I was entertained by Raymond Summers' letter regarding Democrats not doing their job ("It's time for Democrats to do their job," The Daily News, March 3).

Actually, I laughed out loud.

In the last two years, since they've been the majority in the House, they've passed over 400 bills, many of which are piled on Mitch McConnell's desk stonewalled by the Republican Senate.

Enough said.

Sharon Tipton

Santa Fe


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Charles Douglas

Really? What were those bills? Names some of them, were they designed to be passed by bipartisanship or just something the DEMOCRATS threw out there to cover their rear-ends while they pursued their real goal of impeaching President Trump? Did those bills have ANY REPUBLICAN support? I noticed your Op-Ed was a bit shallow, being accusatory but had very little evidence supporting WHY Mr. MCCONNELL has not moved those bills through the process. Lets get to the bottom of this... once and for all! I'm a fair man, but so far, I think Mr. SUMMERS IS right on his accessments of DEMOCRATIC work ethics practiced in this CONGRESS! If we are both wrong,.....then show the evidence, I'll wait......

Carlos Ponce

"they've passed over 400 bills, many of which are piled on Mitch McConnell's desk stonewalled by the Republican Senate."

They should be trashed. I doubt if Sharon Tipton has taken the time to read these self-serving Über Leftest tomes. Oh, they have nice titles but under close scrutiny reveal their true intent, i.e. more control over the populace, usurping power delegated to the states and the people under the Tenth Amendment with items against the President's stance. They claim "bi-partisan" support and on paper there are some "Rs" on the bills as endorsements and votes. One wonders if they just read the title. Most of the bills were passed by voice vote vote, not a roll call vote. The Speaker or presider hears the vote he or she wants to hear. They are doomed to be vetoed since they are aimed to instill legislation contrary to the President's position. For example H.R. 987 Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act: Marketing and Outreach Restoration to Empower Health Education Act of 2019 or the MORE Health Education Act. It passed the House on May 16, 2019 by a roll call vote of 234 to 183. Five of the "ayes" have an "R" beside them. What does the Bill do? It strengthens the ACA. A Senate vote would mean defeat. It's a BAD BILL doomed to failure on the onset. And Democrats would use it as political fodder in subsequent elections. So why advance it to committee?

Carlos Ponce

P.S. HR 987 does NOTHING to improve health care or lower the costs. Just a PR stunt that increases bureaucracy - more Swamp dwellers.

Charles Douglas


Gary Miller

Ditto Carlos.

Paula Flinn

Since having the ACA, through Blue Cross was a life-saver (and money-saver for a 4-day stay in the hospital, with numerous tests) for my relative and other people, I am wondering why the Republicans don’t want to strengthen the ACA and allow more people on the plan(s), lowering the price of the deductibles and the premiums AND lowering the price of prescription drugs. Why not tweak the bill so that more Republicans could approve it?

Could it be because the ACA is an Obama-created program, by a man who our current President is childishly jealous? I am remembering when the Republicans tried to replace the ACA with a “pre-existing conditions” inferior plan.

Saying this new bill is a “BAD BILL,” is a matter of opinion. Five Republicans didn’t think so. If more people can be insured under the ACA, with less cost, AND lower prescription drug cost, why would it be a “BAD BILL” for the American people who are not yet insured? Some people are dying because of the high price of insulin and other meds that are necessary. Ignoring or dismissing the whole conversation on healthcare plans, the large number of uninsured people, and the high cost of prescription drugs doesn’t make the problems go away. Worrying about it becoming “political fodder in subsequent elections,” just shows how Republicans in the Senate, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell, are truly not concerned about the uninsured American people.

Carlos Ponce

'lowering the price of the deductibles and the premiums AND lowering the price of prescription drugs" The ACA didn't do that. In fact Health costs went up as well as prescription costs.

The Republican plan was not perfect but it was far better than the ACA.

"Saying this new bill is a 'BAD BILL,' is a matter of opinion." READ IT! Does it improve health care? No. Does it reduce health costs? No. Does it reduce prescription costs? No. What does it do? It's just millions poured into a PR program to get more people to sign up.

H. R. 987: AN ACT To amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to provide for Federal Exchange outreach and educational activities.


Now after reading it tell me it's not a "BAD BILL".

Lisa Gray

Paula, I work in healthcare and have for 30 years. I can tell you that the Obamacare marketplace plans are abysmal and if you needed to be transferred for a higher level of care to a tertiary care facility, you probably wouldn't be accepted due to the low reimbursement rates on these plans. Some of these plans only pay 100 dollars a day maximum for hospital care. You get what you pay for and most of the time the taxpayer is filling in the gap for the underinsured and the uninsured by paying higher prices for their own care. For those who choose not to prioritize purchasing good heath insurance, you may be taking your life in your own hands. Medicare and Medicaid pick the bill up for the disabled and truly needy, but I would advise people to really research and understand what type of reimbursement these plans offer. Prioritize your healthcare insurance over frivolity. I has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with how bad these plans are.

Carlos Ponce

Lisa Gray, thank you for your input. I've heard the same from many health care providers.

Craig Mason

Lisa without the ACA the taxpayers fund all of the care. If more people are enrolled the costs go down overall. That is Walmart’s business model. The ACA is not great I agree, but it’s a start. I would implore our elected leaders to improve it, not scrap it.

Carlos Ponce

Better to start from scratch, Craig. A one-size fits all approach is ludicrous including coverage for prostate exams for women and pap smears for men increases the costs. But if Craig ever gets pregnant, he's covered. With a politically correct health plan you know Liberals designed it.

Craig Mason

The health plan I have now covers it. TRS health plan also covers it. You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. You tweak it till it satisfies our needs as a country. Healthcare is a very big issue among voters and needs to be addressed. There are hardworking folks who bust their asses everyday and one health issue can wipe them out. I had procedure done in 2007 and the same procedure done in 2019 and with the same hospital and same insurance, it was 10 times more in 2019.

Emile Pope

When they say start from scratch it’s false. The Republicans version of separate but equal...

Carlos Ponce

And the Ds want to take away private health care plans, TRS included, health plans unions fought hard to obtain. But Ds consider them Cadillac plans" - everyone should have the same exact plan. You worked for a company with a great health plan, now Ds will TAKE IT AWAY!

Emile Pope

Made up garbage...

Carlos Ponce

Emile's usual response when he knows he's wrong is that the other person's post is "garbage".

"Democrats Split Over Whether to Kill Private Health Insurance"


"Medicare for All Would Abolish Private Insurance. ‘There’s No Precedent in American History.’ "


"Barrasso: CRS Confirms Democrats' "One-Size-Fits-All" Health Care Bans Employer Provided Health Insurance"


"Congressional Democrats Want to Take Away Your Doctor, Outlaw Your Private Insurance, and Put Bureaucrats In Charge of Your Healthcare"


"Medicare for All Instead of Private Health Insurance? Question Vexes 2020 Democrats "


"Under Democrats' Medicare for all idea 157M people would lose health insurance When Sen. Bernie Sanders and seemingly half the Democrats running for re-election promise"


"Medicare for All Means Private Insurance for None"


"The 2020 Democratic agenda: Take away your work-based healthcare"


More if you are not convinced. If I made it up then so did Bloomberg News, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc.

Jarvis Buckley

Sharon no one believes you when you say you “laughed out loud”. November 3rd it is believable you will be crying hysterically 🥴.

Blanca Bell

Well said Paula.

Charles Douglas

I'm still waiting on the author to dissect those 400 DEMOCRATIC bills which they passed and now are JUST sitting on Mr. MCCONNELL'S DESK....being held hostage! Lololo. Nobody is obligated to pass a bad bill set up to cover somebody's butt. If the DEMOCRATS knew they did not control the House, Senate, and The White House, they also knew, or had REASON to know that bipartisanship was needed along with value to the public... for a BILL to proceed through the established process use to get a BILL passed. Even if it had moved forward through the process, it could have still come face to face with a VETO! So then, all this hostility, animosity, hatredness which exists presently in DC is not needed nor is it helpful if working together is going to be a priority! You have to be a moron to half-bake a Hoax, made up plan to Impeach a duly elected President in the House Of Representatives, then be dimwitted enough to think a Republican Controlled Senate is going to rubber stamp it after one side has hid out in the dark, talking with fake Whistleblowers, and fake witnesses, and move through their procedures with NO DUE PROCESS extended to the accused. I find that outrageously presumptuous on their part, laced with gross disrespect to a Republican led Senate!

Bailey Jones

Charles, here's a comprehensive list of the 6091 bills written and introduced by the "do nothing" Democratic congress. Knock yourself out.

Emile Pope

Or even allow it to come to a vote?

Bailey Jones

And of course, I forgot the link - https://www.congress.gov/search?q=%7B%22source%22%3A%22legislation%22%2C%22congress%22%3A%5B%22116%22%5D%2C%22type%22%3A%22bills%22%2C%22chamber%22%3A%22House%22%7D

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, find us a House passed Bill that got no further than the Senate door that is worthy of being passed or amended to make it palatable.

Charles Douglas

I also need Mr. Jones to do what I asked the author to do and dissect all those beautiful BILLS being held hostage! Explain the pros and cons of why the Senate should vote for them and the President should sign them! I MEAN, ....showing me the bills is not all I ask for! If Mr. JONES does not feel like indulging into that then I wish he would tell me WHY Crybaby Chuck Schumer was standing on the steps of the Supreme Court Building yesterday, threatening TWO Supreme Court Justices with harm, if they voted a certain way? What is happening to all these DEMOCRATS? Are they going raving, slimy mouth mad?

Bailey Jones

Wow - and they say democrats are lazy and refuse to work...

OK, Lazyboys. These are the first six on the list of bills passed by the house, but not passed by the Senate. They all look like winners to me. But maybe you don't think coronavirus is worth fighting, or maybe you don't believe in implementing the president's USMCA, or you don't think low price homes deserve FHA mortgages, or maybe you don't think that it's worth knowing who the Chinese are loaning money to, and I'm sure you hate the idea of recognizing the service of WW2 merchant mariners, and of course - being Trumpsters - you're definitely against aid to Americans who have been suffering a string of devastating earthquakes.

H.R.6074 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020

H.R.5932 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Ensuring Chinese Debt Transparency Act of 2020

H.R.5931 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Improving FHA Support for Small Dollar Mortgages Act of 2020

H.R.5687 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief and Puerto Rico Disaster Tax Relief Act, 2020

H.R.5671 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Merchant Mariners of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2020

H.R.5430 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act

Carlos Ponce

H. R 5932 -Another bill that DOES NOT SIT ON McDONNELL'S desk. It has the notation: "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations."

Gary Miller

Charles> Yes they are.

Carlos Ponce

H.R. 5931: Another bill that DOES NOT sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs." It passed the House with a voice vote. It helps secure mortgages for home purchases under $70,000. [rolleyes]

A home under $70,000. In today's market that would buy you.....

Carlos Ponce

H.R 5687 does not sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation "Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 416 and was passed days ago.

Carlos Ponce

H.R.5671 Passed/agreed to in Senate: Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent on March 2, 2020.

Why did you include this one?

Carlos Ponce

H.R.5430 was not only passed by the Senate but became law on January 29, 2020 over a month ago when it was signed by President Trump.

Bailey Jones are you awake? Did you copy someone else's work without checking if was true?

Carlos Ponce

Funny, Bailey. I went to the web site you posted. The first bill hasn't even made it to a House committee, much less the Senate. So how can Mitch have anything to do with it????

H.R.6091 Introduced by Rep. Wittman, Robert J. [R-VA-1]

Ditto for the second one, etc. In fact, out of the first hundred only ONE has been passed by the House, the one about Corona virus funding and it was passed YESTERDAY. You are aware the Letter to the Editor was about bills that have passed the House and sit on McConnell's desk, right?

Charles Douglas

Deceit ...Deception. & Duplicity! It never ends. Every since 2016 ..this is what we get from the LEFT!!! Smokescreens, Hoaxes and Made up stuff! I'm surprised at Mr. JONES, I think an apology in certainly in order here! I .....I don't know what to say........( disappointed ).

Bailey Jones

I'm sorry the website proved to be such a challenge to you and Carlos. It shows ALL legislation. You can filter the list of 6000+ House bills by their status - which is what I did to locate the 691 bills that met Carlos' requirements - "a House passed Bill that got no further than the Senate door", from which I listed the first 6.

I'm available weekends for tutoring in how to navigate the modern world of computers and the Internet.

Bailey Jones

And, to be extra helpful, here's a sampling of the bills that have been sitting on McConnell's desk since the beginning of the session:

H.R.269 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019 (waiting since 1/10/2019)

H.R.115 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Protecting Diplomats from Surveillance Through Consumer Devices Act (waiting since 1/11/2019)

H.R.192 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership Act (waiting since 1/11/2019)

H.R.116 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Investing in Main Street Act of 2019 (waiting since 1/15/2019)

H.R.206 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Encouraging Small Business Innovation Act(waiting since 1/15/2019)

H.Res.41 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy. (waiting since 1/15/2019)

H.R.113 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) All-American Flag Act (waiting since 1/16/2019)

I could go on and on - there are over 100 pieces of legislation that has passed the house but has been sitting patiently of McConnell's desk since at LEAST 12 months. Oh, and here's a direct link in case you still can't figure out how the web page works - https://www.congress.gov/search?q=%7B%22congress%22%3A%22116%22%2C%22chamber%22%3A%22House%22%2C%22bill-status%22%3A%22passed-one%22%7D&searchResultViewType=expanded&KWICView=false&pageSort=latestAction%3Aasc&pageSize=100&page=2

Carlos Ponce

H.R.269 - Inserting environmental health hazards into Public Health Service Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Redundant since "environmental" concerns are previously addressed in passed bills. Why bother with this bill? Just another over-reach by environmentalists who will re-interpret "environmental health hazards". No CBO estimate of costs And it doesn't sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation: "Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under Read the First Time."

Carlos Ponce

H.R.115 - one of those "Voice Vote" passed bills. It does not sit on McConnell's desk with the notation: "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations." This bill includes more than just diplomats. It includes "employees, contractors, locally employed staff, and members of other agencies deployed to or stationed at such facilities."

Carlos Ponce

H.R.192 does not sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations."

Carlos Ponce

H.R.116 does not sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship."

Carlos Ponce

H.R.206 does NOT sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship."

Carlos Ponce

H.Res.41 is an "in House" rebuke of House member Steve King (R-IA) for his question: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?”

So why should the Senate be concerned?

Carlos Ponce

H.R.113 does NOT sit on McConnell's desk. It has the notation: "Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Bailey, you stated these bills as sitting on McConnell's desk. ONLY ONE (the one rebuking a fellow House member" does. The rest do not. They have been read in the Senate, referred to committee, one passed and signed by the President.

Bailey Jones

That is funny, Carlos. You really can't understand things, can you? The website shows every piece of legislation, sorted by date. (There's a clue for the clueless in your comment. There are 6091 pieces of legislation on the list, and the one at the top of the list is H.R.6091 - get it?)

If you look at the information on the left side of the page, you will discover (but perhaps still not understand) how to sort the bills to find the 691 that have passed the house, but not the senate.

Because I was a Boy Scout, and was taught to help the elderly cross obstacles whenever necessary, I have created a direct link to those 691 bills, just for you -


I can also help you set the clock on your VCR, if required.

Carlos Ponce

Let me REPEAT my request: Bailey, find us a House passed Bill that got no further than the Senate door that is worthy of being passed or amended to make it palatable. If you do not understand my request, I will rewrite so that even a third grader can.

Bailey Jones

I see the problem here, Carlos, your question is stupid.

"find us a House passed Bill that got no further than the Senate door" - there are none, Carlos. Every bill that passes the house gets carried into the senate - past the door.

After that, whether it literally sits on McConnell's desk, or whether he sends it to a Republican controlled committee to die, the result is the same. McConnell decides what gets voted on.

I appreciate your corrections on some of my entries.

I understand why you wouldn't support low income people buying homes, and why you wouldn't think white nationalism is worth condemning, and why you would think that racial discrimination against unpaid interns is OK, but why do you want our armed services to be flying Chinese made flags? Why do you want our diplomats to be trackable by smart phone? Why don't you want to help house the children of homeless vets?

Why is it so difficult for you to concede that a Democratic house could write a single decent law? Is it just your stubborn partisanship? Even Pelosi and McConnell were able to set aside their partisanship to pass 123 bills last session.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posted, "And, to be extra helpful, here's a sampling of the bills that have been sitting on McConnell's desk since the beginning of the session:"

Cary Semar

I agree with Chief Justice Roberts that we need more civility in our politics. The President could take a leadership role here by setting a good example for the rest of us.

Bailey Jones

Nah, that's what leaders do.

Paul Hyatt

Like Obama put forth civility towards all? ROFLOL at that....

Charles Douglas

Mr. JONES! I accept your apology! I knew you were a good & honorable person all along! Now the least I can do is retract my stated "disappointment in you"...and so let it be done! I tell you when I looked and saw your "WORDS I'm SORRY".. My faith in you came strolling back! All that other "Stuff" accompaning " your I'm sorry," I dismissed because ...hey I knew you did not mean a word of it! You were just saying that to throw the "DEMS" off! [beam][thumbup]

Charles Douglas

One thing I forgot to ask you Mr. Jones. Maybe ...I should wait until GARY gets back from his faith sabbatical, ...in order to get some bipartisanship concerning this on this forum! However you might come through, because I know you can DO THIS! Okay? Alright then, what are we to do with Chuck Schumer standing on the Supreme Court Building steps, threatening TWO ..JUSTICES with bodily harm if they did not rule a certain way? Tell me!!! What must we do? If I did what Schumer did I would be in the nearest DC JAIL and so would you! I want to hear you say "ARREST HIM!" Watch what you say to me to, because my faith in you has just been restored!???? Talk to me. [whistling]

Paula Flinn

Charles, Chuck Schumer apologized for his choice of words. When he said, “They would pay the price,” he said he meant a “political price,” and he also said he didn’t mean it as a personal threat.

I was upset by his words, also. This day and age no one should use threatening words to anyone. I saw and heard Schumer’s apology.

Carlos Ponce

“They would pay the price,” he said he meant a “political price,” Now what in the world does that mean, Paula? Should the Judiciary especially Supreme Court Justices ever be threatened with having to pay a "political price"????

You know if any Republican used the exact same phrases you would demand resignation. ADMIT IT!

domenico nuckols

President Trump stated he lowered drug prices, why have my copy doubled two years in a row!

Carlos Ponce

Trump is referring to legally prescribed drugs, domenico. [wink]

He had the FDA approve appropriate generic drugs. Some insist on brand name. If they can afford it, fine but expect to pay the price.

High prescription drug prices are the result of over litigation. "The law firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howell will get you millions (and pocket most of it).

Emile Pope

Wrong. Everything you wrote...

Carlos Ponce

"How President Trump is lowering prescription drug prices"


"Trump Proposes to Lower Drug Prices"


"President Donald J. Trump’s Blueprint To Lower Drug Prices"


"The Trump Plan To Reduce Prescription Drug Prices Will Have A Major Impact"


"Trump Will Reduce Prescription Drug Prices"


"Trump Administration takes historic steps to lower U.S. prescription drug prices"


Thank you Emile for letting me prove you wrong - AGAIN!

Emile Pope

Simply more right wing garbage...

Emile Pope

Proposals. With absolutely nothing being done...

Carlos Ponce

Re-read ALL those I posted. There are things that need legislation, things that don't. There are things happening. You just need to open your mind.

Carlos Ponce

Joe Biden tells St. Louis rally "We can only re-elect Donald Trump."


Bailey Jones

You're such a rube. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/viral-biden-video-is-deceptively-edited/

Or maybe pawn is a better descriptor.

Carlos Ponce

He said it!

Ted Gillis

There was more to it. You should listen to the full statement. It’s easy to grab part of sentence, taken out of context, and then print it claiming “he said it”.

Carlos Ponce

He said it! Can't deny it!

Carlos Ponce

Does it really matter that there's "more to it"? It didn't matter to Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the rest of the Democrats, the Liberal press and media when they said President Trump claimed Article 2 stated he could do anything. What they left out was Trump was referring to his firing of Comey. But they took it out of context anyway. Said it on the House and Senate floors, the Media (Washington Post, Salon, Newsweek, Slate, etc.), everywhere they could - and all the Democrats accepted it - out of context even though there was "more to it". [beam]

Ted Gillis

Does that make it right for you to do the same thing?

Lead by example.

Carlos Ponce

"Lead by example." Democrats hate it when Republicans and Conservatives strike back. You want us to roll over like a beaten dog and be humiliated. Well, this "dog" won't bark first but will respond in kind. WOOF!

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