Who will pay for free stuff? You will. Progressives will tax what you earn, tax what you spend and tax your savings until you're government property, also known as subjects.

Some taxes will seem to be for someone else, like corporate taxes. You’ll pay them with higher prices and sales taxes. Taxes on employers, also known as the rich, will kill jobs by taking money needed to expand, hire new workers or pay present employees.

Higher property, sales and school taxes make your "free" education cost more. A $15 minimum wage will kill jobs, grow welfare programs and increase taxes by increasing costs.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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George Laiacona

It would appear that the disgruntled Trumper will continue to express negative thoughts until he has another Republican in the White House. We should instead think positive and know that this administration is supporting the lower classes of Americans and not the greedy rich.

Claudia Burnam

Best laugh I've had today. Thanks. E G Wiley

Carlos Ponce

Know that this administration is supporting the greedy rich.

Gary Miller

George> You are wrong about this administration, they get all their instructions from the media. They are friendly with the poorer educated subjects who are most easily led by media commercials. Everything they do is for selling more commercials.

Gary Miller

Brain dead Progressives haven't figured out who paid for the FREE money of two stimulus bills passed by congress totaling $4 trillion. WE and they financed those spending bills before they were passed. It wasn't taxes on earned income, It wasn't borrowed from treasury, investors or countries. It was deducted from the dollars value in your paycheck, bank account, retirement plan or any where the US dollar is held or used. A book keeping notation on a computer, invented without value or backing. The stock market is going up because it takes more devalued dollars to own a stock.

Chuck DiFalco

"Who will pay for free stuff? You will." I applaud you for asking this question that has been ignored at best, or taboo at worst, for a year. I don't project, however, that taxes will be raised. Any taxes that do go up will be nickels and dimes compared to the dollars that the federal government has been spending. Both major political parties will proclaim triumph to their respective bases. But offline, both parties will not allow taxes to go up meaningfully. Interest rates will not be allowed to go up substantially either. This has been done before in the USA. What therefore must give will be the purchasing power of the dollar. That means inflation, lots of it, in waves over many years. It will be more than in the stagflation years of 1965-1980. You have been warned.

Gary Miller

Chuck> The way the stimulus bill were funded is inflationary but No Government agency will dare to admit it. Another point is since the stimulus bills were funded by de valuing the dollar no taxpayer money will be needed to service the debt. The money wasn't borrowed and only borrowed money requires servicing. A de valued dollar has already serviced that debt. Progressives like using a method most taxpayers can't see.

Thomas Carpenter

Now I know why Gary Miller hates public education.

Carlos Ponce

Public education is in dire need of competition to rise up to parents' goals and expectations.

Gary Miller

Thomas> I love public education that educates. US public education does not educate any more. My wife's 9th grade German education is better than my 12th grade US education from when US was #1. Her education was so good she earned more than most US college graduates.

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