As a 43-year resident of our fine city, I've had the opportunity to serve in a number of elected and volunteer positions. In saying that, I feel I can state with some certainty the fairness and professional way our city handles our “dollars.” I'm stepping forward to urge each of you to vote "for" the bond election.

Having grown from a city of 10,000 people in the 1970s to almost 40,000 now there are issues addressed in this election that are important to our future and our well-being.

Prop. A Public Works Facility — improve, repair and serve; Prop. B Public Safety — expand police and fire spaces (dedicated fire volunteers save us over $4 million a year); Prop. C New Activity Center — serve groups and emergency needs; Prop. D Traffic— mobility, sidewalks and signals; Prop E Parks, Trails and Recreation Facilities — highly utilized by all; and Prop F Flood Control and Drainage — of upmost importance to all of us.

All of the particulars can be found at Early voting will be from Oct. 21-28 and Election Day is Nov. 5. Please join me in a vote for a brighter tomorrow.

Kitten Brizendine



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John Cole

As an over 50 year resident of Friendswood, it is clear that the Cities' Debt Crisis, the unspoken economic crisis in Friendswood, is the proverbial 'Elephant in the Room,' and Brizendine does not mention this in her little sell out piece. The sad part for Friendswood Property Owners who have and will be saddled with an almost $ 100 Million debt if the 'debts' pass is the truth that Taxpayers are already having to deal with financial incompetence from the present mayor and council who have refused to address the already over $ 85 Million Debt that this small town of less than 40,000 in population has accumulated since the early 1980's. Oh yeah, the city manager, a mere lackey and 'Yes, Boss' for the mayor and council, has routinely lied about the truth in this area to Voters in order to help foster the image that 'Friendswood is the perfect little town.' Therefore, with almost $2000 Million in present and future debt facing Friendswood voters in the upcoming debt election; The voters DO have a choice. We can vote to allow the economically incompetent mayor and council to have access to Taxpayer funded Debt, which, according to past history in F'wood, will almost certainly increase the debt load for Taxpayers who already give the mayor and council over $56 Million in the present budget through which to use, or vote for Fiscal Responsibility that can force Friendswoods' elected to retire Debt BEFORE taking on new debt. Dr. John Cole

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