It's amazing to me that The Galveston County Daily News has offered almost no coverage of the crisis at our southern border. We're being overrun with illegals since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected.

While you may think we're immune to this problem in Galveston County, we're not. Hundreds of COVID positive illegals are being released into the United States. No testing at the border of these illegals.

Mayors of border cities are begging the federal government to stop this invasion. Don't be surprised when the next terrorist attack happens by a person or persons who were allowed to come into our country with no vetting at all.

It's so bad that the Department of Homeland Security has had to ask for volunteers to help the Border Patrol.

I guess this newspaper has no interest in covering the real news that's important to Texas.

Douglas Hudgins

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

In a White House news conference, Ambassador Roberta Jacobson said in English the border was closed. But in Spanish she said, ““la frontera no esta cerrada” ” - the border is Not closed. Jen Psaki said Jacobson "misspoke".[rolleyes]

“Well, given she also said that the border is closed, we’re hopeful that that is what will be picked up. And that has clearly and consistently been our message,” Psaki said. Uh huh.

Bailey Jones

Right on time. I might as well be watching Fox.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Most Americans watch FOX. Why aren't you?

Don Schlessinger

What can GDN add to the BS every news channel is reporting? I think it's great that they' staying out of the discussion .


Carlos Ponce

What can they add? Among other things:

Several border crossing children were brought to Galveston County in the past. A followup.

A Galveston Company was building the border barrier. What are the effects of being shut down?

Are Galveston County schools prepared for additional "migrant" pupils?

Gary Scoggin

Douglas, I doubt the GDN has the resources to open a bureau on the border, so they need to rely on wire services like the AP. Since all the resident MAGAs on this forum hate the AP, I doubt that would make them happy either. So, do you have any other suggestions?

Charlotte O'rourke

I would prefer politicians to actually address the issue and come up with viable solutions to illegal immigration instead of trying to get newspapers to do the blame game.

Charles Douglas

O'rourke> [thumbup]


All you Wall builders are wasting my tax dollars! I can stop this immigration just give me 50 million dollars and I will have this issue solved in 6 months! I have been saying for 25 yrs almost we need to enforce payroll laws! There are only 7 reasons to pay someone a 1099 or cash! The penalty for the company paying $20,000 illegally is: pay both sides of SSN & medicare tax which would be $3,000, income tax $1,000 and a 50% penalty. The totall amount would be $6,000 paid by the company!

Carlos Ponce

"I have been saying for 25 yrs almost we need to enforce payroll laws!"

Payroll laws will not stop drug trafficking from south of the border.

Payroll laws will not stop child sex trafficking from south of the border.

Payroll laws will not stop those who are paying under the table.

Ted Gillis

If migrant children are here Carlos, they are living with a parent (or adult) who is living somewhere in the county, paying rent to somebody. Paying rent to a landlord is the same as paying school taxes. It doesn’t matter if the tenant is legal or not, that landlord is paying school taxes, so that child should be allowed to attend school. That’s the way the system is set up. All children should be allowed to be educated.

If businesses and individuals would quit hiring illegals then there would be no demand for illegals to come here.

Simple supply and demand economics.

Carlos Ponce

Your speculation.

Gary Miller

Ted> I think you almost identified the problem. If employers who hire illegal migrants were prosecuted there would be far less illegal immigration. A fine equal to a year of $15 an hour would stop most illegal migration. Objections by the US Chamber of commerce keeps the cheep labor drawing more illegal migrants.


Carol, I have read your posting for a year! Sex trafficking is not what you think it is! Per NCMEC there are 29,800 cases that are made up of 91% are runaways, 3% are 18 to 20, 3% are family abduction, less than 1% are nonfamily abduction! These are facts! I been following these numbers since 1986 because my two older children were kidnaped out of the playground at Stewart Landing Apartments on 12/29/85 by the English mom to England! I am getting tired of your unknowing the facts! Legalize drugs take the profit out of it and you stop it! Also, deal with Dyslexia in school properly and with drugs! That leads them to the criminal system! To your knowledge 50% of the criminal system is Dyslexic!

Carlos Ponce

PAUL WASSERLOOS, since there is no Carol in this forum string I believe you are referring to me. But I won't let your lack of reading skills get in the way of a response.

Sounds like you are okay with any child being brought across the border for sex trafficking.

Even if there was only ONE that would be too many.

Legalize drugs and you make them more available to children. Sounds like a loser's proposition.

"To your knowledge 50% of the criminal system is Dyslexic!" Not to my knowledge nor observation and I taught in public schools for 32 years. I'm dyslexic. I am no criminal. My students who were dyslexic are mostly not criminals. Dyslexia is identified in the early grades and dealt with with Section 504 education modifications. Sometimes the dyslexia is handled with a "pace card". Other times with an "onlay" - a colored translucent plastic overlay for the student to place over reading material. Many more modifications available as prescribed by the reading specialist.

By the way, I am getting tired of your unknowing the facts!


Carlos, I am not a speculation! I am getting it from an IRS agent and have my own CPA Practice nationwide! I do IRS audits for over 30 yrs! If you can open your eyes you can see the world better.

domenico nuckols

Republicans don’t want payroll enforcement. Like Koch Industries they can hire illegals pay them less and not be penalized for it. Koch

owned meat processing plants in Mississippi, around 600 people were arrested. They paid no fine.

Carlos Ponce

Koch Foods hired illegals.

Koch Industries did not.

They are not the same company.

"Despite similarities in the names and the fact that both were founded by men named Fred Koch, Koch Foods has no relation to Koch Industries (founded by Fred C. Koch) or the Koch brothers; their founders are two entirely different people." WIKI

"Koch Foods, based in Park Ridge, Illinois, is one of the largest poultry producers in the US and employs about 13,000 people. The company has no relation to prominent conservative political donors and activists Charles and David Koch."

domenico nuckols

Next week they were up and running

Carlos Ponce

My remark was directly under Ted Gillis' post, not yours. But my eyes are wide open.

Gary Miller

Members of the US Chamber of Commerce are the importers of cheep labor. If forced to pay legal wages they would import no low wage migrants.

Charles Douglas

In support of Mr. Ponce's line of thinking I would like to say that I have a niece of Hispanic decent, who works with a young Hispanic female located in this county ( will not say where ) ..who was trafficked from Central America up through Mexico a few years ago. This young lady told my niece that she was sexually assaulted daily, and sometimes more than once by the animals who were leading them to the American borders! This young lady went on to say that she had NO ONE, who she felt could help her during those moments!

I thought about what if it was my niece, who is a beautiful young woman herself, who had suffered at the hands of those depraved animals who treated that young lady so badly! I pondered how i would have felt! I don't blame the good people who are trying to improve themselves wanting to come to America, which is why I support missionaries and life improvement efforts happening in South America, and Meixco.. Big Time! People and mankind are all of our business & spiritual responsibility! However, helping them and exposing them for monetary gains & political advantage is unconscionable! Greed & Lust for riches should not be the reason for helping these people to a better life, but love and compassion should! Jusus Christ mandated this in his New Commandment.[ John 13:34-35]. God himself, in Lamentations 3:22-23, has said, " It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. V23) They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Jim Forsythe

During his presidential campaign, Republican Donald Trump called for all employers to use the federal government online E-Verify system. He told MSNBC in 2016 that he uses it at his properties, and that there should be a “huge financial penalty” for companies that hire undocumented workers.


A lawyer for a dozen immigrant, workers at the Trump National Golf Club in New York’s Westchester County said recently that they were fired on Jan. 18. He said many had worked there for a dozen or more years. Workers at another Trump club in New Jersey came forward last month to allege managers there had hired them knowing they were in the country illegally.

Long history of hiring undocumented workers.

President Donald Trump hired hundreds of undocumented Polish immigrants to demolish a New York City building in 1980 and paid them as little as $4 an hour without providing proper safety equipment to do the job, court documents show.

The workers and their contractor, William Kaszycki of Kaszycki & Sons, sued Trump for unfair labor practices in 1983. After litigation dragged on for 15 years, Trump ultimately paid $1.375 million to settle the case.

"We worked in horrid, terrible conditions," Wojciech Kozak, one of the undocumented Polish workers at the demolition site said. "We were frightened illegal immigrants and did not know enough about our rights.

Carlos Ponce

So Jim thinks Donald Trump has day to day control of the hiring in each of his companies.[rolleyes]

"President Donald Trump hired hundreds of undocumented Polish immigrants to demolish a New York City building in 1980"

The President in 1980 was Jimmy Carter. Trump did not take office until 37 years later. Donald J. Trump was not aware the contractor had hired "undocumented Polish immigrants".

Charles Douglas

Now we see why Mr. CARLOS PONCE is the "GOAT!" Now we can see why this man is the greatest communicator/ poster to ever post here! I've seen them come, and I have seen them go, for years, and this is what happens to them....when PONCE is patrolling the Posting Board!!!!! [beam][thumbup]

Jim Forsythe


Carlos Ponce

Problem is that for the right money, papers that pass the E-Verify system may be bought. I asked where in this area and was told at the Pearland Flea Market. A little money bought questionable papers that would not pass muster if pursued. Good money would buy you papers that would pass.

No system is foolproof.

Eric Trump is making certain every worker at every Trump organization is certified and verified.

The Trump Organization was “making a broad effort to identify any employee who has given false and fraudulent documents to unlawfully gain employment,” and that any such individuals would be fired immediately. He also claimed that the company was implementing E-Verify...

But is it possible someone will get through with non-legitimate documentation? Probably.

Charles Douglas

So when Jesus commanded in John 13:34& 35, " To love one another as I have loved you; that you love one another." v35) "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another!"

Loves comes forth from the abundance of the heart of man by 1) Proclamation, through his words/ intentions &..2) Demonstration through his works/ Deeds! Both have much to do with the faith a man builds in order to please GOD, because " Faith without works dead, being alone." James 2:17 .

Gary Scoggin

Who is this Trump fellow you folks keep talking about?

Carlos Ponce

Gary Scoggin, have you taken a cognitive ability test lately.... AND PASSED IT?

Charles Douglas

If the American people wants to be prosperous for ever more;

Then they better vote for TRUMP in twenty- twenty four.

IF YOU don't know will then for a FACT;

When in 2024, he comes bussing downs those political TRACKS.

There won't be a scam or a MISTAKE;

Because Trump Diesel is the only man to make us GREAT!


Thomas Carpenter

Having traveled extensively throughout Central and South America, it's easy to understand why the citizens of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala seek refuge in the US. Drug cartels and organized crime control these nations' governments. According to the UN Refugee Agency, the root cause of the massive flood of refugees from the Northern Triangle of Central America to the US is gang violence, extortion, kidnappings, persecution and sexual violence. I’ve witnessed the actions of corrupt governments in each of these countries. For decades, these inhumane juntas have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes in search of safety and a better life. Everyone in the US agrees something must be done about the immigration problem; attacking the root cause is the solution. The refugee crisis throughout the world demands attention and a viable solution. Until the nations of the world overthrow these narco-states and install leaders who want their countries to succeed, and make heavy investments in these poor nations’ infrastructure to provide education, health care and jobs, the problem will only intensify. After all, that’s why Europeans sought refuge in the Western Hemisphere. I’m certain the Native Americans wish they would have had a better immigration policy 500 years ago.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Carpenter> I agree. [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter, see what happens when you leave off the anti-Trump vitriol? You made a decent entry into this forum. Far more accurate than that made by Roberta Jacobson who claimed GLOBAL WARMING is responsible for the influx from the Triangle.

Bailey Jones

I agree Thomas. When you want to stop the flow of something there are two ways to do it - decrease the pressure at the source, or increase the pressure at the outlet. The only way to do the latter is to make coming to America an even worse option than staying at home. I don't think anyone wants to see that. The better way is to reduce the pressure at the source. This won't be an easy job, but it's the only way to stem the flow of refugees, and it's the humane and compassionate thing to do. And I agree it needs to be a multi-nation effort.

I don't know if you caught the press conference with Ambassador Roberta Jacobson the other day. She has taken on the job of trying to address some of the issues south of the border. The transcript is here:

David Hardee

Several postings draw a comparison of the Pilgrim migration with the current day activities at the borders of the USA. That association is a product from a person that is flailing to concoct for persons intent on acquiring a better life by reaping known SAFE HARBOR and LARGEST to which they have NOT qualified for by any legal, rational or logical reason. These migrators are equivalent to invaders with intent to take what does not belong to them, they are thieves.

Those making specious arguments to justify these invaders as being qualified as a recipient of benevolent American society are imbeciles that have interpreted benevolence, or charity as a right of the recipient to take, or that taking is the same as giving. These imbeciles also find and promote ENTITLEMENTS embedded in the constitution for specific characteristics of skin color, peculiar sexual activities, or gender confusion. Only an imbecile would fail to acknowledge that a specific noted ENTITLEMENT is discrimination because it excludes those that are not specified.

Specific Entitlements have corrupted the Constitution, created apartheid, fractioned into tribes the society and made laws ineffective.

If you find it is okay to have hordes of migrators across the borders is benevolent you maybe an imbecile.

Ted Gillis

Gender confused? Trans individuals and other are are not confused Mr. Hardee. They are well aware of who they are.

David Hardee

Is your's the voice of experience, Ted?

Do you suppose it might be just they have bad eyesight?

Why not just find two misfits - one male and one female and swap the brains

I recognize this and many phenomena exist and several biological, neurological, psychological, and physiological patterns are associated. But every associative preponderance is relying on the PERCEPTION of the individual as the determining element. Since perception is malleable and inconsistent

(Perception is In psychology and the cognitive sciences, perception is the process of taking in, picking, organizing, and understanding sensory information. It includes collecting data from sense organs and interpreting it in the brain.)

the individual's perceptive position at any point is not valid enough to justify a permanent conclusion.

ergo the mind or psyche is the place for resolution, not the body. Gender confusion is the source readily determinative in the homosexual person. the mind should resolve the issue and the body will orient. Desecration of the body is abhorrent behavior. Ornamentation should suffice - get a tattoo, etc..

Carlos Ponce

I taught students who were identified as LGBT. Each claimed to be "confused".

Ted Gillis

Just like you David, on the first time that I break my promise to not respond to any of your stupid posts, that you take the opportunity to accuse me of being gender confused. You’re a very shallow person and by far the most shameful poster on this site. You are however claiming to possess credible knowledge on this subject, so go look in the mirror and ask yourself, who’s the one who’s really confused?

David Hardee

Ted, you never actually respond. You instead wander off into a diatribe of who, what and when that you perceive as supporting your defensive posturing.

I am the most shameful poster to your ilk when I pursue them till their squirming in the corner of reality, and quit.

Take a re-read and observe you were never accused of gender confusion but asked if the statement you made about transgender's was from personal experience. - see the question mark - and you never replied - right?.

Stay in your corner. That the safest place.


Ted Gillis

Yes Carlos, I’m sure you did. I only hope that you taught and treated them with the same respect and dignity that you showed all of the others.

I’d rather teach a class room full of LGBT students rather than in a room with David Hardee as a student.

Carlos Ponce

You should treat David Hardee with the same respect and dignity.

David Hardee

Ted Gillis Mar 14, 2021 8:50am


“Gender confused? Trans individuals and other are are not confused Mr. Hardee. They are well aware of who they are.”

Here Ted is Oxford definition(s) of GENDER. Attach TRANS to either and support your claim CONFUSION does not exist.

1. 1.

either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.

"a condition that affects people of both genders"o

2. 2.


(in languages such as Latin, Greek, Russian, and German) each of the classes (typically masculine, feminine, common, neuter) of nouns and pronouns distinguished by the different inflections that they have and require in words syntactically associated with them. Grammatical gender is only very loosely associated with natural distinctions of sex.

SO, Ted, then why is "TRANS" joined to" GENDER making TRANSGENDER?

TRANS prefix means - Transition -TO A Gender- to a different gender- means that the original gender was either incorrect or insufficient, thus disturbing, upsetting, or confusing, to represent the perception or conclusion of the individual and needed to be changed to fit the perception of "I am."

What language, lexicon, and dictionary do you use for communicating, or do you create meanings for words on the way to conjuring up one of your ludicrous perceptions. Ted this comment of yours, is an illustration of the insanity of the With Out Knowledge "WOK" ilk infesting the communications of mankind with nonsense and babble.

As to the following posting in this thread:

A comment was posted by tgillis: “Yes Carlos, I’m sure you did. I only hope that you taught and treated them with the same respect and dignity that you showed all of the others.

I’d rather teach a class room full of LGBT students rather than in a room with David Hardee as a student.”

And Bailey’s joined with his quip “I’m already There.

I happily accept your and Bailey's, No MAS, but do not relinquish my right of comments.

Adios, David

Ted Gillis

You first Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

I'm already there, Ted Gillis.

Ted Gillis

I think was Carlos, not Bailey who commented to me.

But yes, I see how easy it is to confuse those two. Ha!

Don’t relinquish anything David, and keep on posting. I read them all.

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