Since the murder of George Floyd on May 25, many of us in Galveston have joined the hundreds of thousands of outraged protesters across the nation calling for police accountability and an end to qualified immunity.

Here in Galveston, the many demonstrations have all been peaceful, well organized and respectful. Our anger at the many, many murders of unarmed Black men by policemen has been kept to signs and slogans, simply taking to the streets to speak out against systemic racism in our homeland.

In many other cities, such peaceful protests have been met with uncontrolled police violence. Calm, dignified protesters have been beaten and tear-gassed in many places, and much violence has resulted.

The Galveston police presence, across the board, has been dignified, peaceful and helpful. While police have been present at every demonstration, they were there to protect and serve those who were exercising their First Amendment rights.

It could have been different, but the police leadership in Galveston has been mature, professional and non-confrontational at all times.

We seek police accountability, and the rule of law for all. But accountability runs both ways. I applaud the Galveston police, and thank them for their service.

C. Kim Hyatt



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Wayne D Holt

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Galveston should be proud of local policing, Chief Hale's leadership and the all-American way people here sought redress of grievances. If America is to continue as a beacon of liberty, police excesses and popular demands for change will need to be made within a context of effective and deliberate action, but also within a process of law. Galveston seems to be way ahead of the curve compared to many other cities in that respect. Let's all make sure that continues.

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