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Craig Mason

Those unpaid athletes on free ride scholarships as you put it, generate billions of dollars in revenue for universities. They wield a lot of power and believe me the coaches, administration and alumni do not want them taking their talent and skills to another school.

Carlos Ponce

Unpaid? California now allows these "student" athletes to receive pay and other states want to join in. But that's been going on for some time. I heard from a former UT player, back in the 50s if you had a good game there was some green stuff inside your locker. And it wasn't moss.

Charles Douglas

Okay, how shall I sayyy this, ....naw, I bet not tell this. ( My East Texas twang ).

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, as far as taking money, it's been happening in High Schools. Besides money, cars, houses, and other things are part of payoffs.

The NCAA is looking to allow student-athletes to get direct payment. They have not changed that rule yet. Another rule they are looking at is allowing a young person to represent a college on a sports team, but not take classes. What they have changed is posted below.

NCAA officials opened the door for student-athletes to financially benefit from any use of their name, image, and likeness, marking a major shift in the rules governing collegiate sports.

June 12, 2020, CORAL GABLES, Fla. (WCTV) — Student-athletes in Florida will be able to get paid for their own image in 2021. Governor Ron DeSantis announced Friday that he signed legislation allowing student-athletes to receive compensation if their likeness is used in commercial products. DeSantis made it clear that students will not be paid for playing the sport, but will be able to receive payments for things like advertising and merchandise. He also emphasized scholarships and financial aid will be unaffected by this decision.

“This is a common-sense policy that is long overdue and I’m proud that Florida has been a driving force behind the conversation for fairness in college athletics,” DeSantis said. The governor said he wants to make Florida a leader in the push to allow student-athletes to receive compensation. California passed a similar law in September 2019.

Carlos Ponce

Personally, I'm against paying "student athletes". In return for having their likeness and name promote the sport they get free room, meals, texts, tuition, tutoring, and may even get assigned a University car so they won't be late to class or practice.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, it's way past what you are talking about.

As far as being legally paid for play, it will happen in the near future.

NCAA already has committees work on that.

The pay issues were brought to a head because some are being drafted to the pro's, after one year and also because some are getting caught taking illegal payments, cars, and such.

Even when I was in High School some people were getting payments and such, from colleges and alumni.

One of the reasons for the student transfer rules, because some parents were getting a big promotion if they would move to a certain school district.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

I am so proud of those athletes for standing up! It time to fix the many wrongs that the University has encouraged for many years. As a 3rd generation UT Longhorn I am a witness to the discrimination and outright intolerance by the University. Its so bad now my former professor discouraged me from sending my son to the school. UT-Austin has never allowed more than 5% of African-American enrollment in their freshman class in its history. Even though Texas is now 14% African-American. I am embarrassed and ashamed of that fact. It time for us to stop accepting this from UT-Austin. As an alum, I stand proud of the fact that our students are standing up to racism and making a difference. It won't change until we bring awareness to it.

Carlos Ponce

Inquiry: Did you ever make the Hook 'em Horns sign and/or sing "The Eyes of Texas"?

Paul Sivon

It’s time to reclaim the education system and remove all but intra-mural sports from Universities. The collegiate semi-pro athletics in this country is a bizarre cultural aberration. Go back to a focus on education at our state universities. No football playoffs, no March Madness, no problem.

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