, demolishing what was a smooth, packed surface.

If I could've attached a picture here, I would show the pile of garbage they left.

Words can’t describe the discouragement and resentment this kind of blatant disrespect creates for those of us who own property here and have actual respect for the beach. Inexcusable.

Adrian Raymer

Hickory Creek

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Paula Flinn

This is not a new problem. Some tourists are uncaring and disrespectful of our wonderful island.

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] yup. The disrespect shown by our (presumably) fellow Texans to our natural spaces is sad. I was raised to do better, and the Scouts hammered in the notion of always leaving a place cleaner than we found it. This is "bro culture" at its worst - an immaturity that prefers destruction over making the world a better place. I wonder who raises people to be so inconsiderate?

Bill Broussard

Bailey. Scouts taught me the same but while we wait for morality to become some form of new-normal, I’ll settle for the answer to two simple questions: where are the Cops? And, did you call the Cops?

John Harper

Bill...no, we did not call the cops. That was done in the past with no response. On the evening of July 4 we watched as police cars drove right by the fireworks going off in all directions! There was no enforcement attempted, at least on Stavanger Beach. I do not believe these were tourists. We see this kind of inappropriate conduct most weekends.

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