Respect is earned — not given. This is to address the obvious issues with the news media's credibility in reporting the news. For too long, the media has caused chaos with their inflammatory half truths, outright lies and using their public platform to try and slant hot-button issues a certain way. Freedom is a precious thing and when it is abused all suffer.

In days past, when a newspaper, TV station or radio station wanted to comment on something, a disclaimer would be issued that this was an editorial comment and not necessarily the opinion of the media. Now it is OK to add things to already unbalanced events to further the unrest and damage.

The trust that was given to the media is tarnished. One can only imagine how the intelligent people in other countries see us as a people divided by this bunch of public leeches. Wake up America, stop allowing those who do not even have the credentials to be reporters to control anything — much less people's attitudes and actions.

Gaylon Ray

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

News organizations are hiding behind "Freedom of the Press" to print false, misleading, partisan (favoring the Left) information.
In Monday's Galveston News was a huge article on page A5 titled "In a change, Trump says meeting's purpose was Clinton info". This fabricated story tells of President Donald Trump changing his story on why his son met with a Russian lawyer. FAKE NEWS. The article along with broadcasts from major networks ABC, NBC, etc. along with print source AP related that Donald Trump "changed" his story but 13 months earlier in a news conference in Paris France, Donald Trump reveals the same exact information. New, revealing shocking that Trump "changed " his story????? WRONG!
Look at the SAME information from ABC with a July 13, 2017 dateline on it:
The GCDN isn't responsible for what the wire service AP provides but it ought to insist what they receive to be factual, accurate not partisan, misleading and FAKE.
Every Freedom found in the Constitution has an implied RESPONSIBILITY. There is Freedom of the Press but the "press" has an responsibility and obligation to its readers to print factual information. Page A5 of Monday's paper was NOT the Op-Ed page.
"No Shame: ABC, NBC Obsessed With False Claim of ‘New’ Trump Reversal"

Emile Pope

Citing right wing blogs that provide no source to support their opinions is not proof. And simply because some people refuse to accept facts because they don't like them doesn't make them false. I remember when Rush Limbaugh said that the hurricane coming his way in Florida was just fake news and then suddenly evacuating his home when the storm neared. Guess it wasn't fake...

Carlos Ponce

So ABC News is a right wing blog? Who knew? I tossed in the other two because although they are called "BLOGS' by Emile it is an analysis of FAKE NEWS.
Did Rush Limbaugh say the hurricane was fake News? WPO said so so Emile says it must be true. HOWEVER the transcript from Rush Limbaugh's show shows that is NOT what he said. Here's the actual transcript:
What does Rush say?
1. It was too early to tell where the hurricane would go. The projected paths were all over the place.
2. Bottled water was selling fast but tap water is just as good.
3. Tying hurricanes to "Climate Change" is just a political statement.
4. He's not a meteorologist.
The FAKE NEWS was was WAPO reporting what Rush did NOT say.
I'm beginning to question that Emile actually views FOX News 24/7. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can hear and read that isn't what he said. WAPO goofed up on this one.

Emile Pope

trump went from "no collusion" to collusion is legal. Enough said...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, he is speaking about his son. As for him, ANY evidence of ANY collusion between PRESIDENT Trump and Russia or Putin????? NONE!

Emile Pope

Sure. I'm sure that trump didn't know anything about his eldest son and his campaign manager meeting with Russian agents to get dirt on his political rival. It's called conspiracy...

Carlos Ponce

Call it what you want, Emile.Will it get President Trump impeached? Nope.

Paula Flinn

It was President Trump’s own tweet in which he acknowledged the Trump Tower meeting Don Jr. attended was for the purpose of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. Before, he and Don Jr. said it was to discuss the adoption of Russian children, which everyone knew was a lie, and the Russian woman there said it was a lie.
Most people think Pres. Trump threw his son “under the bus” with that tweet. Remember Don Jr. has testified under oath about that meeting and what was discussed.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, the "Tweet" was sent August 5, 2018. President Trump acknowledged the Trump Tower meeting Don Jr. attended was for the purpose of getting opposition research on Hillary Clinton from a Russian on July 13, 2017.

BUT- "It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information," Trump Jr. said in a statement to the New York Times, and that the adoption policy "was the true agenda all along and that the claims of potentially helpful information were a pretext for the meeting."

It's been clear from the article that Don Jr met with Natalia Veselnitskaya to get opposition research on Hillary. But Natalia Veselnitskaya changed the topic to adoption and offered no "dirt" on Hillary. That is CLEAR from the Business Insider article and the New York Times article dated July 9, 2017.

Donald Jr. acknowledged it in the July 9, 2017 NYT.
President Trump acknowledged it on July 13, 2017 in a press conference in Paris, France.
The "Tweet" did not happen until MORE THAN A YEAR LATER!
"Most people think Pres. Trump threw his son 'under the bus' with that tweet."
Why? It repeats what Don Jr. said to the NYT over a year before. No one was thrown under any bus.
"Remember Don Jr. has testified under oath about that meeting and what was discussed." And his story has never changed!

Robert Braeking

News outlets are wont to use 'un-named sources'. Let me translate that term. It means 'we made this story up'.

Carlos Ponce

"New York Times: Reporter routinely faked articles"
"Don’t Believe Anonymously Sourced Reports, Justice Official Says"
“Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country — let alone the branch or agency of government — with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated,” Mr. [Rod] Rosenstein said in the statement.
Mr. Rosenstein’s statement aligned with the president’s open frustration with unflattering leaks. Mr. Trump has called stories about the investigation “fake news” and complained on Twitter about a Washington Post report on Wednesday night that the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, was investigating the president himself for possible obstruction of justice. That story was also attributed to unnamed sources, as was a New York Times article that same evening about Mr. Mueller’s request for interviews with three top intelligence officials."

Paul Hyatt

Most of the MSM so called news outlets would not know the truth if it hit them square in the face. They have become known as always playing liars poker and they never tell the truth about anything. They think that the general public are nothing more than mushrooms so they try to keep people in the dark and feed them stuff. Sort of like the story out here in Hitchcock they are not doing any investigative reporting else they would be finding the truth and reporting on it.

Sharon Stratman

Huh. I thought the letter writer was talking about Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, etc.

George Croix

George Carlin — ‘Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.’
Truer words......

Anyway, it's not news reporting that's the enemy of the people.
It's false reporting, and, worse, standing by same and KNOWING it's false reporting, intentionally spreading it, then "doubling down' and refusing to correct, unless it's done with a tiny blurb at the bottom of page 346 hidden in with the hernia trusses for sale advertisements...or similar dishonesty....
It's the worst when done to aid another to avoid the consequences of their actions, or lack of actions...when it's really NOT 'the video', for instance....or when only one side of a story is presented by 'the news' and we are told to just believe it because, well, just because.......

ALL news serves some good, even the bad or fake news. It let's anyone willing to pay attention see who/what can be trusted to be honest, or at least correct errors, or at least differentiate between news and commentary. NONE of the sources get it right everytime, but only a few make any effort at all to show some semblance of objectivity or balanced output.

One way to get an idea about ability to deliver non-ideological news is whether or not differing opinions are allowed to be presented openly and for view or reading by all. Are there people of differing political views, as an example, on staff and presenting the news? If all are the same it's a pretty good suspician that there's some filtering, at least, going can be quickly and readily seen......

We, the news consumers, bear the ultimate responsibility for ourselves, and all the fake news in the world is no excuse for being dumb enough to swallow hook, line, and sinker everything seen that fits what we already want to believe....

THAT is on us.....

Rusty Schroeder

FYI, I renewed my subscription Tuesday so I wouldn't miss out an any of the fun [wink]

Gary Miller

George! You touched the real truth. Anyway, it's not news reporting that's the enemy of the people.
It's false reporting, and, worse, standing by same and KNOWING it's false reporting.

Steve Fouga

Check this out:

Carlos Ponce

This chart is Vanessa Otero's view of things, not very scientific and she will skew her findings upon request and input. The website asks: Are you biased.? Her answer is Yes. Some of the Left sources should be further left and some on the right should be more center. A few I agree with. AP neutral???? That's a laugh.

Emile Pope

Is it fake news that trump railed against chain migration and wanted to eliminate it, but doesn't mind it being used by his parents in law? Both on Melania's parents used it to gain citizenship but I guess that's just fake news also...

Carlos Ponce

Even Leftist Snopes says this allegation is "unproven".

Emile Pope

That's a bunch of bunk. It doesn't disprove anything...

Carlos Ponce

Not "disprove", Emile. Snopes reports that allegation is "unproven".

Carlos Ponce

Have you noticed that no matter what I post, Emile posts it as "garbage" or here - "bunch of bunk"? He does not offer a convincing retort nor link to back his remark. Such is the way the Liberal media treats Donald Trump. Emile you ought to get a job with one of those Liberal news outlets. You'd fit right in with the FAKE NEWS crowd.[beam]

Associated Press: TRUMP SAYS (fill in the blank) by Emile Pope

Emile Pope

Even their own lawyer admits that they got citizenship through chain migration...

Carlos Ponce

Who's the lawyer? No name, no source. But if true, SO WHAT????
Name me one man who can control the actions of his in-laws. Not even the President of the United States can do that.
NO ONE CARES - except Emile.

Jim Forsythe

Michael Wildes

Carlos Ponce

Doesn't matter. NO ONE CARES!

Jim Forsythe

Fake news or real?
"California's open-border policies have come home to roost as BAD HOMBRES set fire to the state," Trump wrote in an early morning tweet. "Need that WALL the Democrats REFUSE to fund. INCREDIBLE!"

Fake news or real? Trump talks about "excellent sources" as Robert said " Let me translate that term. It means 'we made this story up'"
Trump provided no evidence for his claim, but told Fox News that "excellent" sources has informed him of a conspiracy in which "the Hispanics" set fires near California housing developments so they will be hired to haul away torched trees and brush, then be hired again to plant new gardens.

Fake news or real? "bazookas?"
"What I meant to say, and it should have been obvious to everyone, was that teachers, custodians and crossing guards should ALL be armed," Trump wrote. "Automatic weapons are extremely effective, but what ever happened to bazookas?"

George Croix

Ypou've got to be kidding....

I hope.....

Not the even the resident Troll is that far out in space......although the one that left was.....[whistling]

Gary Miller

Does the FACT that Obama supporters retire, are fired or just become useless are hired by the Fake (lying) media and get signing bonuses if they still have security clearances. Un named sources are impossible to check even they exist. Fake (lying) reporters use that action to push their lies without fear of being caught lying. A change in the First Amendment is needed. Change it to require the media to prove what they report is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth under penalty of pergory. CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC would have to hire new people.

Emile Pope

Pergory? Is that a foderal or capitol offense? Or just a mastermeneor?

Gary Miller

Emile. Did I misspell sumptin? Are you sure the word I used isn't what was intended.
Teacher told me once the important thing is conveying an idea. If you knew what I meant then are you sure it was misspeled? It caught your attention and you knew what I meant.

Gary Miller

Emile! This forum is for exchanging ideas. Perhaps you should return to the grade school spelling class where your skills were appreciated.

George Croix

You mizspelledd a word Gary. You are the spawn of heck!!!
Can't fix such anal retentiveness......

Mike Meador


Bailey Jones

I challenge everyone here to actually fact check your news sources. If you get your news from Fox non-news hosts (Hannity, etc.) you will find that they often speak in error, and never correct themselves. If you get your news from Fox newscasters, you'll find that they often provide real time "explanation" for the reality that their reporters are showing. If you get your news from MSNBC, you will find that they often spin real news into dubious and fanciful threads. If you listen to CNN, you'll find that they take the tiniest bit of news and spend hours pounding it into something that sounds significant. Fact check them. It's not that hard to do. If they post 10 seconds of an interview, go to youtube and watch the entire thing. If they quote a poll, go find the poll and read it in detail. If they quote a study, go read it. Learn to differentiate between a statement of fact and an opinion. You'll discoverer that Limbaugh and his ilk spend very little time discussing facts and a lot of time expounding on the motives of their political enemies. Read history. But you know what - just forget all this - you're probably in the thralls of one or more of these media already, and so invested that it's impossible for you to open your mind to anything else.

George Croix

"It was the video..."
"The video..."
It was the video..."
"A salacious internet video..."
"The video...."
"An internet video"..
"Let me be clear, it was an internet video..."

Until, it wasn' proven by one source......then admitted to, grudgingly, by all others...eventually.....

There it is......

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