The only newspaper I read is The Daily News. That's where I get most local news. All I read on the editorial page is the constant back and forth between Democrats and Republicans about which side is to blame for everything COVID.

However, what I don't see is anyone addressing the problem of untested and possibly infected illegal immigrants being bused all over Texas and the nation.

I understand the group’s desire for a better life, but what better life is there if they're spreading the virus? Look at the example of McAllen that was reported nationally of many hotels and motels full of untested immigrants.

When will we take action to protect our lives and homes? Only in a dictatorship would the government ignore the wishes of the majority. Does the current administration really care about us or are they looking for future voters?

President Joe Biden and his administration must do something now.

Erna Pelto

Texas City


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Claudia Burnam

[thumbup] E G Wiley

Charles Douglas

It is #2 They are looking for future voters. Why do you think they are keeping the border wide open Ms. Pelto, and they don't even test or screen those coming across properly! They just load them up and wait til night and ship them to places all over the nation.

Trudy Reed

There is not one scintilla of truth in your statement - what is your source for this nonsense?

Carlos Ponce

Are you kidding, Trudy Reed?

"South Texas Police Department Issues Public Health Announcement After COVID-Stricken Migrants Seen ‘Coughing, Sneezing’ At Whataburger"

"Nearly 7,000 immigrants who tested positive for COVID-19 have passed through a Texas city that has become the epicenter of the illegal immigration surge, including more than 1,500 over the past seven days, officials said Wednesday."

"Report: Recent surge of COVID among border agents"

"Biden Rolls Out Red Carpet for COVID-Infected Illegal Immigrants"

"Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has admitted that some illegal migrants have been released into the United States without being tested for COVID-19 at the border - but he can't say exactly how many. "

"The Biden Administration Is Releasing COVID Positive Illegal Aliens into the United States"

Ellen Morrison

3 guesses, and the first 2 don’t count.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Reed! Did Mr. Pronce's excellent rebuttle to your question satisfy YOU? I hope it did,.. because If Ray Charles was still living even he could see I was truthful about what the Liberal RADICALS are doing to destroy this country! It is "America Last" with them! Look how they left American citizens to die and become "sex slaves" in Afghanistan! There was no need for this! A raving Lunatic fool,.. void of any leadership ability would know to get their people and assets out of a danger zone, or harms way... BEFORE ...they withdraw their fighting forces, but now our present Administration in DC.

Ted Duck

what is your proof that this is not true?

Craig Mason

What is your proof that is true?

Craig Mason

It look like to middle aged republicans are the ones spreading it to me. The GOP is literally killing their constituents.

Carlos Ponce

And Craig posts that without any proof. That's okay, Craig. Opinions are worthy. But if true then we don't need to worry about anyone spreading in grade school since there are no "middle aged Republicans" enrolled.

George Croix

Craig, the overall problem then is who’s doing the looking….

Something we are all familiar with…grin…

Part of that problem is we know that people can spread COVID while asymptomatic themselves, and can spread a lot of it before showing symptoms themselves if indeed they ever feel bad enough to get tested. And that people who never knew they had COVID can have antibodies for it, indicating they did.

An example might include a plane load of Miller Light fans, blissfully unaware they were about to pass along the virus, in I believe one case, may be wrong, to a fully vaccinated fellow wearer of the blue…..

I have heard ad nauseum about the high rate of unvaxxed Republicans (presumably they were wearing RNC badges for easy ID…it’s not a question asked in hospitals….) but only a few peeps about the much higher rate among minorities.

Until the focus is COVID and not politics, and example rather than admonishment, from the Top on down, people yet unvaxxed will just bow up and go into screw you mode…

Imagine if in one of our time to time meetings at work I’d have made more of an issue about Company vs Union than about the actual incident or injury reason itself….

You’d have been less than pleased, and I’d have been a lousy example of how to handle serious situations….

What we're both witnessing here, imho,is a lot of bad leadership on both sides, because the perfect has become the enemy of the good, and everybody is more concerned about who gets credit or blame than working the problem…

Craig Mason

Good points George. Its like I have commented before on leadership. Everyone knows who the leader is when they are a good leader. A bad leader has to tell people that he or she is in charge. As evidenced by our years in the plant, when the shit hits the fan at two in the morning, the folks on shift know who to follow. I think that speaks to your point about who gets credit for what, and our elected officials of both parties pandering to their base. You may or may or may not know that a couple of our co-workers have recently passed from Covid, and to be honest, it doesn't matter what they believed or didn't believe, or what political affiliation they were, they are still gone. Looking at the bigger picture, I don't want school children to pay the price for some elected official pandering to their base. The folks at the local level should be making the decisions, based on current threats, as to what measures will be taken in each school district. I may be straying from the topic, but that fear keeps me up at night.

George Croix

This is a public opinion forum, Craig...straying from the topic is pretty much mandatory...grin....., except for the Perpetually Puckered Pronunciation and Punctuation Police.

But, most if not all of those ever spent time where we only cared about understanding what was said, and our grammar concerns were limited to trying to remember not to &^%$# over the radio......

Sorry to hear that we lost some more.....I don't recall we ever prioritized our folks' safety based on their politics......

Seems like a year or two actually working for a living might benefit a lot of the politicking prima donnas...

George Croix


never.....well, that gave 'em more ammo.....

Gary Miller

Craig >I was not aware that infecting you was important to any Republicans. Where did you get this crap? Or did you just decide someone might believe your lie.

George Laiacona

How many of the immigrants from Afghanistan barring the Chinese Virus will soon be here in America ? Some show concerns regarding the immigration problem on the Mexican border. How will this current situation concerning immigration play out in the near future ?

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona gives us something to think about. Will the inept Biden Administration allow Afghanistan refugees into this country without being tested or vetted just like they allow illegals through the Southern border? It is a possibility, George.

Ted Gillis

Trudy, they do not need a source. They are allowed to just make stuff up in their heads to fit their worldview. It’s only us people that question them that have prove ourselves.

It’s just the way it is.

Carlos Ponce

"U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, who was appointed to the bench by former President Trump, ordered federal officials to revive the so-called Remain in Mexico program until it is "lawfully rescinded" and the government has the detention capacity to hold all asylum-seekers and migrants subject to mandatory detention."

August 14, 2021

But just like other court decisions including the United States Supreme Court the Biden administration ignores this US District Court decision.

Gary Miller

Biden knows SCOTUS has no enforcement ability beyound the conduct of law abiding citizerns..

George Croix

Not made up is that not driving an increase in cases is not the same thing as not contributing to cases. A pandemic does not need contributions.

When CBP agents contract COVID from handling massive numbers of illegal border crossers, they would not have had to do so if border policies prioritized security. No way to prove yea or nay how much asymptomatic spread is caused by illegals or those CBP folks, but smug naysaying belies the lessons supposedly learned in the last 18 or so miserable months about spreading this mess.

None of the people involved, citizen or illegal, lives in a vacuum, and all are just as much potential spreaders as the rest of us are. But, we’re supposed to be here..

This is but one small example of how border policy effects the pandemic, based on what can be documented, as the CBP itself says the flood is so big they might be stopping half. Of course, we can assume that missed half is COVID negative…can’t we…if it fits our belief structure.

I have a neighbor who gives the WAPO and other such sources the credibility reserved for most religious tomes. Neighbor allows NO one to even enter house unless known to have the two stabs and a mask. But, thinks nothing of letting thousands enter this country sans one or both of those personal home entry qualifiers.

Otherwise, she’s pretty smart, but, as with all things at all for half of all of us, politics first, simple common sense and even a smidgen of logic trumps all…..pun intended…..



Statistically nothing.

Unless you or yours is harmed when it never should have


All sources can do is explain, they can’t understand for anyone…

Charles Douglas

Mr. Croix> Simply put,...and well articulated![thumbup][thumbup]

George Croix

A nation without control of its borders will cease to be a nation. Even the European liberals (redundant?) are seeing the idiocy of unchecked migration and now trying to stop it in their backyards.

Here, only thing matters is political polarized tribalism….

Our leaders, all of them, depend on the willingness of supporters to back what they say, and be myopic to what they do when the two are 180 off…

Oddly in contrast to my President opening the floodgates then going for ice cream is that he’s now flying large numbers of border jumpers back to far inland Central America. If doing the right thing, why start undoing some of it…?

Seen that on the MSM or CNN?

I crack myself up…

Michael Jozwiak

Immigrants entering here illegally are probably NOT VACCINATED. Therefore, they are the most likely to get infected. Spreading it a bit, sure. But what about the vast legions of the morons here, US citizens here, who refuse to get vaccinated, infect themselves and others, and end up dying in hospitals? The vast moronic minions of anti-vaxxers surely outnumber the immigrants by millions. Do the math.

George Croix

The math says that even ONE person spreading COVID is one too many.

People who are citizens or legal residents who do so are a problem but they are supposed to be here. They are a problem we have to deal with.

People who are here illegally are not supposed to be here, and if they spread the virus, someone gets infected who did not have to..who made it safely past the minions...they are a problem we shouldn't have to deal with, certainly were NOT dealing with such huge numbers pre-inauguration....

Those here illegally may not all be 'anti-vaxxers' but good intentions count for squat in a pandemic, and pretty much all if not actually all ARE unvaccinated.

Does it strike no one as oddly contradictory that our leaders rail against unvaxxed citizens then open the floodgates of same at the border?

It should.....

Ted Gillis

I saw Sister “so n so” with Catholic Charities being interviewed yesterday on TV, and she stated that all immigrants going through Border Patrol processing points are tested for the Corona Virus. She also pointed out the quarantine tents that all positive people are sent to. The others are sent to centers that Catholic Charities has set up. From that point they released to other locations, or to family if they have any, to wait for an immigration hearing.

Now unless you folks are calling a nun a liar, then the report about infected immigrants flooding across the border is just BS.

George Croix

July 31, 2021

"A top Border Patrol union official is warning that agents are having to release COVID-positive migrants into the U.S. "day in, day out" -- amid the ongoing crisis at the border, which also has Border Patrol agents worried about their own health.

"Not everyone we encounter we test, only those that exhibit some type of symptoms and not everybody has symptoms that has it," Chris Cabrera, a vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, said Saturday on "Fox News Live."

"And we’re releasing people out of the door day in and day out with actual positive tests for COVID and more keep popping up," he said.

Cabrera also warned that his sector alone has seen 20,000 apprehension of migrants at the border, with 2-3,000 every day just in the area -- and that doesn’t take into consideration those who are evading overwhelmed Border Patrol agents."

I'll go with the CBP and their focus on the entire border

That nun is no doubt telling the truth as she's witnessed it but requires us to believe that ALL illegals are filtered through that Catholic Charities...

It's not illegal to believe that, but it is very convenient...

Carlos Ponce

Ted, "Sister 'so n so" is Sister Norma Pimentel. She said they test those sent to Catholic Charities. The problem is NOT ALL illegals are sent to Catholic Charities. On top of that, illegals can refuse to be tested.

“I told the mayor, ‘I need help,’” she said. “We have never seen these numbers before.”

“The problem wasn’t that a higher percentage of families were Covid-positive,” Sister Pimentel said. “It was that the numbers arriving were so high, there were more positives among them.”

Sister Norma Pimentel, the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, told CBS News that the region's network of churches and nonprofits could manage the high numbers at first. After Catholic Charities ran out of beds, the city began booking hotel rooms. "But what I am struggling with now are the COVID positives," Pimentel said.

"I did not have enough rooms to place new families in isolation," Pimentel continued. "So that's when we said to Mayor Villalobos that we have a problem here. I don't think by tomorrow I'm going to be able to contain this within our respite center. So I need help."

Gary Miller

I'll believe a nun when I learn nuns are as informed as needed.So far they seem to be more informed on religion than reality.

Leigh Gottlob-Cowart

How many tests were false negatives I wonder ...

George Laiacona

You have to realize that the Afghan refugees we created by both Bush’s 20 years ago.

George Laiacona

We have to realize that the Afghan refugees were created by the Presidents G. H and G. H. Bush 20 years ago!

Carlos Ponce

That is convoluted thinking, George Laiacona.

Charles Douglas

Joe China is pathetic as a leader, and these Radicals knew, or had reason to know he could not cut it. Doing the campaign Joe was on stage struggling with a reading assignment when Nancy Pelosi walked in! Old Joe looked up and bellowed out, " What you want me to do now NANNNN?" " I will do whatever you say NANNNN!!!" I almost hit the cealing!!!!! That's all okay though, because now he is being exposed big time in front of the universe!!!!!

Charles Douglas

Sounded like to me Joe China told a Liberal News Anchor that leaving those Afgan people behind was "baked" into his plan! Here I am thinking he did not even have a plan! Lololo. I use to teach planning technology for General Maintenace, and Massive Turnarounds for Fortune 500 Corporations at the Houston Business Roundtable many years ago! It started off innocent enough, but once some of those companies began installing the learning into their businesses, I became a hot commodity, getting invitations to come to different place all over Texas and conduct conferences!

I said all that to say, with my knowledge of how the military works, if I could not put together a highly effective, accurate plan to go into Afghanistan and retrieve our people, assets, and destroy what needed to be destroyed, and then, and only then pull back the Big Red One Infrantry, the 101st Airborne Division, 25th Infrantry, 199 Light Infrantry Brigade, 82th Airborne Brigade, 2 or 3 Squadrons of Fathom Jet fighters on standby along with 15 Cobra gunships with 40mm grenade launchers on them, ......I would pay them,.....instead of asking them to pay me! Joe China's problem is he is a failure as a leader surrounded by Obama retreads who are all failures!

Charles Douglas

Oh by the way the Joint Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense Loyd Austin are two fat liars! They are getting many people who helped our military for twenty years killed even tonight! These poor people are dying, and their women folks are made sex slaves! The carnage has begun as I predicted months ago! Also buckle your belts and strap on your helmets, this is just the beginning! Are all my Liberal Associates happy NOW? Be happy, feel good about yourselves! Hey yall are this man's supporters....yall are his enablers!

George Laiacona

If the Republicans only stopped at the elimination of Binladan none of this present actions would be necessary.

Carlos Ponce

Note to George Laiacona:

Osama Bin-Laden was "eliminated" on May 2, 2011 during the Obama administration. Don't you remember Obama taking credit for it? Obama could have stopped everything when he took office in January 2009.... but he didn't.

George Croix

From the LA Times

Bill Clinton: ‘I could have killed’ Osama bin Laden in 1998

By Michael Muskal

Aug. 1, 2014 9:49 AM PT

"A day before Sept. 11, 2001, former President Bill Clinton told an audience that he could have had Osama bin Laden killed, but chose not to

In all fairness Clinton went on to say he was worried about innocent Afghan people getting killed.

There was no followup or mention in this article nearly 13 years after 9/11 about Clinton's at that 9/10/01 time worry about United States people....

Too busy in '98 'mentoring' one of them......

Ted Gillis

One of the MSNBC hosts was showing a picture of several Taliban fighters posing for a picture, and stating that we have every reason to be frightened of these people, because the look different from us, they dress different from us and they spread disease, but then quickly switched pictures to several attendees of the Sturgis motorcycle rally posing for a similar picture. Ha!

George Croix

Funny stuff.

MSNBC host. Did he/she happen to mention when comparing fear based on body odor and grunge look how many beheadings the Sturgis police investigate yearly at the rally, or how many 12 year old girls forced into sex slave “ marriage, or how many bikers believe the path to heaven is to kill others not like them.

You were right before…. I just don’t understand humor…..

Ted Gillis

Well I understood the joke when Kevin Mccarthy said he would hit Nancy Pelosi over the head with the speaker’s gavel next chance he got. I laughed out loud when I heard it (on MSNBC). I thought it was funny. I understand humor!

George Croix

Yeah, Kevin should choose his words better. Agreed.

Needs to remember this is the age of safe spaces and micro aggressions, and that a whack on the head can be seen as bad or worse than whacking off a head.

Nancys head in peril was all over Fox for a day or so. It’s the difference between reporting absurd comments versus rewarding them with anchor slots on formerly relevant news networks…..


Maybe we should co-author a book of collected humor….

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